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SITA: How smart apps are making air travel easier, every step of the way

450 of the world's airlines are using the latest in tracing technology to save millions and eliminate one of the biggest frustrations of customers today - lost luggage. Join Richard Fisher, an airline tech expert who’s been working alongside the big brands to build a unique application that means every single, travelers' bag is traced. How good does that sound? But what's next on the horizon? Richard will also take us into the world of biometrics and futuristic airports where queues are a thing of the past and digital passports will become the norm.

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SITA: How smart apps are making air travel easier, every step of the way

  1. 1. +1.2Bn passenger growth $4.2Bn down to And it’s getting even better with... IATA compliance R753 airlines must track & manage bags from check- in to final destination by June ’18 SITA Baggage Management • Leading technology sponsored by IATA • WorldTracer: 440 airlines and ground handlers • Leader in Self BagDrop: Brisbane, Melbourne, Changi mishandled bag cost to the industry in 2007 $2.3Bn in 2016
  2. 2. How smart apps are making air travel easier, every step of the way Richard Fisher Senior Portfolio Manager Application Assurance
  3. 3. • Airlines investment in APM 2018-20 • Key business drivers for APM • Airline business operations priorities 38% 42% 20% Major program R&D/ Pilot program No plans 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Increases competitive advantage Drives increased revenue Increases operational efficiency Service improvement Very important Important Not important 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Other Baggage reclaim Bag-drop Cabin services Security Boarding Loyalty program Check-in Booking Implemented By 2020 No plans Source: SITA 2017 airline IT trends survey Application Assurance road-map priority
  4. 4. Baggage Management Systems Tracking event for IATA 753 Real-time location of baggage is #1 passenger request • Multiple stakeholders who take custody of the baggage. • Stakeholders need a single view of all events to be able to track and trace – so they share their data with the community • SITA provides a central data repository and IT services for tracking, tracing, management and claims with APIs, Apps, Tablets. TRANSIT next-gen bag tracing
  5. 5. | Presentation Title | Confidential | © SITA 2016 6 KPIs for user actions i.e. “new delayed bag claim” SLA compliance? Any build-up or change in last 24hrs?
  6. 6. Alarm >100% baseline delayed bags per Airport Alarm > 100% baseline lost bags Alarm > 100% baseline Damaged bags per airport Alarm > 100% baseline Bags forwarded by airport
  7. 7. Airport Management Solution • Central repository of flight data • Departure sequencing & Runway management • Fixed resources management • Staff and Equipment management • Passenger communications • Turnaround management and Collaborative Decision Making APM drivers • High availability for business critical system with complex systems integration • Variable load and real-time performance • Distributed on-premise systems hosted on 3rd party infrastructure Up next on our APM road-map
  8. 8. • Secure digital token • Biometric scanning • IoT tags and sensors A Look into The Future Always on real-time travel experience It’s important who you journey with...