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  2. 2. RUSSIA BELARUSPOLAND UKRAINE LITHUANIA ESTONIA LATVIA 2 3 which he bequeathed to me, and for which he begged your generous support. I sincerely thank all of you who have helped us in any way with donations for these projects. May almighty God, through the hands of the Blessed Virgin, reward you with His superabundant mercy! Of course you and all of your intentions are included in our daily prayers and Holy Mass. However, these construction projects are still not finished, and the costs and debts for them also remain… Poland: (1.) Our Retreat House in Bajerze still has to be renovated and made to conform to the current Polish building codes and laws. As for the total cost of this renovation, we still do not know. What we do know for certain is that the preparatory work of the architect alone is estimated at 32,000 Polish Zlotys, which means about $8,000. (2.) Also, the chapel for our school is still too small, and patiently waiting for its necessary expansion. This school chapel could eventually serve as a very nice mission chapel with significant space for the faithful in Warsaw on Sundays. This chapel expansion would cost us approximately $30,000. Estonia: The priests’ living house that we are building in Tallinn (with a temporary chapel on the first floor) could possibly be finished by the end of this summer. The great progress of this project was only possible thanks to a sponsoring couple from abroad. We owe them a deep and sincere gratitude. However, their possibilities to help us are no longer sufficient. In order to completely finish this house and temporary chapel, we need about $40,000. Russia: In St. Petersburg we were blessed to find a room for our SSPX chapel in the very center of the city. It is the rotunda and entry-hall of a church from the 18th century. The exterior facade of this church is completely restored, but most of the interior rooms were completely destroyed by a fire and never renovated. This first permanent chapel of the SSPX in the city of the Russian Czars - how could it be otherwise - has been named “Our Lady of Fatima”. As her servants, we intend to fight the various errors which have come from Russia at their very source. We ask your help, dear friends and benefactors, to please help us cover the many costs of our Russian apostolate. Yes, the above-mentioned program may seem ambitious. Still, by trusting in the Immaculate Heart of Mary it will certainly be realized if only we muster enough patience. We ask Our Lady therefore; “turn, then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us!” Fr. Lukas Weber, SSPX “Salve Regina, Mater misericordiae!” It is with such words that we turn to Our Lady each and every day. Our News- letter Mater Misericordiae is dedicated to Her under this title of Mother of mercy: we hope it to be a small mes- senger to all of you about the joys and difficulties of our apostolate of Catholic Tradition in Eastern Europe. Mater Misericordiae wishes to thank all of those noble souls who have supported us in the past, and also those who are continuing to support us by their prayers and their material help. In as much as is possible, Mater Misericordiae would also like to find a little entry into the hearts of new generous souls who are able and willing to help the mis- sions in Eastern Europe. In fact, if you will allow us to speak in a human way, we urgently need your help in order to maintain and consolidate all of the missionary works established in Eastern Europe by the SSPX until now. In the Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius (one of the most important cities of the former Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom) is situated one of the old gates of the ancient defensive city wall. The Lithuanians call it “Aušros Vartai” (the Gates of Dawn), while the Polish use the name “Ostra Brama”, which means the “sharp gates”. In the 16th century this city gate was embellished with an Icon of Our Lady, which initially sat in a small niche in a wall above the gate and was protected from rain and snow only by wooden shutters. In 1655 the city almost completely burnt by the army of Moscow, but the Icon remained unharmed. In later times, a wooden chapel was built for the Icon. However, later the chapel was destroyed by fire, but the Icon was again saved. The veneration for this beautiful Icon rapidly increased, and a brick chapel was built to shelter the beloved Icon. In 1927 the icon was crowned in a solemn ceremony in front of the Vilnius cathedral. On this occasion, Pope Pius XI ordered that the Icon receive the title “Mater Misericordiae”/ “Mother of mercy”. At the feet of this Mother of mercy, I wholeheartedly dedicated our apostolate In Eastern Europe to the Blessed Vir- gin Mary, and I also prayed for everyone who in any way helps us. As at all Marian shrines, you can find numerous votive offerings here all of which testify that Our Lady works innumerable miracles for the good of those who have recourse to her. Most importantly, we want to ask her for the conversion and the salvation of many souls, which in fact comes from her Divine Son’s mercy of which she is the Mediatrix. On the following pages you will find illustrated reports about our many works during the last months. These works are essentially the same works of all of our SSPX priests on each and every continent of the world. We are particu- larly pleased about the fact, that one by one we see new faces in our chapels. It still remains quite difficult for the Catholics in Poland to come to Tradition, because this necessitates significantly distancing themselves from “their” pope, who passed away 10 years ago. Nevertheless, many people continue to show their interest in Catholic Tradi- tion. This we