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What the Progressive Socialist Liberals have in store for Conservatives (part 1).pdf

What the Progressive
Socialist Liberals have in
store for Conservatives
(part 1)
This is a multi-part posting. The amount ...
ful, but that does not mean that they do not exist.
They do exist.
Historically, we know what has happened when there is c...
When one side has the guns, and the other side does not, there can only be
one outcome.
So we know what will happen… event...

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What the Progressive Socialist Liberals have in store for Conservatives (part 1).pdf

  1. 1. What the Progressive Socialist Liberals have in store for Conservatives (part 1) This is a multi-part posting. The amount of content is enormous and the scope is too broad for a couple of paragraphs. Please follow the arrows to move between the different sections. Also note that this article covers a very politically-incorrect subject matter, and supporting photos and writ- ings are very graphic. This is not for children or people of tender sensi- bilities. ...there are periods in history when the entire paradigm you’ve been accustomed to living under changes rather abruptly and for good. A change of this nature alters the entire game on a global basis and happens perhaps once in a lifetime. The last such shift happened during World War 2 and we’re living in the next one. How big of a change this will represent in the context of human history remains unknown, but we know it’s big. Really, really big. The most significant challenge most of us face when confronted with such a moment is to remain focused and emotionally stable during the transition. This doesn’t suggest apathy, but it does mean staying grounded and not giving in to the constant news and pundit cycle of incensed outrage and anger about every single event that unfolds. After all, it’s important to recognize that almost everything you see in the news is a symptom of something far bigger happening in the background. Namely, that the global order most of the planet has known in the post-WW2 period is coming apart at the seams. If you don’t stay focused on the big picture, you’ll be easily and hopelessly manipulated without even knowing it. -Liberty Blitzkrieg What I intend to lay out here is that historically, there are predictable elements of societal evolution. These elements can be unsavory and distaste-
  2. 2. ful, but that does not mean that they do not exist. They do exist. Historically, we know what has happened when there is conflict between a traditional society and a progressive socialist movement that has (or is in the process of gaining) the reigns of power in government. We know what happens. It is a predictable, and well understood process. It is well documented.
  3. 3. When one side has the guns, and the other side does not, there can only be one outcome. So we know what will happen… eventually when a progressive socialist move- ment tries to gain control of a government. We are in the middle of the very beginnings of this in the United States. Here we discuss some very important points that other articles of this SHTF theme all leave out…
  4. 4. You will not know you are in danger until it is too late. You will not know. Once you are told to turn around and put your hands behind your back it will be too late. You will be lead politely into the vehicle. Then as door after door closes behind you, you will discover yourself in a position of disadvantage and you will be killed. It will happen and you won’t be aware of it until it is too late. Do you think this fellow was anticipating being killed the morning when he put on his shoes? You will not know that you are in danger until it is too late. You will NOT know you are in danger. I had been living in Germany since 1988 and was living there when the shelling of Sarajevo, "my city" started. The best description of the state that I was in when the news reached me is simply: shock!
  5. 5. I always wonder how the people in Bosnia must have felt at this time. I was really panicked and kept phoning my friends in Sarajevo which remained possible for a couple of weeks after the bombing started. I kept asking them what to do and what the situation was like over there. They told me about relatives of theirs who had fled into Sarajevo from smaller towns and villages throughout Bosnia and Hercegovina where they had witnessed the torturing and killing of people including small children. They had witnessed the installing of concentration camps and other horrors. During these first months of the war in March, April and May 1992. I was paralyzed - I spent weeks and weeks sitting on the couch watching television and reading the newspapers . I was totally unable to understand what was going on and I was waiting for someone to come and stop it. -Biserinternational When SHTF happens, it will be a very dangerous times. Do not be caught in the target hot area. Do not be caught unarmed. Do not try to hide in easily located places like attics or basements. Be ready.
  6. 6. One of the keys in socialist and Marxist control of a region is to get the citizenry to comply to their rules. They lie. They tell falsehoods. They set up false senses of security. They use children. They use the media. Do not believe any of it. Historically speaking, the lies will result in people dying.
