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Document Management Software

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Document management system is a softaware used to track, Store documents , Serach particular document And reduce paper work. Document management system overlap with the concepts of content managemet system.

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Document Management Software

  1. 1. ISO 9001-2008 info@digismartek.com Document Management System
  2. 2.  Digitization Services  Document Management System ISO 9001-2008 info@digismartek.com A document management device (dms) is a machine (primarily based on laptop packages in the case of the management of digital files) used to song, control and keep files and reduce paper. Maximum are able to maintaining a document of the numerous versions created and modified via one of a kind customers (records tracking). The term has a few overlap with the concepts of content control structures. It's far frequently considered as a component of enterprise content control (ecm) systems and associated with digital asset management, record imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.
  3. 3. Digitization Process  SCAN  STORE  SEARCH ISO 9001-2008 info@digismartek.com
  4. 4. Scan Process  Receiving files from Store  Pre Scanning Process  Scanning Process ISO 9001-2008 info@digismartek.com
  5. 5. Store Process  Image Processing  Indexing & Tagging  Storage Server ISO 9001-2008 info@digismartek.com
  6. 6. Search Process  Search by File Name  Matching Search  Content Search Search File name 1 File name 1 File name 1 ISO 9001-2008 info@digismartek.com
  7. 7. Thank You ISO 9001-2008 info@digismartek.com Get in Touch with us 020- 24619295/96/97 +91- 9373936677 +91- 9373461919 www.digismartek.com