see firstly by the numerous book orders that our Polish publishing house “Te Deum” receives. Also, our website apostolate has become a very powerful and effective means to spread Catholic Tradition. There are also several priests who are now celebrating the Traditional Mass who have made friendly contact with us, and our apostolate. On the other hand, the difficulties are not few. The long journeys undertaken by our priests every week in order to take care of all of our chapels requires a lot of strength. After all, we minister to 6 former communist countries with 6 very different and difficult languages (and mentalities), 21 chapels with the help of 13 priests. Two other important parts of our apostolate are our schools and boarding houses in Warsaw. Without any doubt the members of our Society from all around the world can tell quite a story about how challenging it is in today’s world to manage and maintain a Traditional Catholic school. In Poland, for example, the influence of the so called “gender-ideology” now has a significant influence on political and educational institutions. The UN and EU are omnipresent…. We just underwent a so-called “evaluation”, which was in fact quite different from the official State’s visitations we have seen before. We were accused of not do- ing enough to “prevent racism”. (This has become a frequently used slogan for their new “values”, which slowly are replacing Catholic principles.) In the last issue of Mater Misericordiae, my predecessor, Father Karl Stehlin, wrote to all of you about the unfinished construction projects and other works LETTER FROM THE SUPERIOR Fr. Lukas Weber, SSPX
  3. 3. 5 POLAND 4 POLAND SSPX Priory in Gydnia - Prior Fr. Edmundas Naujokaitis and some parishio- ners say goodbye to Fr. Raivo Kokis. He is now stationed at the Priory in Warsaw Fr. John Jenkins says farewell to Poland and to his parishioners in Poznan. He was asked to assist the Priory in Kaunas last year the last and most solemn day of the Pilgrimage, dur- ing our ceremonial entrance into the Częstochowa Chapel in which is kept the miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the pilgrims were joined by another 100 people from all over Poland. Pilgrims came from several European countries: Poland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Medical assistance was given to the pilgrims by three religious sisters: one SSPX Oblate from Poland and two other Sisters from Latvia from the Monastery of The Holy and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord (the monastery belongs to the Eastern Rite). On the final day of the pilgrimage, after entering the Basilica, a final farewell was given to Fr. Karl Stehlin, who after 20 years of work in Poland assumed the office of District Superior of Asia. Also, here in the most important National sanctuary in Poland, the office of the superior of the Autonomous House in Poland was handed over to Fr. Lukas Weber. Czestochowa pilgrimage — 2014 Camp for Young Adults Twice a year, during the winter holidays and the summer holidays, there is organized a meeting of young adults. Students and those  who are thinking of their future am- bitions as responsible adults are invited by Fr.  Łukasz Szydłowski for an outing in the beautiful Polish countryside. With daily Mass and conferences about the various obligations they will soon face as fathers and mothers of families, they also are encouraged to stay strong in their aspirations as they challenge the difficulties of today’s modern world. Last year, from August 4th until August 15th, the War- saw Priory organized the 20th International SSPX Pil- grimage from Warsaw to Czestochowa. As always, Fr. Karl Stehlin led the annual Pilgrimage. Several of our priests, and 2 Capuchins, assisted him in minis- tering to the faithful during the Pilgrimage. Because this Pilgrimage stretches for 10 days, the logistics can be quite challenging. However each year the SSPX Brothers in Warsaw are responsible for organizing all accommodation (places for the pilgrims to stay overnight — in private homes or tents), organizing all things for the Liturgy each day, and also for all maintenance problems, of which there can be many. For this Pilgrimage, Br. Klaus, Br. Maksymilian, Br. Robert, and Br. Wojciech all collaborated together to ensure an organized and smooth Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage was attended by a record number of people this year. There were around 230 pil- grims who successfully walked the whole way. On Boys Summer Camp Priests’ meeting in Warsaw Archbishop Lefebvre wisely directed in the Statutes of the So- ciety of St. Pius X that its members must live in a community. In fact the community life, the spiritual life, takes precedence in our priories. The priests not only live together in priories for mutual help and support, but also function together in charity for the great effectiveness of the apostolate. Several times a year the priests come together in order to discuss the organization of the apostolate, to listen to conferences and to pray. This particular meeting was especially fruitful since it For many years in Poland, the Society of St. Pius X has organized summer camps for boys. This year the summer camp was organized in Beskid Żywiecki in the mountains in the South of Poland. The camp was under the tutelage of the staff of the primary school in Warsaw, Holy Family School. Thirty-eight boys from all over Poland participated in this camp directed by Brother Maximilian with the help of three seminarians now studying at Zaitzkofen: To- masz Fidos (Poland), Tomas Balsys (Lithuania) and Jakub Wawrzyn (Poland). The chaplain of the camp was Fr. Łukasz Szydłowski. brought together almost all of the priests from the SSPX Autonomous House of East- ern Europe.
