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DevOps Fest 2020. James Spiteri. Advanced Security Operations with Elastic Security

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How does your organization detect and respond to cyber threats?
Learn how the latest security capabilities in the Elastic Stack enable interactive exploration and automated analysis, an endpoint protection product to fully combine prevention, detection, and response into a single autonomous agent and unsupervised machine learning to reduce false positives and spot anomalies — all at the speed and scale your security practitioners need to defend your organization.
It doesn’t stop there - this session will also cover how security teams use Canvas, Maps, and other Kibana elements to triage events and perform initial investigations.

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DevOps Fest 2020. James Spiteri. Advanced Security Operations with Elastic Security

  1. 1. Elastic Security - Unified Protection for Everyone DevOps Fest 2020 June 5th, 2020
  2. 2. James Spiteri Solutions Architect - EMEA Security Specialist
  3. 3. Prevention, Detection, and Response for unified Protection Elastic Security Security content from Elastic and community Visualize your Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack A distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine Kibana Elasticsearch Security Out-of-the-box solution for security analysts everywhere LogstashBeats Endpoint
  4. 4. Today’s Demo
  5. 5. Winlogbeat Packetbeat Windows Server 2019 - GCP + Sysmon Module enriched with: Thank you to Olaf Hartong for the Sysmon Configuration! Elastic Cloud
  6. 6. Let’s Dive In
  7. 7. Elastic is a Search Company. www.elastic.co Thank You