Build a brand that people love, with Brand archetypes

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Archetypes provide a quick, simple framework to building meaning and emotion - and to connecting with your customers. Learn about the 12 core archetypes, and how to use them to build a brand your customers will love.

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Build a brand that people love, with Brand archetypes

  1. 1. Building a Brand People Love using Archetypes `
  2. 2. ` Brands are about emotions
  3. 3. It’s about building a connection `
  4. 4. Archetypes provide a framework to build your brand `
  5. 5. They provide a shortcut to emotion, connection and meaning `
  6. 6. “The archetype — let us never forget this — is a psychic organ present in all of us.” – Carl Jung “Archetypes provide the deep structure for human motivation and meaning. When we encounter them in art, literature, sacred texts, advertising —or in individuals or groups— they evoke deep feeling within us.” – Dr Carol Pearson `
  7. 7. Explorer Innocent Change ` There are 12 main archetypes Magician Outlaw Jester Lover Regular Guy Ruler Caregiver Creator Sage Hero Self-Knowledge Group Belonging Order
  8. 8. The magician inspires transformation. They encourage us to dream, and serve as catalysts for change. Magicians wow us, enchant us, and inspire us to make our dreams come true. ` The Magician Examples of Magician Brands:
  9. 9. ` The Outlaw Outlaws do things differently. They challenge the status quo, and give others freedom to think outside the box. They lead revolutions, innovation and growth. Examples of Outlaw Brands:
  10. 10. The Jester is about spontaneity, fun and carefreeness. Jesters take life less seriously – they help us lighten up and bring laughter to the world. ` The Jester Examples of Jester Brands:
  11. 11. The Lover is about affection and feeling. They appreciate real beauty around them. Lovers are passionate, and intimate, and seek a deeper, meaningful connection with the people and surroundings around them – whether it is parental, spiritual, platonic or romantic. ` The Lover Examples of Lover Brands:
  12. 12. The Everyman is non-exclusive. They’re just like you and me. They embrace and celebrate the ordinary, and want to build a group where everyone belongs. ` The Everyman Examples of Everyman Brands:
  13. 13. Caregivers put others ahead of themselves. They are compassionate, generous, trustworthy, and their meaning comes from helping others. ` The Caregiver Examples of Caregiver Brands:
  14. 14. Rulers get things done. They appeal to our desire to be successful and important – they’re commanding, authoritative, in control. Rulers want to help others, and they believe the best way to do so is by leading and defining the best policies, procedures and structures. ` The Ruler Examples of Ruler Brands:
  15. 15. Visionary, non-conformist, authentic. Creators see the big picture, and desire to craft something meaningful. They make things happen, and love new ideas. ` The Creator Examples of Creator Brands:
  16. 16. In the world of the Innocent, life is simple, and that simplicity is good. The Innocent wants to be happy, and does so by returning to simple pleasures and basic values. They believe in purity and truth. ` The Innocent Examples of Innocent Brands:
  17. 17. The Sage believes that knowledge is power. They are dedicated to discovering truth and spreading knowledge. They take pride in their intelligence, and use that to understand the world. ` The Sage Examples of Sage Brands:
  18. 18. The Explorer wants an authentic, fulfilling life. They want the freedom to learn & grow, to discover more about the world around them – and in doing so, to find out more about themselves. ` The Explorer Examples of Explorer Brands:
  19. 19. ` The Hero Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Their power lies in who they are – their determination, courage and perseverance. They fight for what they believe in, and don’t let anything get in their way. They face their challenges head on and triumph over them, inspiring others to do the same. Examples of Hero Brands:
  20. 20. ` What’s your brand archetype? Need help figuring it out? We’d love to chat and help. Just drop me a line at