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DockerCon SF 2015: DHE/DTR

  1. Docker Trusted Registry Banjot Chanana, Rajat Goel
  2. Agenda • Introduction to Docker Trusted Registry • Key Features and Use Case • Architecture • Demo • Futures
  3. The Docker Mission 3 Build Ship Run Anywhere Any Application
  4. Content is King…to Build-Ship-Run Run Trusted Registry Base Image Tested Production Development Test Staging Production Scale Out Build Ship
  5. Continuous Delivery with Docker 5 Developer Version
 control 1. Develop ment 2. Test 3. Stage / Productio n QA / QE Sysadmin
  6. Containers as a Service Developer Sysadmin DevOps Tomcat Jenkins Oracle Deployment Business Analysts
  7. Key Features Deployable to any infrastructure Storage drivers Registry storage status Private image repositories Secure in your firewall Audit and Event Logs
  8. Key Features Directory integration Role based access control: Admin, User, Read only One click install and upgrade Web admin UI and configuration Support tooling
  9. Architecture Datastore Storage Drivers Admin UIAudit and Event logs Directory Services Load Balancer Registry ServersAdmin Server Auth Server Log Aggregator Docker Engines PostgreSQL LDAPS 636Local Syslog Docker Client > docker HTTPS 443
  10. Demo
  11. Available Today! Service Provider EditionsServer Edition
  12. Packages and Pricing 30 Day Trial Docker Starter Edition Docker Team Edition Docker Production Edition All Features Email Support Email Support Business Day All Features All Features All Features Business Critical 10 Docker Engines 10 Engines 10+ Docker Engines 10+ Docker Engines Call Sales Call SalesFREE $150 / month Sign up Online Buy Online
  13. Coming Soon! Image Provenance Registry Cache User Auth by Repo/Org Browse and Search
  14. Thank you Banjot Chanana, Sr Dir of Product Management Rajat Goel, Dir of Engineering