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Turning Campaigns Into Revenue

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Turning Campaigns Into Revenue

  1. 1. #InboundSuccess 3 Keys to Turning Campaigns Into Revenue #InboundSucces s
  2. 2. #InboundSuccess Type question here Welcome Webinar Attendees
  3. 3. #InboundSuccess Follow This Webinar On Twitter #InboundSuccess
  4. 4. #InboundSuccess Panelists Cari Baldwin President BlueBird Strategies Andrew Gaffney Publisher Content4Demand
  5. 5. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU USE 3 Keys to Turning Campaigns Into Revenue
  6. 6. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU USE About BlueBird Strategies BlueBird Strategies is a marketing automation and demand generation agency for tech companies, including established firms and venture-backed start ups. Connect with us: Twitter: @bbstrategies Website: www.bluebirdstrat.com Email: info@bluebirdstrat.com We construct inbound and outbound strategies and provide a broad range of services from technology assessments to program design and operations, to software training, to content development.
  7. 7. Demand Campaigns: A Well-Oiled Machine Data Inbound / Content Nurturing / Content
  8. 8. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU USEHave a Data Strategy
  9. 9. Obtain, Improve, Track Build Don’t Buy – Improve deliverability, avoid blacklist – (hint: inbound) – CASL – July 1 Enrich and Progressively Profile Segment (and standardize) – Relevant communications drive higher engagement (we see 30-40% higher)
  10. 10. Canadian Anti-spam Legislation If you don’t know, you need to find out!
  11. 11. Snapshot Enrich Standardize Clean Data - Do you know what you have?
  12. 12. Tools Can Help
  13. 13. Tips for Data Success Keep your reporting in mind Be smart about how you capture data Know your buyer – Titles, size, industries, geo (hint: use for scoring model) Prepare for segmentation – Messages and value propositions – Customer same as prospect? – Drop-downs for everything you can Make it part of your on-going process – 25% of data goes bad every year
  15. 15. Cold Calling Cold Emails (SPAM) Interruptive Ads Marketer - Centric SEO Blogging Attraction Customer - Centric TRADITIONAL INBOUND vs. What is Inbound? Source – Hubspot
  16. 16. Methodology Using inbound, marketing can turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business. Source – Hubspot
  17. 17. OUTBOUND: AVG COST: $346 Source: State of Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, 2012 INBOUND: AVG COST: $135 And It’s Cheaper Source – Hubspot
  18. 18. Blogs Interactive Tools Photos & Infographic s Videos & Podcasts Presentations & eBooks Inbound Marketing is All About Content
  19. 19. And Context… By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive. Source – Hubspot
  20. 20. Tips for Inbound Success Lead-ready website – Forms, content, clear messaging – Behavior tracking Consistent blogging and keywords Great content Multi-channel – interact with prospects where they are – LinkedIn groups, other social channels
  21. 21. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU USE Nurturing Success: Combine data with content
  22. 22. Warm-up Campaign to Engage Suspects Thought Leadership New Content Offers Early Stage Nurture Net New Lead, Completed Form, Awareness & Education Content Completed Early Stage; Consideration Content, Goal is MQL Trial Nurture Free Trial Requested Sales Owner Reached SQL Touch Campaign Sales RepLost Opportunity Nurture Reason-specific branches New Client On Boarding Nurture Current Client Nurture (cross sell/ upsell) Company/Product Announcements Loyalty & Retention, Refer a Friend Advanced Stage Nurture (Role, Title, Industry, Company Specific) Nurture Lifecycle
  23. 23. Personalization Involve Community – Advocacy to inspire engagement & customer loyalty – Leverage enthusiasts, customers to ‘Amplify’ message and convert ‘Joiners’ – Align with Social – LinkedIn FB, Pinterest, Twitter Offers at each stage of ‘research’ based on behavioral triggers Use channel campaigns to personalize nurturing to new leads, enthusiasts, customers Scoring – Behaviorial – Firmographic – Recency Data standardization (db cleanup)
  24. 24. Triggered Sophistication Referring asset strategy/pages B2B Strategy different than B2C – B2B focus on nurture strategy w/ assets – B2C focus on closing the sale Inverted buying stage nurtures with nurture tracks based on which stage offer Clicked Source – Mathew Sweezey, Dreamforce Presentation 2013
  25. 25. Thought Leadership Comes from Solid Content Strategy Inspire the buyer to act (but does not have to mean you created the thought) Executives, customers, product managers, sales people Become a social business Benefits - – Become part of the conversation early in the buyers journey – Real people talking to real buyers (people buy from people)
  26. 26. Help Your Buyers Solve their Problems Arrow Source – Nolin LeChasseur, Brainrider (Top of Funnel) (Middle Funnel - Nurture) (Later Stage – Sales)
  27. 27. Tips for Nurturing Content Success Customer-focused – it’s not about you Right content at the right time Easy to publish, share and amplify Get started – Content audit and Gap analysis – Road map aligned to buyers journey Keep it Short! 71% want content that is 5 pages or less
  28. 28. #InboundSuccess Content4Demand is a division of G3 Communications, a digital media firm specializing in e-media & custom content solutions for B2B marketers. We have published Demand Gen Report since 2007. We have worked closely with content marketing pioneers like Eloqua, Marketo, Citrix and many others. We don’t just create content, we provide consultation on messaging guidance to make campaigns more effective. We provide turnkey solutions including research, writing, design, consultation and campaign support. Fueling campaign performance with buyer-focused content
