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  1. 1. info@ukecr.co.uk www.gov.uk/export-communications-review Improve your communications with global clients UK Trade & Investment’s Export Communications Review (ECR) can help you to trade more successfully with international markets, now and in the future. It can involve a comprehensive audit of your communications with overseas customers including your online presence, and is undertaken by a UKTI-accredited consultant. Each consultant has international experience and is currently managing a business in the communications field; they have been rigorously trained and have access to the latest resources and information in order to provide professional and independent guidance to exporters. By overcoming the cultural and language barriers that come between your business and overseas trade and by improving communications with global clients, the ECR may expand the enquiries arising from the web, improve relations with overseas customers, increase traffic through sales channels and improve overall business performance. Over 5,000 companies nationwide have already benefitted from the ECR to support the development of their international business, with 80% stating that it has had a direct impact on their bottom line. Your company can benefit from a series of reviews to support the development of your international business. At each meeting, the consultant will spend around two to three hours with you and your export team, discussing the current export strategy and international activities. An ECR is particularly relevant when you are:  Challenged by a particular market  Embarking upon a trade show, mission or other tough overseas trips such as customer negotiation, distributor selection and market research  Launching a new product range or service  Considering a new route to market  Updating or translating marketing materials for an international audience  Developing, updating or translating international pages on your website  Tackling a new market, especially a ‘difficult’ one. What happens in a review?  Face-to-face meeting with senior management and/or export staff  Discussion about existing communications in export markets using up- to-date checklists  Identification of strengths and weaknesses  Development of recommendations to improve communications  Discussion of sources of suppliers and possible costs  Development of an agreed action plan  Provision of a detailed and confidential written report with ‘how-to’ guides containing advice on how to implement recommendations. Professional approach and strategic thinking “We were blown away with the meeting and very grateful for the powerful insight you gave us on our website.” McBrides Accountants, Kent Action plan for improving international communications “Excellent report which has given us a roadmap of areas to address with clear signposts of how to address these issues.” Bia Associates, Leicester Confidence to trade with new and challenging markets “The Review has had a wide impact as we have used the same approaches for other overseas markets. It has certainly increased my confidence in dealing with worldwide markets.” Supreme Music, Brighton
  2. 2. info@ukecr.co.uk www.gov.uk/export-communications-review What might be reviewed?  International web strategy and structure including social networking and e-commerce  Marketing, operational, packaging and training materials  Handling of international sales and technical enquiries  Overseas meetings and presentations  Preparation for international visits such as trade missions and exhibitions  Communications with agents/distributors/partners overseas The web review Many companies now rely upon their web presence to promote and sell their products and services. The ECR can review the effectiveness of your web presence to communicate with potential overseas customers and to generate export business. A specific web review offers a comprehensive analysis of your web strategy, covering elements such as:  Technical aspects involved in setting up an international website  The design, structure and navigation of the site for overseas visitors  Inclusion of appropriate international content  Translation and localisation for your target export markets  Promotion of the site in overseas markets eg search engine optimisation  Development of a broader web presence  Your international ecommerce  Your presence on e-marketplaces  Monitoring the site’s performance  Managing the impact of a successful site. Scope The Export Communications Consultant will work with you to design a programme that will suit your export goals and may involve a number of separate or combined meetings, depending upon the complexity of the issues, such as number of countries, languages, products, routes to market, people and export activities. Cost of the review The ECR is designed as a programme of assistance for companies. The cost therefore depends upon the scope of the agreed programme for each business. The cost of a single review would be £500 plus VAT. A series of three reviews would cost £1,500 plus VAT. Exporting companies that have been trading for at least two years and employ fewer than 250 staff may receive a subsidy from UKTI of £250 towards the cost of each of their first three reviews. Contacts To apply, contact your International Trade Adviser (ITA), who will introduce you to your local Export Communications Consultant. For more information, contact: The Export Communications Review UK Trade & Investment Unit 10 Fulcrum 2 Solent Way Whiteley Fareham PO15 7FN Tel: 0330 300 0021 Increased number of new and relevant enquiries “I thoroughly enjoyed the fact- packed review session. The knowledge gained will be put to great use in our new website and make it really work for us!” Bigbury Mint, Devon Improved visibility on foreign web searches “I just didn’t realise we were invisible on the web. What you’re saying is absolutely fundamental to doing business internationally.” ADR Group, Bristol Increased competitiveness by localising your messages “The review gave detailed recommendations covering languages, localisation, colour and content of both the website and the Duvalay™ packaging. We set up a virtual telephone number in Dusseldorf which led to a 100% increase in enquiries from Germany.” Raskelf, West Yorkshire A fresh pair of eyes “We were keen to see how we could make the most of our website, and used UKTI’s tailor-made review service as an MOT. Taking the time to sit down with someone and use them as a sounding board to talk through our ideas and goals was really useful.” Merlin Glass, Cornwall

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