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Music Industry Overview

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SFSU/MRI Introduction To The Music Industry Course

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Music Industry Overview

  1. 1. Overview Of Today’s Music Industry
  2. 2. Origins
  3. 3. Origins Music publishing did not begin on a large scale until the mid-15th century, when mechanical techniques for printing music were first developed. The earliest example, a set of liturgical chants, dates from about 1465, shortly after the Gutenberg Bible. Prior to this time, music had to be copied out by hand.
  4. 4. Printing Press
  5. 5. Publishers
  6. 6. Partnership
  7. 7. Music Business Or Music Industry?  The music industry is a branch of the entertainment industry.  The music business is the business of commercially exploiting music (songs/recordings) and talent (music artists).  The music business is based on entrepreneurship.
  8. 8. Music Business Or Music Industry?  Industry professionals provide expertise in the form of a service to support/promote artists.  Music artists create (content creators) products/brands that they can sell.  These are the two essential functions of the music industry, and its business implications.
  9. 9. Which Side?
  10. 10. Thievery?  The music business, carries a negative stigma and a (well-deserved) reputation for deception, thievery, lack of professionalism, and criminal behavior.  Most thievery revolves around contract language, and intellectual property (e.g., ownership & rights).
  11. 11. Major Labels
  12. 12. Major Labels
  13. 13. Major Labels
  14. 14. Major Labels
  15. 15. Major Labels
  16. 16. Record Deal Benefits
  17. 17. Service & Sales  All professionals in the music business are really in the service business, just as all music artists are really in the sales business.
  18. 18. Service & Sales People
  19. 19. Service & Sales People
  20. 20. What Do They Have In Common?
  21. 21. Percentage Based Business ess
  22. 22. Piracy = Problem
  23. 23. Illegal Downloads 95%of all music 230,000,000per day
  24. 24. Tour Destination?
  25. 25. Back To Basics
  26. 26. Touring = $$$
  27. 27. Touring = $$$
  28. 28. Touring = $$$
  29. 29. Record Sales?
  30. 30. Branded World Dina LaPolt said… "It wasn't that long ago that we were getting $3 million as an advance for the record. That's way over — those deals don't exist," entertainment lawyer Dina LaPolt told The Huffington Post. “Today, according to industry experts, the only way to make money in the music business is to turn an artist into a brand — then do everything in your power to maximize that brand's value…recording an album really has become like a promotional tool."
  31. 31. Making A Living Jean Cook says… "Musicians are poor," Cook said. "There's no getting around that. Freelance musicians have to tie together a lot of different things to make a living, and don't have a lot of support from their teams. There are successful musicians -- but the vast majority of people aren't that."
  32. 32. Making A Living
  33. 33. New Era, New Deals
  34. 34. Music Biz Occupations
  35. 35. Business & Joint Ventures Dina LaPolt says… “The first step on this path still involves music. Songs make an artist famous in the first place, and allow the artist to define his or her brand.
  36. 36. Conclusion
  37. 37. Conceive. Believe. Achieve