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Taste paradise - presentation Athens 2017

Student's project

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Taste paradise - presentation Athens 2017

  1. 1. “ ” ADDRESS ITALY, GREECE AND FRANCE TELEPHONE NUMBER: +00302105570770 , +00390521111699 ,+00336522485197 FAX NUMBER: +0030 2105570770 ,+0039 0521111699,+00336522485197 E-MAIL ADDRESS: TASTEPARADISE@GMAIL.COM
  2. 2. • Our aim is to offer diverse food to our customers. Mission statement • To connect all the European cultures through food.Vision • To become a successful multiethnic company , to employ qualified and experienced workers and also to serve good quality products. Goals • We give priority to the customers and our best possible services.Values • Our product is the service we offer to our customers through the combination of Greek, French and Italian food in our menus Product description
  3. 3. Pricing strategy: Our aim is to serve high quality food in affordable prices. Lunch: 5-15€ ( the cheapest prices in the market compared to the others) Dinner: 5-20€ ( the cheapest prices in the market compared to others) Target Market and Demographics: . We would like medium age people and teens in particular will be great, just because they are more mind open and would like to try new foods. Clearly our focus is on mid-class people Customer Profile: Medium class people and teenagers who want to enjoy special dishes in affordable prices. Competition: We will have competitors but we think that people will come to us because we will offer them a better service in affordable prices and our location will help a lot. Moreover our prices will motivate people to get out from their houses in order to eat 1.Sales strategy: In the future we are thinking of creating a delivery part and ordering online. 2.Advertising and promotion: We have some connections with Rai , tf1 and skai in Greece so we will do this with minimal costs too.
  4. 4. President of the Greek branch: Hermes Hoti President of the French branch: Ines Touche President of the Italian branch and trade cooperation : Enoch Frimpong Each member will have 20% of the company's income. Marketing manager: Marianna Skourti International relationship: Marianneta Katsapara Ownership-Management Demandings we have for our employees: - experience in this profession - minimal age: 23 - friendly appearance - self-confident and kind - ability to work in a group
  5. 5. 11% 55% 8% 26% Fixed Costs Monthly payment for renting local Salary for employers Costs of water, electricity and gas use Costs of ordering and importing food products: Total costs:39.600 Euros furniture costs advertisement Start-up costs Total costs:151.620 Euros
  6. 6. SWOT ANALYSISStrengths: a. Originality of our company on the international market. b.Variety of served dishes. c.Affordable prices. d.Modern interior design. e.Location is easy to find Weaknesses: High competition Opportunities: Expand furthermore in the future Connections with foreign countries for example Poland and Finland Having regular customers Having a positive vision of our company. Threats: The competition that we will have There is a possibility that it won’t be accepted by the customers The danger of not having investors the loan and difficulties in paying it off.