  4. 4. 76 Chapel under construction inside the school in Józefów Fr. Krzysztof Gołębiewski after his first Mass in Warsaw The Prior of Warsaw, Fr. David Wierzycki, coaches the school children during a volleyball match Confirmations in Warsaw — 2015 Reception of the Brown Scapular Student members of the school theatre program per- form the play, “Sir Thomas More” Fr. Konstantyn Najmowicz leads the faithful during an outdoors Way of the Cross POLAND Schools and Sacraments The most important element of Tradition is not only that it be received from our ancestors in the faith, but also that it is indeed ‘transmitted’, handed down to the next generation. Our two schools are an immense work that insures for our faithful a Catholic education for their children and the continuing of Tradition. The fruit of so many lessons of catechism are the great ceremonies that punctuate the liturgical year: the First Communion for children, and the Confirmation of the youth. POLAND New Priests God has very graciously heard our prayers for the grant- ing of many holy priests. This last June, Our Lord, through the ministry of Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, raised three sons of Poland to the priesthood. Fr. Hubert Kuszpa, Fr. Szymon Bańka and Fr. Krzysztof Gołębiewski are now “priests forever according the order of Melchisedech”. All three of them entered the seminary in Zaitzkofen and there completed their studies. Many of our faithful were able to assist at the Mass of ordination with immense joy and receive their first priestly blessing. Fr. Hubert Kuszpa is now stationed in Warsaw from whence he serves the chapel in Poznań and teaches cat- echism in our secondary school in Józefów. Fr. Krzysztof takes care of three of our chapels in the South of Poland — Rzeszów, Lubatowa and Tuchów. Fr. Szymon is now currently stationed in Vienna, Austria, but we hope, God willing, that he will soon come to work in his native land. It is especially thanks to the prayers and sacrifices of our benefactors that the seminarians can fulfill their priestly vocation. May God grant you many graces through the ministry of these newly ordained priests! Fr. Kuszpa leads a small pilgrimage to the Marian Shrine in the village of Sabota in order to petition the Blessed Mother for a Priory to be given to Poznań Fr. Hubert Kuszpa enrolls the new members of the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen Fr. Szymon Bańka at his first Mass
  5. 5. Public Conferences Educating the people in Eastern Europe about Traditional Catholic Doctrine is an essential part of our Apostolate. In order to facilitate this goal several conferences were given by our priests to both students and faithful in Lithuania. In the city of Kaunas, Fr. John Jenkins spoke about the dangers of the New Mass precisely because of the many things that it lacks. In the city of Vilnius Fr. Shane Pezzutti spoke about the true Catholic conception of Liberty according to Pope Leo  XIII. Finally, in the city of Vilnius Fr. Edmundas Nau- jokaitis spoke about the true idea of Catholic Culture and the various contemporary threats to it. 9 LITHUANIA 8 Our Lithuanian Oblate Sister Sister Marija Magdaliete designed this beautiful altar of repose for Holy Thursday Fr. Kuszpa’s first Mass in Kaunas Seminarians from Zaitzkoffen Tomas Balsys and Victor Pasichnik explain seminary life to the faithful in Kaunas Fr. Pezzutti (Prior of Kaunas), Tomas Balsys (SSPX Seminarian), and Sr. Marija Magdalieté (SSPX Oblate Sister) LITHUANIA SSPX Pilgrimage in Lithuania - 2014 Pivašiunai — Trakai From August 1–3, 2014 a Traditional Catholic Pilgrimage was organized in Lithuania for Eastern European Cath- olics. It began from the city of Pivašiunai and ended in the city of Trakai. Both of these Lithuanian cities have Churches with beautiful and miraculous paintings of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They are both traditional centers of Marian devotion. The Pilgrimage was undertaken for several intentions: (1.) for Catholic tradition to spread in Eastern Europe; (2.) for the conversion of Russia and the Baltic countries; (3.) and for the triumph of the Immacu- late Heart of Mary. One of the other goals of the Pilgrim- age was to bring together and to strengthen the unity of - - our apostolates in the Baltic Countries and in Russia. It was attended by 4 priests and about 40 believers from Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. Fr. Hubert Kuszpa is from Poland and was ordained in the SSPX Seminary in Zaitzkoffen, Germany in 2014 First Communion in Kaunas Blessing of Easter Candle Recent Baptism at our mission chapel in Šiauliai
