dna amplification recombinant technology organic substances zeatin kinetin plant biotechnology gaseous hormone fruit ripening absissic acid gibberellin cytokinin auxin plant growth inhibitor plant growth inhibitoe plant growth promoter plant growth regulator pgr whites media nistch media b5 media ms media nutrient composition nutrient media artificial media growth media media plant tissue culture ssrna virus ssdna virus dsdna virus viral infection virology crop damage economic loss to crops pathology retorvirus dna virus rna virus african cassava mosaic virus ictv tobamovirus tobacco mosaic virus caulimovirus begomovirus plant viruses replacement vector insertion vector recombinant vector bacterial virus virus e.coli lysis lambda phage lysogenic cycle lytic cycle bacteriophages gene expression translation transcription dna replication rna to dna dna to rna protein rna molecular biology central dogma rt-pcr polymerase chain reaction pcr cohesion of water theory root pressure transpiration pull vital theories mechanism of ascent of sap path of ascent of sap ringing experiment water movement in plants ascent of sap dna naming of enzymes ecori type iii re type ii re type ! re restriction fragments phosphodiester bond nick blunt end sticky ends pallindromic sequence recognition sites restriction endonuclease dna ligase moelcular biology restriction enzyme
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