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5 decisions to achieve loyalty campaign excellence

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Loyalty is a consequence of making the right decisions – consistently – and keeping your customer happy. Here are the five main decisions you must get right to acquire and retain loyal customers.

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5 decisions to achieve loyalty campaign excellence

  1. 1. DECISIONS to Achieve Loyalty Campaign Excellence
  2. 2. Building loyalty is both simple and complicated.
  3. 3. Building loyalty is both simple and complicated.
  4. 4. First… say “goodbye” to guesstimation,  and “hello” to ... Data-driven facts
  5. 5. Now that’s sorted, let’s look at the 5 data decisions you must make. Targeting Offer Delivery Lifecycle Marketing Automation
  6. 6. Offer Delivery Lifecycle Marketing Automation Targeting
  7. 7. First, decide what information is useful. Capture all relevant data, store it centrally, and develop a single view of each customer.
  8. 8. Prioritise who to contact and when Decide which customers you must keep and why And who will inevitably leave you - and why 1 3 2 Exit
  9. 9. Decide on your targeting methodology such as Consider Profiles Triggers and Events Propensity Models Other Behavioural Targeting or a combination of these. Clickstream
  10. 10. Targeting Delivery Lifecycle Marketing Automation Offer
  11. 11. Understand the customer’s interests and motivators. Implement decisioning logic to select and prioritise the right offer.  
  12. 12. Protection Insurance Income Don’t instinctively opt to use a sales pitch. Determine the customer’s circumstance and match the conversation to it. Decide whether to add value or build brand loyalty.
  13. 13. Choose the right offer decisioning methodology.    Online Behaviour Real-Time Event Complementary Product Sequencing Next Best Action Others
  14. 14. Targeting Offer Lifecycle Marketing Automation Delivery
  15. 15. There’s a good reason why it’s the most used word in data-driven marketing. Relevance!
  16. 16. Accurate decisioning about right place, right time, right channel, and right message is critical. The right conversation and customer experience must be available seamlessly across all channels.  Engage with them when and where their situation indicates a need; use their preferred channels; and be guided by your data insights to decide on the right message. ...
  17. 17. Be aware that campaign decisions perform best using Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) combined with trigger & event based marketing, next best action, preferred channels, etc.
  18. 18. Targeting Offer Delivery Marketing Automation Lifecycle
  19. 19. Every customer is unique and every lifecycle is different. Customers’ needs and responses are likely to vary at each lifestage so flexible decision making is essential. A Buywww.buy.com B Order Order Order Leave C
  20. 20. To retain customers and build relationships, you need to know at any given time, what the customer wants and deliver it when and where it’s needed.  Deciding how to tailor each interaction so that it is both personalised and relevant to the customer’s situation enhances the customer experience and encourages their loyalty. Unscented Lotion
  21. 21. Initiating regular engagement, monitoring touchpoints, and understanding behaviour patterns are important ways of assessing the level of customer satisfaction. This information is essential for your strategic retention and loyalty decisions.  A Buywww.buy.com
  22. 22. Targeting Offer Delivery Lifecycle Marketing Automation
  23. 23. When many customers are ready to interact with you at the same time, it’s impossible to offer an appropriate level of personalisation without Marketing Automation. The customer’s experience is lessened and you miss qualified opportunities! A H B F D G C E
  24. 24. Another important automated process is Marketing Optimisation (MO): (there’s no decision needed – you need it!) MO is the central decisioning hub that prioritises the marketing mix for all campaign executions including the 4 data decision points already covered in this slide deck. A H B F D G C E
  25. 25. Marketing Automation supports customer centricity by placing the customer’s needs centre stage. And if you really want to achieve loyalty, that’s where they need to be! A H B F D G C E
  26. 26. Building loyalty is accomplished by consistently making the right decisions on how to engage, nurture and continuously satisfy customers. Making the right use of data helps you to make the right decisions. Making the right decisions helps to make you successful. 
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