  6. 6. 11 BELARUS 10 Also in Lelchichi, Belarus Holy Mass is offered by Fr. Weber in Minsk BELARUS The Superior Visits Belarus Among Priests and Religious, the famous expression “visitation of the Superior” usually causes some dif- ficult and sleepless nights. An official and canonical visit of the Superior to a mission chapel in the SSPX suddenly reminds the already very busy Priest of many things still unfinished at the chapel, or things which were left to finish at a better time. He tries therefore to organize everything well and to put the chapel and property in good order. So it was this year in Minsk, Belarus. Things began like this: Originally, we had the idea that somehow we should solemnly celebrate the 20 years of official recognition by the State of Belarus of our “Community of Roman Catholics of Tradi- tional Latin Rite, “The adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” It was on the feast of the purification, Febru- ary 2, 1995 when our Community was officially recognized. We decided to invite the new superior of the SSPX Autonomous House of Eastern Europe, Father Lukas Weber, to celebrate this anniversary with us. He cordially accepted the invitation, but insisted that his visit should be considered as an official “visitation of the Superior”. The Minsk chapel after the restoratationEaster 2015 Restoration of the chapel floor Our current chapel in Minsk, which the SSPX has been using now since autumn 1999, was no longer in the best of shape. The wall paper had been re-glued back on the wall and even repainted several times by a very faithful soul who knew how to do things very economically. However, because the good woman (and excellent cook) had to retire due to a stroke, the inside of the chapel slowly began to look worse than many of the old run down Soviet apartments of our faithful. The wooden floor of the chapel had pretty much been ruined by the Belarusian winters and the melting snow from the shoes of the faithful. It would have been better to melt the cold hearts of sinners by the Sunday sermon! How many times this actually happened we do not know, but unfortunately we do know how much snow melted into our floor! So, therefore we prepared the “visitation of the Superior” by a full restoration of the chapel. Minsk — faithful during Holy Mass Fr. Weber in Lelchichi, Belarus with Fr. Boesiger and one of our Priest friends Fr. Weber with some of the children from the Minsk chapel Fr. Weber with one of the children who received help from our Yes For Life organization
  7. 7. 13 ESTONIA 12 The new Superior of the Autonomous House of Eastern Europe, Fr. Lukas Weber, visited our SSPX mission in Estonia for the first time in December, 2014. He came in order to meet the faithful, review the status of the building project in Tallinn, and fi- nally to offer the Holy Mass for the people. The Estonians were very happy to meet him. In Janu- ary, 2015 Fr. Alain-Marc Nély, the 2nd Assistant of Bp. Fellay, also visited Tallinn together with Fr. We- ber. He also met with the faithful, and visited the building project. ESTONIA Our Tallinn building project The SSPX has officially begun its building project in Tallinn, Estonia. From the pictures you can eas- ily see that the construction is coming along very nicely. Divine Providence, the Immaculata, and St. Joseph all have worked together so beautifully on this project. Things have gone very well. This building is the First Stage in our 2 stage Project. Our ultimate goal is to construct both this residen- tial house for SSPX priests, and then a beautiful Church. Temporarily, we will use the first floor of Fr. Weber’s first visit to Tallinn & The visit of Fr. Alain-Marc Nély this building for a Chapel, the upstairs for the vis- iting SSPX priest on the weekends, and the base- ment for the Sacristy and storage. Our faithful are very excited and thankful about their new home. Please pray for this project and if the Immacu- lata and St. Joseph inspire you to help us you can send your donations for this project to our bank account in Estonia: EE4310102200300397016-Fidelitas SA Estonians singing goodbye to Fr. Stehlin Frather John Jenkins in Tallin for Easter Vigil