  7. 7. 1994 genocide in Rwanda. This followed the well documented model. Demonize a class of people. Then disarm them. Finally, herd them together under a blanket of lies, and kill them all. The Outcome is Absolute and Pre-
  8. 8. dictable The outcome of all state-sponsored genocide against a certain group of peo- ple is well recorded and predictable. Here is a photo from the Sierra Leone Civil War. The outcome is absolute. Historically, with the exception of China (with the SJW uprisings), most progressive socialist movements eventually take over the reigns of government and mold it to their will. Those whom follow the traditional and often “old Style” of political discourse are eventually overwhelmed. Once they gain power, they take over the government and mold it to their will. Suddenly the traditional symbols of government are co-opted and re- molded into other purposes. This leads many traditionalists confused. This confusion sets up a perfect environment for the FULL implementation of their agenda.
  9. 9. German woman demanding her “Rights” when the German Federal Police come to take her and her family to a “resettlement farm” for their “safety” and “protection”. You know the places like Auschwitz. She obviously don’t want to go. Note that here were many other camps in German occupied Poland in- cluding Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka, and Chelmno. When the new progressive socialist government takes control, one of the first things that they do is hunt down and slaughter their opposition. His- torically, that has been the conservative and traditional elements of the society. I am sorry to say this, but this is the historical truth. Consider Bosnia… "There used to be a law about weapons here, where I live, before the war. And yes, you could own a weapon but it was such a hard law that actually not too many people owned legal weapons. And right when the (Shit Hit The Fan), first thing that happened was the confiscation of legal weapons, based on lists of who own legal weapons. Now what people could do then was to say, “This is my legal weapon. I have a right to own it, by the law.”
  10. 10. ...And those who did that usually got shot. There were 20 heavily armed guys at your door asking nicely for your weapon, to be turned over to them in the name of “law” as an effort of a government that wanted to calm down a chaotic situation. Sometimes if you said no, those guys would simply destroy the whole house with RPGs and bombs. And guess what that meant? Folks who owned legal weapon lost them even before the big SHTF. And a lot of guys who owned them in an illegal way hidden somewhere still own them when SHTF. Illegal and legal have different meanings in different times and based who says those words, so think about it. I am not saying that it will go like that there where you are. What I do say is you that you need to think a bit outside the box when it comes to owning things." -Organic prepper When the Khmer Rouge emerged from the civil war victorious and marched down the streets, thousands of terrified people fled, some rushing for the bor- der with Thailand while others flooded the gates of the French Embassy. The massacres soon began and the Cambodian genocide was underway. The fight- ers who had stood up against the Khmer Rouge were executed en masse. Then
  11. 11. the Khmer Rouge turned on civilians, driving the people into the country- side and killing thousands in the process. Soon, the Khmer Rouge was rounding up anyone who did anything that could be seen as capitalist. Selling a product or talking to anyone from the world beyond Cambodia’s borders was treated like an act of treason. Those caught were sent to so-called re-education camps like Tuol Sleng and Choeung Ek, a fate that nearly always meant getting tortured and killed. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure this out. All you need to do is read one or two history books. Nothing being said now should be any shock to anyone even remotely versed in history. It’s a very well established progression of history. Every progressive liberal socialist movement eventually goes full-on Pol Pot. Do not think that in today’s “modern” and “enlightened” society that we are
  12. 12. beyond mass genocide against a particular race, or group of people. Here are people who were seized out of their homes at the dead of night by mili- tarized police (the Federal Police), handcuffed with wire-ties (behind his back) and then killed and dumped in a mass grave. Like this poor fella. I am quite sure that the person putting the wire-ties on his clasped wrists was very polite and nice about it. Cool and professional, most certainly. Then he was handed over to others. Those others then killed him like one would step on cockroach. And, with just as much care. What? You think Ameri- ca can’t relive the Bosnia experience? What should be a shock is that the United States is destined to be one such nation. And you, dear boys and girls, are just about ready to be placed smack dab in ground zero for conflict. It will not be comfortable. It will not be pleasant. And, there will be those who will absolutely refuse to be- lieve that it is happening. They will come up with all kind of excuses. Such as “Sessions is playing 5D chess…you’ll see”, “Firearms confiscation will never occur in America.” and that great knee-slapper “Snopes fact checked it, and says that you are full of it.”