  29. 29. #InboundSuccess Who we work with…
  30. 30. #InboundSuccess Looking At Content Through A New Lens: Buyer-Centric • Creates Engagement • Includes Calls To Action • Downloads, Registrations, Clicks • Generates Conversations Between Buyers and Sellers • Shifts from Product-centric to Audience-centric Content Usage Measurements • Addresses Each Stage of the Buying Cycle • Has an ROI, Can Be Measured in Campaigns, Impact, Buzz • Can Be Amplified Across Social, Search, Mobile
  31. 31. #InboundSuccess Using Content To Drive Conversations Every content format should serve a specific set of buyer needs, preferences and delivery channels: • Challenge and engage prospects with interactive assessments, surveys and quizzes. • Convert late-stage prospects with ROI calculators and action-oriented checklists. • Capture the attention of busy decision-makers with easy-to-consume visual formats such as motion video and interactive infographics. • Educate and inform prospects with information-rich assets such as white papers and e-books. • Illustrate and validate data-focused messages using custom research and infographics. • Build sales effectiveness with rich and comprehensive enablement assets. • Stand out from the crowd with cutting-edge content formats and delivery platforms. Engaging Audiences
  32. 32. 44% wait longer to initiate contact with a vendor 64% of B2B said the vendor’s content had a significant impact on their buying decision 75% of execs say they rely more on content to research B2B purchase decisions than they did a year ago
  33. 33. 86% prefer interactive/visual content 95% prefer shorter formats 85% require mobile-optimized content 70% access on a tablet 86% access business-related content on a mobile phone
  34. 34. 47% want by industry 39% want content organized by vertical 56% want content delivered by business role
  35. 35. 59% share on Twitter 78% share content on LinkedIn 53% of buyers rely more on peer recommendations 73% get more of their content through social networks or peer recommendations
  36. 36. #InboundSuccess Buyer-Centric Campaign: CROWE HORWATH • Content4Demand has created more than 60 content assets over the past two years for Crowe Horwath. • Content has revolved around complex, industry-specific topics such as adhering to Dodd-Frank and Anti-Money Laundering legislation, and vendor selection issues. • Content has included e-books and white papers, but has focused on shorter, bite- sized content including executive briefs, Q&As, checklists, Brainshark presentations, and infographics.
  37. 37. #InboundSuccess Measuring Content’s Impact Within the first six months of engagement, Crowe reported: • Conversion rate of over 30% in targets taking actions that met the criteria for nurture program. • Open rates jumped to nearly 50% once prospects were targeted in the nurture series. • 150 new sales accepted leads in first six months of program. • Two wins have already been attributed to nurture program, generating nearly $500,000 in first seven months.
  38. 38. #InboundSuccess Buyer-Centric Content: HESS ENERGY • Hess is the 8th-largest oil & gas company in the United States and a Fortune 75 Company. • C4D helped build Hess’ thought leadership content library from nearly nothing to more than 20 assets in the first 18 months. • The Hess content marketing assets created by C4D have included more than 10 content formats, such as interactive and standard e- books, white papers, infographics, motion graphic videos, video case studies, Brainshark presentations and several others.
  39. 39. #InboundSuccess Campaign Snapshot: AUTOTASK • In January 2013, C4D created and implemented a custom survey for Autotask that fed a series of content assets. That included an e-book, webinar, Brainshark presentation, infographic and checklist. • The “Metrics That Matter” e-book that reported the results of the survey was Autotask’s highest-converting asset ever. • That survey is now being revamped and re- implemented to feed a new series of content in 2014. • Content featuring custom research has shown improved conversion rates to other content. C4D has created and implemented surveys for several clients including Google, Eloqua, Vertafore and Lattice.
  40. 40. #InboundSuccess Campaign Snapshot: SAVO • C4D has worked with SAVO during the past six months on more than 25 content assets. • Assets were created and repurposed into three versions to target separate audiences: sales, marketing and sales operations. • Each series of content geared towards an audience created a defined nurture track for potential clients.
  41. 41. #InboundSuccess Type question here Q&A // Submit Questions
  42. 42. #InboundSuccess Q&A // Panelists Cari Baldwin President BlueBird Strategies Andrew Gaffney Publisher Content4Demand
  43. 43. #InboundSuccess Thank you for attending! Cari Baldwin cari@bluebirdstrat.com @caribaldwin Andrew Gaffney andrew@gthreecom.com @agaffney content4demand.com/checkup

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  • Throughout our presentation we encourage you to interact with our speakers by typing in questions and comments using the questions pane. We will be answering questions live both during the event and after the presentation.
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  • Throughout our presentation we encourage you to interact with our speakers by typing in questions and comments using the questions pane. We will be answering questions live both during the event and after the presentation.