  8. 8. 15 RUSSIA 14 In the Catholic Eastern Rite in Ukraine and Russia, Easter is observed according to the Julian Calendar — for them Easter was one week later St. Josephat priest Fr. Andrej Teutishkin reads the Gospel during the Easter Vigil in Moscow RUSSIA News from St. Petersburg The SSPX is trying to stabilize and nourish our small but growing Community in St. Peters- burg. Currently, the SSPX alone is offering the Traditional Latin Mass in this great city of the Russian Czars. There is no Moto Proprio Mass, and no other priests or congregations offering the Traditional Mass there, and so Russian Translation of the Latin Rite Daily Missal The SSPX has translated and published the first ever Russian trans- lation of a Latin Rite Daily Missal. This work was an arduous one, and because of various difficulties, it took us about 10 years to complete. But finally, under the direction of Fr. Werner Boesiger (SSPX), the project was completed. We are currently selling the Missal in our chapels and online through our website. We have received orders for this Missal from all over Russia, the Baltics, and Eastern Europe. It is truly a historical publication. Moscow — After a baptism Fr. Werner Boesiger in St. Petersburg Conversions, and building a Community During the last year, a total of six people approached the SSPX in Moscow in order to convert to the one true Catholic Church. They each found the Traditional Catholic Faith through their own studies, and through discussions with friends who were already members of our Community. We of course happily agreed to re- ceive each of them into the true Faith. After their Cat- echism classes and final examinations they were each officially received into the Roman Catholic Church ac- cording to the Roman Ritual’s rite of conversion. It was a very joyful year for our small but growing Commu- nity in Moscow. There are also others who are currently studying for conversion or baptism. We beg your prayers for them and for our work. our work for Tradition in this city is very necessary. We are only able to visit our Community once a month in St. Petersburg. However on the other Sundays, this small group of young Tra- ditionalist Catholics meet together in order to pray the Holy Rosary. Recently, by Divine Providence and the intercession of Our Lady we found an available room in St. Petersburg which will serve as the first SSPX chapel in this city. We have begun necessary renovations and decorating. It is in a very good loca- tion for our future apostolic work. Please pray for us! SSPX ‘Our Lady of Fatima Chapel’ in St. Pe- tersburg, before the first renovations SSPX ‘Our Lady of Fatima Chapel in St. Petersburg, after the first renovation St. Petersburg: The first Mass at ‘Our Lady of Fatima Chapel’ after the first restoration
  9. 9. 16 17 LATVIALATVIA Spiritual Center of St. Berthold As we already reported, in the beginning of 2014 H. E. Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, solemnly blessed the Spiri- tual Center of St. Berthold in Riga, Latvia. The develop- ment and construction of this project has lasted from 2003 until 2014, and would have been impossible without the generous financial support of Traditional Catholic faithful from Western countries. At last, Tradi- tional Catholic faithful in Latvia, belonging to both the Latin and Byzantine rites, have a property and a home, where, closely collaborating, they can celebrate their Divine Liturgies. A large portion of the more basic work was actually done by the faithful themselves: cleaning and preparing the plot before construction, landscap- This year the Catholic Church in Latvia and Estonia is celebrating the 800th an- niversary of a remarkable event. During the Fourth Lateran Council, which was convoked in 1215 by Pope Innocent III, the title of Terra Mariana (the Land of Mary) was assigned to the newly converted land of Livonia. In honor of this an- niversary Traditional Catholic faithful of the Latin and Byzantine rites launched a Novena, which began last Advent. This Novena will be completed on the Au- gust 15, 2015 on the Feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During this same period of nine months the faithful and clergy gather together at ing of the site, and internal decorations of the church. The icons were painted by the traditional nuns from the Monastery of the Holy Cross of the Studite Rule, founded by Bishop Fellay in Riga. the Spiritual Center for the Divine Lauds in honor of the Holy Virgin – the Queen and Patroness of Terra Mariana. These ceremonies are cele-brated in both the Latin and Byzantine rites. Various conferences have been given by theologians, historians and art critics in order to mark this anniversary. One of the speakers was Fr. Alain-Marc