b.ed teachingofcommerce education and training teaching as interactive proces contexts of discipline emergence of discipline teaching and learning fun way paradigm shift paradigm shift nature and role of discipline teaching learning process reading beyond textbook issues in classroom learning quality concerns in education indicators of quality learning instructional objectives hindi instructional objectives percentile z-score construction of test steps chracteristics of measurementl measurement tools hindi scope of evaluation functions of evaluation hindi hindi evaluation trends in evaluation evaluation in education taxonomy of objectives measurement of skills education measurement tools techniques experimental research historical research descriptive resach methods of research educational research role of language in school language across curriculum course-3 blooms taxonomy miller's approach magor's approach rcem approach useofmode useofmedian whenusemean indianyoga typesofyoga yogaforlife yogmeaning healthyoga yoga examplesofart artinhindi performingart visualart indianfolkart indianart folkart pptbeginners commerceeducation powerpoint teaching of art exhibitions art #artteaching #methodofimagination #freeexpression
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