  13. 13. The genocide in Cambodia followed the well known and well defined pattern. Marxists take control. They disarm everyone. They propagandize against cer- tain kinds of people. They use lies to escort them to “safe areas”. Then they kill them. Remember when the Marxists took over Cambodia… April 17, is a date that sends shivers down the spines of most Cambodians. On that day in 1975 the Khmer Rouge marched into Phnom Penh and took control of the country after almost five years of bitter fighting in the countryside. Only a few photographers ventured onto the streets of Phnom Penh on April 17 and captured images of the victorious Khmer Rouge fighters entering the besieged city, taking enormous risks to photograph the mysterious communist guerillas who had a well-deserved reputation for brutality and taking no prisoners.
  14. 14. As the battle-hardened Khmer Rouge made their way into the city on the morning of April 17, none of the remaining foreign reporters and photographers who took refuge in the grounds of the French Embassy knew what to expect. “I had seen the badly decomposed or disfigured corpses of Khmer Rouge soldiers on several occasions on the front line, but this was the first time I’d seen one alive,” said Neveu. “At first nobody moved as we knew it was not a simple case of being brave of foolhardy. Then, just across the road, a few excited children holding hastily-made white flags above their heads walked out of a side street to meet the approaching guerrillas. The Marxists now have complete control of the nation of Cambodia. They can do whatever is necessary to bring their idea of utopia to fruition. Most of which requires killing large number of “impure” and evil citizens. “The ice was broken. Walking cautiously across the road, we approached the group, keeping an eagle eye on the whole area, feeling not entirely safe. The Khmer Rouge soldiers were probably enjoying their first moments of relative safety in many days since the operation to seize the
  15. 15. city had begun.” The calm did not last long. By early afternoon the Khmer Rouge were ordering all residents to leave the city with a minimum of belongings, the start of what turned out to be a death march for thousands. The city remained mostly empty until the Vietnamese invasion almost five years later. “Some soldiers were shooting in the air in order to force the inhabitants to flee the city,” said Neveu. When Marxists take over a city, crowd control will be very aggressive. The chances of survival is very slim. If you are caught in the middle of SHTF, do whatever is necessary to escape, survive and use evasion to protect you and your loved ones. Trust no one. It has been estimated that at least 20,000 people perished during the evacuation of the capital. It marked the start of what the Khmer Rouge leaders called the “Year Zero” campaign, emptying towns and cities and forcing city-dwellers to become slave laborers in the countryside. By some accounts, Phnom Penh’s population dropped from two million to 25,000 in only three days. Foreigners were ordered to move to the large grounds of the French embassy, and Neveu, Mabuchi and Rockoff joined them after spending the day roaming the city, talking photos of various Khmer Rouge units and
  16. 16. government soldiers surrendering and handing over their arms, which were being piled up on street corners, overseen by Khmer Rouge cadres. -The Day the Nightmare Started Leadership will scurry. When it seems like everything is beyond hope of redemption, the instigators of the conflict with evacuate and scurry to their “safe havens”. In the case of the United States, it will mean well fortified, and guarded loca- tions, outside of the country. Such as underground lairs in NZ for the Soft- ware billionaires, and well fortified chateaus in Europe for the corrupt politicians. This is not a win for team Trump, but it was inevitable, just as it was with Reagan. Conservatives would love to cut down our deficit and trim our budget back to size, but with three-quarters of our budget going to entitlements, there is no way forward without cutting those. Even if we halve the military budget (20%) we will achieve nothing. Even if we cut all programs across the board by 10% we will achieve nothing except debilitating them. This is how democracy ends: it spends itself into oblivion, collapses the society, and a few rich industry leaders, union organizers, and politicians board planes for Switzerland with suitcases full of cash. -Periscope Do not expect any of the instigators to remain in the USA when SHTF. They never do.