Nély, the 2nd Assistant of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X, who visited Riga on January 17–18, 2015. On April 22–23, 2015 H. E. Bishop Bernard Fellay again visited Riga. During the first day of his visit he administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 2 faithful from Lithuania, 1 from Russia, 1 from Estonia and 1 from Latvia. Afterwards, the Bishop celebrated a Sole- mn High Mass. A festive dinner followed, which was attended by Visit of the Superior General and Confirmation the recipients of Confirmation, the participating clergy, religious sisters, and faithful from a total of 7 coun- tries. On the next day, a meeting of the clergy took place. It was atten- ded by Fr. Lukas Weber, Superior of the Autonomous House of Eastern Europe, priests of the Priestly Socie- ty of St. Pius X serving Lithuania, Lat- via, Estonia and Russia, fathers of the Society of St. John the Precursor of the Lord (FSIPD) of the Byzan- tine rite, and priests of the Society of Transfiguration of Our Lord from Merigny (France) led by Superior Fr. Jean-Marie. His Excellency lec- tured on the current situation in the Church, in Rome and in the FSSPX. 800 years of Terra Mariana After the Holy Mass celebrated by the newly ordained priest Szymon Bańka FSSPX from Poland A Rorate Mass is offered in honor of our Lady on the first day of the Novena Father Alain-Marc Nély, II Assistant of the SSPX, in Riga Fr. Valerjis Svilsts gives a lecture to the faithful in Riga Sacrament of Baptism in the Byzantine rite Exposition of the Holy Shroud in the Byzantine rite on Good Friday H.E. Bishop Fellay, clergy, and faithful after the Riga confirmation ceremony in April, 2015 Byzantine Easter Vigil in Riga
  10. 10. MILITIA IMMACULATAE 19 In the second half of the year 1917 four great events took place: the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the 200th anniversary celebrations of the founding of Freemasonry (especially in Rome), the appearances of Mary in Fatima and, again in Rome, the founding of the M.I. The first two events are in striking contrast to the latter two. The connection between Bolshevism and Freemasonry is immediately evident, once you know their principles, methods and real goals. The two forces complement each other so well, that one can regard them as a totality: a logical system of thought and action that comes form one source, from the hand of one author. One can say the same thing about the latter two events. Here the author is the Mother of God who ap- peared in Fatima in order to come to the aid of a world confronted with the great apostasy of our times. She it was, again, who inspired a faithful instrument in the person of Maximilian Kolbe, whose task it would be to fulfill her will in a simple, profound and effective way. Since the same person was revealed in Fatima and was also the chief cause of the founding of the M.I., the tow events therefore illuminate each other: one sheds its light on the other, so that the true devotee of Mary is able to discern ever more easily and clearly the profound intentions and the unfathomable riches of the Heart of the Immaculata. From what we have said thus far it is clearly evident how similar Fatima and the Militia Im- maculata are: the importance of prayer and sacrifice, of unconditional obedience to the Mother of God; the Immaculate Heart of Mary in its capacity as Mediatrix of all Graces (the very essence of the M.I.) the children who saw the visions – examples of true Knights of the Immaculata; the glory of God and the battle for the salvation of souls through Mary. - From The Immaculata, Our Ideal by Fr. Karl Stehlin, SSPX 18 FATIMA — 1917 Recently, we all painfully received the sad news about the sudden death of the “Fati- ma Priest”, Fr. Nicholas Gruner. Fr. Gruner’s tireless efforts regarding the Fatima message will never be forgotten. His work and sac- rifices, as our Lady’s instrument, have both spread Her message around the globe and protected it from the cold indifference and neglect of sinful man. His death presents us with an occasion for making a serious examination of conscious regarding our own devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and Her Message. We can never forget, or become apa- thetic to, our Lady of Fatima’s request to pray the Rosary every day. As Sister Lucy told us, the Blessed Virgin Mary has given a very special power to the holy Rosary in these last times. She also told us that together with devo- tion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary