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Why Yammer Users Should Use GageIn Too

GageIn brings external information into your internal Yammer network. Spark engaging conversations with colleagues around relevant pieces of content about your team's customers, prospects, competitors, and more.

See why GageIn is a perfect fit with Yammer!

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Why Yammer Users Should Use GageIn Too

  1. 1. Your knowledge database of company information Follow  customers,  prospects,  and  competitors  and  see  all  relevant  updates  in  one  easily   accessible  stream.  Use  8ilters  to  8ind  trigger  events  to  spark  conversations  in  Yammer. ‣ Receive  intelligence  from  the  largest  number  of  sources;  company  websites,  media  publications,  and   social  media  platforms ‣ Our  8lexible  and  customizable  platform  allows  you  to  ensure  you  get  the  information  you  need
  2. 2. Bring outside intelligence to your internal network Integrate  information  about  customers,  prospects,  competitors,  and  more  in  one  place.   Colleagues  can  provide  one  another  with  a  broader  awareness  of  the  business  ecosystem,  tap   into  the  company’s  collective  business  knowledge,  and  make  serendipitous  discoveries.     ‣ See  important  updates  your  colleagues  and  groups  are  sharing   ‣ Find  companies  to  track,  updates  to  read,  and  more  on  Yammer’s  real-­‐time  activity  stream  
  3. 3. Make serendipitous discoveries with colleagues ! Post  a  mix  of  handcrafted  and  automated  updates  to  your  Yammer  feed.  Enabling  automated   actions  allows  GageIn  activity  to  be  streamed  on  Yammer’s  Activity  Ticker.  Your  colleagues  can   help  you  discover  new  companies  of  interest,  obtain  knowledge  and  insights,  and  more.   ‣ Posting  updates  to  Yammer  is  as  easy  as  clicking  Share  and  adding  a  comment ‣ You  control  what  is  shared  to  Yammer
  4. 4. Integration is as easy as 1-2-31.  Register  for  a  free  GageIn  account 2.  Link  your  account  to  Yammer 3.  Select  the  actions  to  share  to  Yammer
  5. 5. Sign upwww.gagein.com Questions? Demo? Contact Carolyn atckao@gagein.com