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Creative Brief of Tinned Foods

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  1. 1. Assignment Principles of Marketing Submit To: Mam Tahira Umair Submit By: Alia SP13-MBT-A-OO7
  2. 2. Q1: List the names of store brands found in the following stores of Lahore i. Metro ii. Makro iii. Hyperstar Answer: Brand name: The world at Home Everything for the office Good quality clothing with a perfect fitting
  3. 3. Value brand across the core needs of food requirements for Traders Reliable quality standards, convenient packaging sizes and an optimal price-performance ratio Quality, comfort and professional hospitality with a consistent and affordable high-class look The Professional Kitchen Line - Buy professionally Your reliable travel solution Value brand across the core needs of detergents & toiletries requirements for Traders Always a good deal!
  4. 4. i. Slim Station Home Gym ii. 2 Fruits & 3 Vegetables iii. Fair Line iv. Makro Credit Card v. Goldair Cooler vi. Xbox One 500GB plus Fifa 17 vii. Campmaster Instant Shade 100 Gazebo viii. Inverroche Small Bath Distilled Amber Handcrafted Gin ix. Hisense 299i Comb x. Hisense Fridge 2. What do lux, surf, lifebuoy, brooke bond and pepsodenthave in common? They are all part of Pakistanuniliver product mix Answer:
  5. 5. History & Origin In the 1890s: William Hesketh Lever, founder of Lever Bros, wrote down his ideas for Sunlight Soap. 19th century: Unilever wasn't formed until 1930. 1970s: Hard economic conditions and high inflation make the '70s a tough time for everyone. 1990s: The business expands into Central and Eastern Europe It is the world's third-largest consumer goods company. Early Evolution: Unilever has two holding companies with had different shareholders: 1) British Unilever Ltd. listed on the London Stock Exchange and capitalized in sterling. 2) Dutch Unilever NV listed on the Rotterdam Stock Exchange and capitalized in guilders. 12% global market share, 50% of the market share.By the mid-1950’s it was earning 15% of Unilever’s entire profits.Bought a chemical company. Global Expansion: In 1906, 25% of the capital employed were from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and US .Vanaspati was the first Unilever brand to be manufactured in India itself, starting up in 1932. The three companies merged to form Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL) in 1956. Came a merger between Hindustan Unilever Ltd. and Tata Oil Mills Company in 1993.In 1959, it was supplanted by Brazil’s first synthetic brand, Omo . Recent Efforts: Twelve brands had sales in excess of €1 billion. All the unwanted brands and businesses were being sold off. Business Portfolio:- Uniliver diversified business portfolio: Food Beverage Cleaning Agents Personal Care Products More than 400 brands in 180 countries.
  6. 6. 18%: Personal Care 19%:Ice Cream & Beverages 30%: Home Care 33%: Savoury, Dressings & Spreads The "most trusted brands" from Uniliver in the top 100 list (their rankings in brackets) are: Lux (6) Surf Excel (7) Lifebuoy (15) Pepsodent (24) Brooke Bond (3 Roses,Taj Mahal, Taaza, Red Label) tea Surf Excel detergentand gentle wash Lifebuoysoaps and handwash range Pepsodent toothpaste Lux soap, bodywash and deodorant 3. Name and define the 4 dimensions of company product mix. Describe PakistanUniliver product mix on these dimensions Answer:
  7. 7. Four important dimensions of a product mix can be identified. These are: width, length, depth, and consistency. Width: The first of the product mix decisions refers to the product mix width. The width is all about the number of different product lines the company carries. Pepsodent has 3 product lines. Thus, it has a rather limited width. Length: The product mix length refers to the total number of items a company carries within the product lines. For instance, Pepsodent carries several different brands within each line. In Pepsodent’s product line, several different categories of toothpastes can be identified. Depth: The next one of the product mix decisions is the product mix depth. It refers to the number of versions offered for each product in the product line. For instance, Pepsodent toothpastes come in several tastes and variations. Consistency: Finally, the consistency of a product mix completes our four product mix decisions. Consistency refers to how closely related the product lines are in terms of end use, production requirements, distribution channels or any other way. In Pepsodent’s Surf Excel and Lux case, we can observe a rather strong consistency, which is based on the fact that all product lines constitute consumer products and go through the same distribution channels. Brooke bond and Life Buoy has consistently satisfied a washing need. Lux Weight Lux Almond 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Lux Orchid 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Lux Fruit 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Lux Saffron 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Lux Sandalwood 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Lux Rose 45gm, 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Lux International 45gm, 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Lux Chocolate 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Lux oil & Honel Glow 100gm, 120gm, 150gm
  8. 8. Life Buoy Weight Available Life Buoy Total 10 100gm, 120gm, 150gm Red Life Buoy Clinic Care 75gm, 100gm Light Blue Life Buoy Lemon 75gm, 100gm Light Green Life Buoy Care Soup 100gm, 120gm Red, White Pepsodent Weight Price Pepsodent Gum care tooth paste 40gm, 90gm, 140gm 55, 78, 172 Pepsodent 2 in 1 tooth paste 150gm 90 Pepsodent Germicheck 200gm 84 Pepsodent Whitening Germicheck 80gm, 200gm 46, 89 Surf Excel Quantity Cost Price in Rupees Sales Price in Rupees 25grms 4.7 5 65grms 9.5 10 130grms 19 20 500grms 90.50 100 1000grms 185.50 195  Surf Excel Top Matic  Surf Excel Front Matic  Surf Excel Blue  Surf Excel Quick wash  Surf Excel Bar  Surf Excel Gentle wash  Surf Excel Quick Wash Detergent Powder  Surf excel blue  Surf excel gentle wash  surf excel bar  Surf Excel Matic Top Load  Surf Excel quickwash 1 kg Rs. 146 + Comfort fabric conditioner 200ml Rs. 29 = Rs. 175  Pay Rs. 163*/- for the combi pack and save Rs. 12/- *(inclusive of all taxes)  16 litre bucket pack free with 3.3 kg surf excel blue, & so on.
  9. 9. Brooke Bond Quantity Dollars Brooke Bond Taj Mahal 450gm box 5 Brooke Bond Red Label 450gm box 5 Brooke Bond 3 Roses 500gm box 7 Brooke Bond Taaza 500 gm box 5 Brooke Bond Bru Instant Coffee 100 gm bottl 4 Brooke Bond Supreme 500gm box 6