the Rosary is one of the last refuges for mankind. We must pray the Holy Rosary in these times with great confi- dence because we know that it is the mighty sword that our Lady gives us to defend ourselves against the constant onslaught of evil in this modern world. We can also never forget Our Lady of Fatima’s re- quest for devotion to Her Immaculate Heart. This was clearly expressed by Her several times. We fulfill this devotion to the Immaculate Heart firstly by fulfilling the first 5 Saturdays of reparation. This is the exterior devotion to the Immaculate Heart and it is essential, but we must also cultivate an “inner“ devotion to the Immaculate Heart of our heavenly Mother and Queen. Do we really turn to Her Immaculate Heart when we are in need? Do we trust in the love and goodness of the Immaculate Heart? Do we really honor her Immaculate Heart? Devotion to the Immac- ulate Heart must not only be external with pictures and vocal prayers, but must also be internal by a sincere, but simple, dedica- tion, love and trust. Finally, we must persevere in our prayers and penances in order to make repara- tion for the continued negligence and disobedience to the 2 great requests of Our Lady of Fatima: 1.) The Con- secration of Russia to the Immacualte Heart of Mary by the Pope and all of the Bishops of the world, and 2.) The release of the 3rd Secret of Fati- ma. These 2 requests of Our Lady of Fatima are still unfulfilled, and this is a very serious plague on the Church today. The Pope must finally make the Consecra- tion of Russia correctly, and reveal the 3rd Secret to the world. The Mother of God and Queen of Heaven still patiently awaits her requests to be ful- filled. She can not wait forever. Therefore, we all have the great duty to pray and make sacrifices for these 2 very serious intentions. Let us pray together for the soul of Fr. Gruner, and let us each continue his or her own work of spread- ing Our Lady of Fatima’s message to the extent pos- sible in our state of life. Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary, pray for us Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. Fr. Shane Pezzutti, SSPX
  11. 11. Legal notice The Society of St. Pius X Foreign Missions Trust is a U.S. nonprofit, charitable trust, which has received a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status determination from the Internal Revenue Service. As such, donations made to this trust are tax-deductible. Donations intended for specific foreign missions are only considered recommendations. Trustees retain discretion and control over all disbursements to the SSPX’s foreign missions. Your Help is Still Needed in Eastern Europe By Mail Kaunas Priory: Šv. Kazimiero Prioratas, Birutes 1 gatve, Kaunas, Lietuva 45320 prioratas@fsspx.lt By Mail Warsaw Priory: Przeorat p.w. Św. Piusa X, ul. Garncarska 32, Warszawa, Polska 04-886 info@piusx.org.pl Background image: Shrine of Our Lady of Šiluva, Lithuania Contact Us Online www.fsspx.ee Estonia www.fsspx.lt Lithuania www.piusx.org.pl Poland www.fsspx.of.by Belarus www.fsspx.ru Russia a.) Swiss Francs IBAN-Nummer: CH12 0900 0000 6002 9015 3 BIC (Swift Code): POFICHBEXXX b.) Euros IBAN-Nummer: CH82 0900 0000 9184 8090 3 BIC (Swift Code): POFICHBEXXX PLEASE INFORM US THAT YOUR GIFT IS FOR EASTERN EUROPE. Thank you! Prayer Please continue to remember our priests, faithful and our apostolate in your prayers. Don’t forget that you could dedicate one Rosary per month for us here in Eastern Europe. Thank you for remembering us! Donate Remember that there are three ways to help the SSPX Foreign Missions in Eastern Europe financially: 1.) ONLINE — go to www.sspx.org. Then, on the bottom left of the home page click on “make a donation”. Next, on the bottom right under the category “Foreign Missions Trust” click “more info”. Toward the bottom it says, “If you have a special purpose for your donation, please let us know.” Click the menu, and choose Eastern Europe. — You can also use this link: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/missions 2.) BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER — In North America you can send your check or money order in US Dollars to: District Bursar 11485 N. Farley Rd. Platte City, Missouri 64079 * Please make all checks out to THE FOREIGN MISSION TRUST ** And please specify that your gift is for EASTERN EUROPEAN MISSIONS 3.) IN EUROPE — By Bank Transfer Priesterbruderschaft St. Pius X Schwandegg CH-6313 Menzingen Bank: Swiss Post PostFinance CH-3030 Bern