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Παρουσίαση σχολείου - School Presentation (2nd ed.)

53rd High School of Athens

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Παρουσίαση σχολείου - School Presentation (2nd ed.)

  1. 1. 53rd High School of Athens Athens, Greece 2015
  2. 2. Good Morning everybody. Let’s introduce ourselves: We are the teachers of the 53rd High School of Athens, Greece, in the southeast corner of our common home, Europe. Acropolis
  3. 3. Our school is located in an old neighborhood of the historic city of Athens, worldwide known for being the land of Philosophy, Poetry and Good Arts. The neighborhood is called Sepolia and is located in the northwest of the municipality of Athens about 10 minutes from the Acropolis using the Metro railway. The Acropolis of Athens, cradle of the Western Civilization
  4. 4. Sepolia is unfortunately one of the most depressed neighborhoods of the city, characterized from very high unemployment rates, families of a low standard of living and really poor public facilities. Nevertheless it is one of the few places in Athens that you can still feel what is like to live in a community where the people care for each other and try to make their lives easier in difficult times helping the ones in more need. A view of the Sepolia neighborhood
  5. 5. As far as our school is concerned, someone could say that it is a relatively typical secondary education school in terms of the building, the number of students that attend the lessons and the number of teachers that work there. Students during an educational field trip at the famous byzantine city of Mystras
  6. 6. The building of the school is 35 years old, which is an average age for a secondary school in our city. It is definitely though the oldest secondary school in the region of Sepolia. Our school’s courtyard during a winter’s day
  7. 7. It is a two floor – two wings building with a large courtyard in a typical architecture for a civil school. It is equipped with two labs set up for Physics/Chemistry and two labs for Computer’s lessons. It has also a small auditorium which is used during the school festivals. A photo of our Computer’s Lab
  8. 8. What is more, we have made some specific arrangements over the last 2 years and secured that our school has now it own Library, its own classrooms for teaching using modern methods like Cooperative Learning, a special classroom for teaching History using object lessons (computer and maps) and a similar classroom for Biology lessons using microscopes and other equipment. Above: The Library Below: History’s Classroom
  9. 9. Given the more than enough size of the building we saved two classrooms in the ground level for students with disabilities. Above: The Basement Below: First Floor with classrooms
  10. 10. Taking chance from the Erasmus+ Program we have adjusted a class to the needs of this Program where our students can work in teams or in person upon the subjects of concern, using computers that were donated to the school especially for the needs of the Educational Programs. Working in the afternoon for the Educational Programs in the special arranged classroom for Cooperative Learning
  11. 11. Putting aside the facility, lets talk about people: our students and our colleagues. Every year approximately 300 students in total attend the lessons of the three classes of our High School. They all come from the neighborhood by the school which is densely inhabited, as are most of the neighborhoods in the municipality of Athens. Students of our senior class sending a greeting postcard for their European fellow students.
  12. 12. It is fare to say that they very much like taking part in special educational activities such as this Program and other training courses like Environmental Education, even if it means that they should stay further hours at school in order to earn more knowledge and more skills. Our students obviously enjoy the Educational Programs
  13. 13. The 25 teachers of all areas of expertise are more or less the same the last three years with minor changes, headed by our Principal Mr. Vassilatos. Even though most of us do not live in Sepolia, we all regard the school and this neighborhood as our home and give our best for the benefit of our students and their families. Celebrating in school’s auditorium the Greek National Day of 25th of March
  14. 14. We will be happy to welcome your students and some of you soon in the historic city of the mighty goddess Athena and make you feel at home honoring the authentic Greek custom of hospitality! The 5th c. BC Temple of Poseidon at Sounion cape during sunset
  15. 15. A presentation by Mrs. Lambroupoulou Elisabeth Mrs. Pappa Helen teachers of the 53rd High School of Athens