  17. 17. Once the conflict escalates, those that sponsored the event will move to safe areas. These will be pre-prepared locations where they can continue their plotting without worry about repercussions. In Cambodia, the entire genocide was the end result of American and CIA machinations. Here is a last chopper leaving the nation. In Cambodia, the American elite and their CIA covert operatives were bun- dled up by the United States Marines and evacuated out of the “Hot Zone”. They flew away and watched the nation burn. Twelve helicopters, bristling with guns and U.S. Marines, breached the morning horizon and began a daring descent toward Cambodia's besieged capital. Residents believed the Americans were rushing in to save them, but at the U.S. Embassy, in a bleeding city about to die, the ambassador wept. Forty years later, John Gunther Dean recalls one of the most tragic days of his life — April 12, 1975, the day the United States "abandoned Cambodia and handed it over to the butcher." "We'd accepted responsibility for Cambodia and then walked out without
  18. 18. fulfilling our promise. That's the worst thing a country can do," he says in an interview in Paris. "And I cried because I knew what was going to happen." Five days after the dramatic evacuation of Americans, the U.S.-backed government fell to communist Khmer Rouge guerrillas. They drove Phnom Penh's 2 million inhabitants into the countryside at gunpoint. Nearly 2 million Cambodians — one in every four — would die from executions, starvation and hideous torture. This happens EVERY TIME. The instigators gather up their belongings, and what ever they can grab and flee. This has happened time and time again, and it just starting to happen in America RIGHT NOW. That was the moment when serious reform and severe consequences for the criminal perpetrators of economic collapse could’ve reset the system and brought the world back to a sustainable path, but we all know that’s not what happened. Instead, the “elites” in charge of addressing the situation decided instead to temporarily prop up a broken system while ensuring they’d be the primary beneficiaries of the specific polices that supposedly “saved the economy.” In fact, nothing was saved. A dead system was put on life support while our self-proclaimed heroic elite grabbed everything not nailed down. A stealth crime spree that is ongoing to this day. -Liberty Blitzkrieg
  19. 19. U.S. Marines come under Khmer Rouge fire while they were on the ground near the U.S. embassy during Operation Eagle Pull which evacuated American and embassy personnel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on April 13, 1975. (Tea Kim Heang/AP) What to expect The first thing that can be expected is mass disarming of the populace.
  20. 20. Once the Khmer Rouge took over and capture Phnom Penh in 1976, the disarmed everyone. Those that refused, that stood on their Rights as Cambodian cit- izens, were shot, and the entire family arrested. The weapons were collect- ed in major road intersections and put in display so that everyone could see that the new Marxist government was fully in charge. I am not going to rehash history. You should know this. The only thing that I must underline is that YOU are not immune from the steam-roller of histor- ical events. They will occur whether you want them to or not.
  21. 21. Factory workers, with their company name badges, in the parking lot of their employer. Two dead and one dying with his legs shot off. He and his co-workers had no idea that “world war III” would break out while they were trying to clock in at work. When one group of people identify another group, and target them with hate, and violence, it only escalates. It gets worse. Eventually there is whole-scale blood shed. Do not be under the illu- sion that it will never happen in America. There are enormous groups of peo- ple just chomping at the bit to attack conservatives and traditionalists. All in the name of a progressive utopia. If you haven’t read any history books by now, any statement from myself will be meaningless. So, I’m not going to do so. Instead, I will lay out some of the characteristics that are common with ev- ery single progressive liberal socialist takeover of government. I will put them in terms that are applicable to Americans today…right now.
  22. 22. In the Country… Urban youth, armed with fully automatic weapons, and RPG’s will burst forth and stream out of their protective enclaves. (Enclaves where their ideology has been nurtured for decades to hate one type or class of person.) They will ride forth in new cars and trucks. Sort of like how the ISS managed to get all those brand-new white Toyota trucks and turn them into “mechani- cals”. The people in the rural sections will have to fend for themselves, and they will have a tough go at it. There will be local Marxists in just about ev- ery village and town reporting on who to target and who has guns, etc. They will compile lists and they will provide those lists to their leadership in the cities. The people in the rural areas, will be forced to go on the defensive. They will try to block the roads from whence the urban youth streams from, and they will have road-blocks and barriers as best they can, so that they can move their loved ones to safety.
