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  1. Rationale.... The abilities of individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle is affected by the social context they live in. PDHPE aims to teach students about improving not only their health, but everyone else’s around them.
  2. PDHPE Aims to.... •Encourage an understanding and valuing of self and others •Promote Physical Activity •Emphasises informed decision making leading to effective and responsible actions
  3. PDHPE is Concerned with.... •Physical, social, cognitive and emotional growth and development •The development and maintenance of positive interpersonal relationships •The factors influencing personal health choices •Living and learning in a safe environment •The adoption of an active lifestyle •Skills that enable action for better health and movement outcomes
  4. Moving Problem Solving SKILLS Interacting Communication Decision Making
  5. Subject matters covered in PDHPE •Active Lifestyle •Dance •Games and Sport •Growth and Development •Gymnastics •Interpersonal Relationships •Personal Health Choices •Safe Living