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About Chicago Dental Implants: Modern Day Solution to Age Old Problem

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This article provides an overview of dental implants: what they are and why they are considered so beneficial to one’s oral health.

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About Chicago Dental Implants: Modern Day Solution to Age Old Problem

  1. 1. This article provides an overview of dental implants: what they are and why they are considered so beneficialto one’s oral health.Take a look at your teeth in the mirror. Whether it takes much imagination to picture yourself witha missing tooth or not, the fact of the matter is that your smile quality is very much dependentupon you having a full set of teeth! “It just takes one missing tooth to completely alter yourappearance,” says the Chicago implant dentist, “making it very distracting for your audience".Unfortunately, there are a great number of factors that can cause tooth loss, some of which arecompletely avoidable (poor oral hygiene and smoking) and some of which aren’t (certain chronicillnesses and genetic heritage). Thankfully, modern Chicago dental implant science has acomprehensive answer for patients that are missing one or more of their natural adult teeth; ananswer that is as yet unsurpassed in its sophisticated and long term benefits… Chicago dentalimplants!What Are They?“Chicago Dental implants are essentially tiny titanium screws that are placed in the jaw bone at thesite/s of the missing tooth or teeth,” explains the Chicago implant dentist. “An abutment or collar isscrewed on to the top of the base post, which is used to firmly secure an artificial tooth crown in
  2. 2. place". This is the only component of the Chicago dental implant that is visible above the gum lineand its careful fabrication from high quality and durable ceramics ensures that it functions andlooks just like a natural healthy tooth.The overall result is a tooth replacement that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing! Noteven your closest friends and family will be able to tell that you’ve lost a natural tooth and had itreplaced with a Chicago dental implant!Chicago Dental Implants: Long Term BenefitsChoosing Chicago dental implants over traditional tooth replacement technology – such asremovable dentures or dental bridges – not only gives patients a new tooth that functions, looksand feels like a natural tooth, but it also lasts decades if cared for properly. “There simply is noother technology designed to replace the entire missing tooth, from the root to the crown,” says theChicago implant dentist.The fact that Chicago dental implants replace the fundamental function of the tooth root in keepingthe underlying jaw bone healthy is one of the key benefits afforded by this tooth replacementtechnology. It’s also what enables Chicago dental implants to remain stable and rooted in place foras many as 20, 30 and more years; in most cases, without the need for restoration.An Important Note from Chicago Implant Dentists: Don’t Wait to ReplaceTeeth!If you have lost one or more of your original adult teeth, the key to maintaining a healthy andyouthful smile is to seek the attention of a qualified and experienced Chicago implant dentistimmediately. Missing teeth pose a great number of risks to your oral health, includingdestabilization of the dental arch, jaw bone atrophy, further tooth loss and oral bacterial infection.Never wait to have a tooth replaced with a Chicago dental implant. Timely treatment is asimportant to the longevity of your smile as it is to your oral and general health. Thanks for Reading