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Philanthropic Teams - CEO & Development Team

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Presentation given at 2013 Leading Age Conference. Prepared by Ed Allen for panel discussion. Comments/questions.

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Philanthropic Teams - CEO & Development Team

  1. 1. Enriching Mississippi Elders’ lives through leaders whose dedication & faithful support shapes our mission. …serving older adults in the spirit of Christian love.
  2. 2. HIGH PERFORMANCE PHILANTHROPIC TEAMS A symphony of doing the right thing. Model humble appreciation. Passion for your mission. Knows and respects each constituent well enough to effectively run the course to success.
  3. 3. CEO – BOARD – DEVELOPMENT LEADERSHIP Common Sense Humble Appreciation Know strengths and personalities constituting the philanthropic team
  4. 4. The Symphony Conductor Concert Master Musicians Back Stage Beneficiaries
  5. 5. Symphony of Philanthropy CEO Board Chair Volunteers Development Mission
  6. 6. CEO – Board – VP Must Haves Talent Entrepreneurial spirit Vision Humility … know you are called to serve Enthusiasm for fundraising Passion for the mission Confidence
  7. 7. No Surprises Board Recruitment Discuss engagement mission advancement resources Clearly understood fundraising leadership Called to service through engagement Networking, cultivation, and solicitation
  8. 8. CEO Roles & Strengths Public Face Engaged in the development process Primary Contact Active in Board and influencer networks Genuine Care for all prospects and donors Constituent accessibility Strategic thinker and planner Passionate about gift development and solicitation.
  9. 9. VP of Development Roles & Strengths Knows Constituents’ capacity and interests Identifies and engages support networks Active in Board and influencer networks Participates in the greater Community Knows where, when and how to plug in the CEO Strategic (Moves) planner Passion for gift development and solicitation.
  10. 10. Dancing With The Players CEO • Knows where the VP of Development is headed – and why. • Knows what the VP of Development and others are doing with prospects and donors. • Collaborative planning VP of Development • Knows where the CEO is headed – and why. • Knows what the CEO and others are doing with prospects and donors. • Collaborative planning
  11. 11. Effective CEO’s, Boards & VP’s of Development Build Partnerships Know, understand, and support your people. Recruit while educating – no surprises Transparent Respect, Confidence and Trust Develop and embrace strategy Equip, accompany, and debrief Nudge one another Ask for participation and the pledge/gift.
  12. 12. Fundraising Operational Plan CEO – VP of Development Collaboration Corporate Leadership Team Ownership Board and Development Committee Chairs Board Discussion and ownership No Board Ownership – No Board Participation
  13. 13. CEO – Board -VP On the Same Process Page Leadership Identifies prospects - donors and their interests Affirm interests and involve constituent in mission Develop, receive, and appreciate first gift Further develop relationships leading to repeat gifts
  14. 14. High Performance Philanthropic Team Egos Short on I – Me - My Long on We – Us - Our Success is mission driven Our Elders and our mission are why we serve Fortunate to serve – not be served.
  15. 15. Together, We Will Establish and support our culture of philanthropy Share our visions for Elder living opportunities Shape our future service through cooperative fundraising leadership
  16. 16. Enthusiasm Is Contagious By enthusiastically understanding and embracing their vital roles in fundraising initiatives to fulfill our visions for serving our residents – CEO’s, Boards, Staff, Volunteers, and VP’s of Development become High Performance Philanthropic Teams.
  17. 17. Your Questions