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Pracitce for Transition from BP to OBP

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  1. 1. Trening Formular TRENER TIM FUNKCIJA TIMA ZADATAK TIMA MJESTO TERENA GLAVNI AKTERI ULOGA PROTIVNIKA CILJ TRENINGA SURNAME AND NAME Saric Dzevad TEAM UMF Vikingur O. TEAM FUNCTION Attack (BP) and the Transition by lost balls GROUP ACTIVITIES Creating chances / achieving goals PART FIELD The opponent's half MAIN PLAYERS Two central defender, midfielders and attacers ROLE OF THE OPPONENT Obstructing attack / prevention achieving goals and transition by winning balls OBJECTIVE TRAINING Improving cooperation between connecting lines and the attacker when creating opportunities and achieving goals DATE 19.08.2013
  2. 2. Space (10*10m) (21*32m): 4 area Marking shirts (+ colors): 3x2,3x5,3 colors Number of balls: 18 Number of skittles: 20 Number of goals (species): 6 (small goals) content -Players perform running in pairs around the field, one circle. Then perform the exercises dynamic warm-up in two columns (2 * 3min. * 1min.R). -BP 4V2, three field size of 10 * 10m. External players are trying to keep the ball as long as possible in the possession, and internal players that touched twice in a row. Once a players who chasing the ball touched ball, in entering new two players (the player who passed the ball and the player who lost the ball). If players who are out there make ten passes, players who chasing must once again to remain in the field after the ball confiscated. External players have a maximum of two touches. Goalkeepers are involved in the game. -It's the same game 4V2, players are divided into three colors, except that now the external players must be behind the line on each side of the playing field, while the two players who are chasing are in the middle. External players have task a keep longer ball possession. Players who are inside have the task of winning the ball and achieve the goal in one of two small goals on the side. If they reach a goal, changing place with the color from which they stole the ball. Players who are inside can not attack players outside the outer lines of the playing field. External players when they lose the ball immediately to carry out the transition by lost balls and to prevent scoring. -16 players, the playing area is the size of 21 * 32m, three colors 5v5v5 + 1 joker. Two colors kept the ball, while one color is trying to win the ball. The team that is inside when wins the ball become aware of a need as soon as it is played on a color that is free. Color that has lost the ball enters the middle and play in defense. The emphasis is on the BP and Transition by lost balls. Colors that kept the ball has with two touches. Joker has one touch. Goalkeepers doing exercises with trainer. methods Delay -Reduce the number of contact; -Add two small goals on the side of each square; Relief -Allow more contact instructions WHAT COACH WORKING? -Organize work, -Issued tasks players, -He watches with motivation, -Controls the compliance rules of the game. WHAT THE COACH SAYS? -No special instructions; TRAINING–WORMUP20-30’ x4v2 4v2 4v2 5v5v5+1
  3. 3. Space (85x65 m): 1 area Marking shirts (+ color): 16-2 colors Number of balls: 18 Number of skittles: 6 Number of goals (species): 1-fixed ,1-moving content -The field diminished for one box. 8v8 + 2 goalkeepers. The game with two goals. Spare ball in both goals, no throw in, no corner. Goalkeeper gives the ball into play, the team where the ball belongs. Formation 1-2-3-3 Formation 1-4-3-1 methods Delay - Relief - instructions WHAT COACH WORKING? -Organize work, -Issued tasks players, -Observes, controlled formation of teams during the game, -Corrects and gives instructions, commends. WHAT THE COACH SAYS? -Requests from high pace of the game, -The asks of the goalkeeper quickly putting the ball into play after the ball went out of fields, -Search from players to hold their positions in the field; TRAINING–PHASEORIENTATION8-10’ 7 11 17 5 4 19 20 15 x
  4. 4. conten -In the field diminished for one box, game 8v8 + 2 golakeepers are playing. Spare ball in the goal of the team that performed the construction of attacks, targeted team. Target team is tasked with good occupation of the field, creating space for himself and teammate, good circulation of the ball within and between the lines of midfield and attack, creating chances and scoring goals. After turnovers, team immediately seeks to organize in defense and try to win the ball. The team that plays in the defense has the task of following trials o steal a ball as soon as possible and achieve a goal, for 7 ". After the ball go out of the game or interrupted by the coach, the ball moves from the goalkeepers of the target team. Formation 1-2-3-3 Formation 1-4-3-1 methods Delay -If necessary Relief -If necessary instrukctions WHAT COACH WORKING? -Organize work; -Explains the rules of the game; -He watches; -In a situation to occur typical problems in the game, stop the game and give the appropriate instructions. -He watches; -If after steals attack untargeted team takes too long, it stops playing and starts a new attack from the goalkeeper of the target group. WHAT THE COACH SAYS? -Asks players to make timely and appropriate decisions for the ball; -Depend on a safe play, without risky and hasty addition, especially in the middle; -Provides instructions and ask questions; -The assk of the players that do not play short at risk of adding between themselves in the line of midfield, seeking enactment of quality deep pass forward, in the zone of a schot; -Search from players that every action ends with a cross or shot at goal (simple solutions in front of the opposing goal); TRAINING–PHASEOFLEARNING10-15’ 4 15 7 11 19 20 17 5 Space (85x65 m): 1 area Marking shirts (+ color): 16-2 colors Number of balls: 18 Number of skittles: 6 Number of goals (species): 1-fixed ,1-moving
  5. 5. content -On the field less for one box, game 8v8 + 2 goalkeepers are playing. Spare ball in both goals. The game is played with all the rules of the game. Formation 1-2-3-3 Formation 1-4-3-1 methods Delay Relief instructions WHAT COACH WORKING? -Observes, without much guidance, -Controls compliance with rules of the game. WHAT THE COACH SAYS? -Without a lot of stories, one to two instructions or corrections. TRAINING–TESTPHASE15-20’ 11 17 19 15 5 20 4 7 Space (85x65 m): 1 area Marking shirts (+ color): 16-2 colors Number of balls: 18 Number of skittles: 6 Number of goals (species): 1-fixed ,1-moving
  6. 6. Space (50x50 m): 1 area Marking shirts (+ color): Number of balls: 18 Number of skittles: Number of goals (species): 1 - fixed content -Shooting rung from the top of box, two times each player. Thereafter individual stretching. methods Delay Relief instructions WHAT COACH WORKING? -Determination of activity; WHAT THE COACH SAYS? -The deal for the next training; TRAINING–COOLINGPHASE10’
  7. 7. Did I achieve the intended objective of the training? The target group of players during the test phase, are few times comply with the requirements that were set to them. What players have yet to do better to target training was achieved? -Easy solutions for the ball; -Better communication; -Better read the game at certain moments; Tips for the next training: The more repetition in future trainings; PHASE/orientation,learningtheapplicability CONCLUSION Have I made a good training? Since it was set a good direction for solving a given problem, I am satisfied with today's training; What was going well and what is bad watching from my own point of view? Players have embraced training and have tried to carry out given tasks. Players are in beginning avoided simple solution, and they worked too many short passes within the lines of midfield; Why something went wrong / if it did not work? There was no specificity in the final stages, checked into the same problem as in the game. We are looking for solutions that are simple and concrete. What I want to do better next time? Insist on better and faster flow of balls in the midfield line, better communication, quality last pass to be exploited and looking for simple solutions in the schoting area; In what way will I do this? Constant repetition of the situation in the following training. REVIEW TRAINING