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Engagor Walkthrough

A walkthrough of the updated Engagor, a tool for "Intelligent Social Media Management". The most powerful features of this tool are showcased in a couple of screenshots.

"Engagor is your Swiss Army knife for the social web. Easily measure, grow and manage your online presences in style."

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Engagor Walkthrough

  1. 1. Engagor is a tool for intelligentsocial media management. In twenty screenshots wewould like to show you themost powerful features …
  2. 2. We think of the tool as a Swiss Army Knifefor the social web. Engagor tracks what is being said aboutyour or your competitors’ brands, and givesyou a social inbox and detailed statistics toeasily measure, grow and manage youronline presences in style.
  3. 3. Start with defining what youwant to track. We supporttracking of Facebook, Twitter,news sites, search engines,LinkedIn and all other majorsources for the keywords youdefine.
  4. 4. Connect your ownTwitter, Facebook orLinkedIn accounts,monitor competitor’saccounts or addcustom RSS sources.
  5. 5. Your inbox contains all mentions that we findacross the web and on your connectedprofiles. Several workflow features allow you toeasily track which mentions are being handledand which mentions need more work.
  6. 6. To make sure younever lose context,you can easily trackand view theconversation of anymention.
  7. 7. Website andpeople profileshelp you inidentifying who istalking about you.
  8. 8. Assign mentionsto others, addnotes or tags andsee your teammembers’ actionsto improve yourworkflow.
  9. 9. Reply to your users and start conversationsfrom within Engagor on different socialnetworks.
  10. 10. Update your Facebook status, send out anew tweet and post a LinkedIn message all atonce.
  11. 11. We track and store every relevantmention for your account andmake it available in a fullysearchable interface. The "Daily Mentions"-graphsvisualizes the number of individualposts your search profilegenerates. Add keywords andbuild queries to compare yourbrand with the competition ordetect and follow new markettrends.
  12. 12. Engagor clusters topicsinto tag clouds,illustrating on the fly whatyour brand is associatedwith, what consumerscare and talk about.
  13. 13. The conversation will be local,the impact might be global.Wherever consumers orcustomers have access to yourproducts, they might share theirfeedback.
  14. 14. Engagor allows you to filterinformation according to date,language, source or location (upto city level); or any combinationof these.
  15. 15. Automaticsentiment analysisallows you to trackwhat people loveand hate aboutyour topics.
  16. 16. Influencers is all aboutpeople, Engagor providesan overview of usersdiscussing your brand,with essential statistics asnumber of mentions,retweets and top posters.See who is posting a lot(brand lover) or find who isinfluential.
  17. 17. The posts of connectedFacebook and Twitteraccounts are constantlytracked, as well as theirgrowth and engagementrates. Allowing you tocompare the success ofyour own or yourcompetitors’ socialpresences.
  18. 18. The evolution of likes,followers, statuses,influence scores andengagement rates give youan insight of what’shappening at themonitored accounts.
  19. 19. Dive into a page’s most succesfulposts and see which users areengaging the most. Engagorenables you to focus on engagingin the conversation rather than onsifting through an informationoverload.
  20. 20. For your personal social accounts,highly detailed statistics areavailable. You are kept up to dateof averages and significantchanges, in one single place.
  21. 21. This way Engagor acts asa social dashboard foryour presences acrossseveral social networks.
  22. 22. Prefer the big picture? Activate mail reports,read the daily overview together with themorning papers, and be informed beforeanyone else.
  23. 23. Want to give it a try?Get in touch viawww.engagor.com for a demoand trial account.