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Double Page Spread Versions

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My Media Powerpoint Presentation!

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Double Page Spread Versions

  1. 1. Versions of Inside Page Emee
  2. 2. Version 1 My first version is the same as how I created at first and didn’t make any change.
  3. 3. Version 2 In the second version I moved the subtitle at the top and moved it along to the picture. I made the “A” to be like drop cap at the start of my story so then it stands out. I also moved the story on the picture, and changed the colour so that it’s visible. I expanded the picture.
  4. 4. Version 3 I changed the colour of the letter so that it goes with the text box, keeping its consistency. I wrote the subtitle inside the blue box so that it goes with the letter “A”. I changed the page number to white so that it’s visible on the picture.
  5. 5. Version 4 I wrote hot news at the top so then my audience is aware of the section they are in.
  6. 6. Version 5 I moved up the text box and straightened it.
  7. 7. Version 6 In this version I center texted my paragraph so that it gives a shape and that my audience will find it appealing to read.
  8. 8. Version 7 In this version I completely changed the order of text boxes and subtitles, etc. I wrote a new subtitle in big font so that it’s eye catching to my targeted audience. I moved my article on the side of the page and changed the colour of the letter “A” so that its consistence to the subtitle, and also the story so that it stands out from the background. I put a quote on the picture so then it looks like my friend quoted it. I used big yellow quote sign for emphasis and to make it stand out. I wrote a question in bold So audience can get the hint of what my story is about and to make them intrigued to read further on. I put a red box so I can add anything extra.
  9. 9. Version 8 I put the page number in the blue text box so it stands out. The date, name of the magazine and the website.
  10. 10. Version 9 I changed the colour of the text box and wrote a another short paragraph with a new title.
  11. 11. Version 10 I put the date here because it’s a double spread and the website and date can be spread out. Another page number because it’s a double page spread. I changed the box colour.
  12. 12. Version 11 In this version I changed the fonts to the same ones as my Front Cover and Contents to keep its consistance throughout the whole magazine. I also used the same colour as my Front Cover and Contents.