  23. 23. The people, isolated and undefended, in the rural regions were dangerously exposed. Large packs of armed “militia”, actually ideological youth armed with military arms and on drugs and in an frenzy against perceived slights (“privilege” and “advantage”) as promoted by the media prior to the SHTF event. This is a scene in front of a “road block” that was set up by local residents to slow down the roving bands of armed urban youth. Their hope was that it would give them enough time to stream into the nearby cities for protection. The only thing was that the cities were all controlled by the very same people who set all the attacks in motion. Paradoxically, this will mean that they will stream as refugees to apparent “safe areas” within urban areas. These areas will be controlled by the very people who have unleashed the terror.
  24. 24. In the cities… The people, now pouring into the cities will be collected by the armed forces there. Most likely given to the Marxists who fully intended for this to occur. The men will be separated from the women and the children. During times of great turmoil, the odds of living after being handcuffed are mighty slim. Once you are in a confusing war zone, DO NOT EVER allow yourself to be handcuffed. The odds of survival are very slim. Know your history. Most of the men will be killed immediately. Those rare exceptions would be
  25. 25. those who would be tortured for various reasons to make a point to the re- maining captives. S 21 refers to “Monti Santesok S 21,” the main “security office” of Democratic Cambodia of the Khymer Rouge. Nearly 17,000 prisoners where imprisoned, tortured, interrogated and executed there between 1975 and 1979. Only three of them are still alive. All of the women will be dehumanized, raped and sent off to “collection cen- ters”. There they will be provided dehumanizing clothing and attire, and raped until they are of no further use. German Nationalist Socialists (Nazi’s) collected Jewish women. Stripped them, and provided them a roughly hewn sackcloth to wear, and a scarf to cover their head with. An uncovered woman is considered to be a threat. And used them as they felt necessary.
  26. 26. Everyone, and every moment will be documented to excess. It doesn’t matter if it was the Nazi’s with the Jews, the Soviets with other Soviets, the Kh- mer Rouge with their fellow citizens, or Americans against Americans. Each person will be interviewed, indexed, photographed, sheared, and categorized prior to execution. Know your history. Everyone, and every moment will be documented to excess. It doesn’t matter if it was the Nazi’s with the Jews, the Soviets with other Soviets, the Kh- mer Rouge with their fellow citizens, or Americans against Americans. Each person will be interviewed, indexed, photographed, sheared, and categorized prior to execution. Prisoners, who included everyone from infants to grandparents, were brought in and tortured until they confessed they were either CIA or KGB operatives - even though many did not know what the CIA or KGB were. They were then further tortured until they "named" at least one other person who was also a CIA or KGB operative. Then they were executed. Nhem En, who was 16, was the house photographer. As each prisoner was
  27. 27. brought in, he took their picture - a classic mug shot, the prisoner staring into the camera. He estimates he photographed 6,000 prisoners, knowing that all were about to die. Cambodian soldier who turned in weapons as directed by his commander when the Marxists took power. Once disarmed, he was tied up and bound. Still in his army uniform. Photographed before being killed. This is the price you pay for not qualifying to live in a Marxist paradise. He was demonized for his “privilege”, attacked for his social irresponsibility, and tortured, well… because it was fun. He was then photographed and killed.
  28. 28. So much for the introduction. The next six pages break down, in detail, how America is primed for a pro- gressive Marxist genocide. Everything is in place. And make no mistake, many conservative politicians are on board with their Marxist confederates. We look at such things from the point of view of history and how it WILL manifest in the USA. History can teach us a lot. But, it’s not a very pretty sight. The election of Donald Trump has only postponed the genocide. I describe in depth why this is the case, and show clearly why this genocide SHTF CWII train-wreck is going to happen whether we want it to happen or not.
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