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What is Sitting Disease Costing Your Company?

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It is common knowledge that prolonged sitting takes a serious toll on the body. However, lesser known are the financial consequences of prolonged sitting for employers. This document brings together current research to demonstrate the costs of prolonged sitting for employers and how Focal’s upright way of working can be part of the solution for a healthier, more active workplace.

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What is Sitting Disease Costing Your Company?

  1. 1. Most contemporary workplaces are defined by sedentary behavior patterns, in which employees spend the majority of their time in an inactive, seated posture. A growing body of medical research indicates that prolonged sitting has measurable effects on key health and productivity outcomes. THE PROBLEM 9.3 15 The Average Knowledge Worker Spends Quantifying the Costs of Prolonged Sitting Prolonged Sitting Increases Risk for: Back Pain Metabolic Syndrome and Other Chronic Diseaseshours a day sitting in the office total hours a day sitting THE IMPACT The United States currently spends more than 17% of GDP on healthcare. Companies feel the impact of these costs directly, in the way of medical costs, and indirectly, in the way of productivity loss. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 the average rate of occupational injury and illness requiring time off work was 112 cases per 10,000 full-time workers. Further, occupational injuries and illnesses required a median of nine days off from work. Employers spend approximately 2.5x more in healthcare costs for employees with back pain and metabolic syndrome respectively, as compared to their healthy counterparts. THE COST THE SOLUTION Research by Goggins et al. indicates that effectively implemented ergonomic interventions have the potential to reduce the incidence of negative health outcomes and improve productivity within employee populations. Focal Upright’s line of active office furniture stands out as a sustainable solution for enhancing health and vitality in the workplace. www.focalupright.com #UprightRevolution Presenteeism Paid Time Off Medical Costs $234$160 $44 Presenteeism Paid Time Off Medical Costs $573 $17 $25 TOTAL COST $438 TOTAL COST $615 Annual Costs Per Employee Associated with Back Pain Annual Costs Per Employee Associated with Metabolic Syndrome 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 Current Cost Adjusted Cost Cost Per Employee Pre-Intervention Cost Per Empoyee Post-Intervention ANNUAL SAVINGS PER EMPLOYEE $316 Potential Savings from Ergonomic Intervention Per Employee