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For all my FnB friends :
Don't miss French JCI Commission Rouge Wines and Gastronomy next event:
An inspiring challenge for him to marry his French skills to ancestral techniques and Chinese products, all in an effort of fine design and staging. A delight for all the senses!

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  1. 1.   “The ice can pass the pure flavor of a product. The original taste of the fruit is not altered or mixed with other aromatic agreements. » G. Taurin Beijing, China, May 20th 2015. Morocco, today China and tomorrow Italy, On the Ice Road, an initiatory journey of an Ice adventurer passionate about history and civilizations ... As part of the Croisements Festival, The French Junior Chamber of Beijing (JCEFP), in partnership with the celebrated ice-cream maker Gérard Taurin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (best craftman in France) and Ice Cream World Champion, are very pleased to introduce you the next unmissable « Gourmet Rendez-Vous » on Saturday, June 6th. Culinary arts are celebrated for the first year in the Croisements Festiva!. The Ice Cream road is an invitation to travel with as a main thread the discovery of ice throughout its history and its many destinations. Gérard Taurin, the Atelier JMT qualified team and other talented people will be there to offer the public an amazing insight into this world of frozen delights. The event will take place on Saturday, 6th of June from 7:30pm at the new site of the excellent Atelier JMT. L'Atelier French corner paradise in Central Park opens its new Gourmet Laboratory project in Shunyi (顺义 区 天竺 空港 商务 区 龙祥 誉 景 花园 2 号 商业 楼 102-103) to push even further the quality of their pastries and other culinary creations. On site, the public will be charmed by this exceptional journey through the colorful and flavoursome world of ice cream. On June 6, from 7 :30pm @ the Atelier JMT Shunyi. Shuttle Service. Ice Sculpting + DIY workshops and tasting with Gérard Taurin and other experts + fingers food by l’Atelier + wine / Adults CNY200 / person in advance - CNY 240 on site / Kids CNY 80 in advance - CNY100 on site   THE ICE CREAM ROAD STOPOVER IN BEIJING A world tour of ice cream creations crafted by Gérard Taurin
  2. 2.   The Ice Road in Beijing, a gourmet Rendez-vous signed Gérard Taurin to revive the ice throughout history. Gastronomic research has first conducted in Morocco, where was create for the first time sorbet. Today a new journey begins in China, where in the footsteps of Marco Polo the ice- cream craftsman will replicate with local flavorings the chinese yesteryear ice style. A great way to meet the best local producers for new taste experiences! While sharing with the public, Gérard Taurin will use the ancient Chinese technics (ice and saltpeter) to create locally flavored (tea, baijiu) ice cream. An inspiring challenge for him to marry his French skills to ancestral techniques and Chinese products, all in an effort of fine design and staging. A delight for all the senses! World Champion in the matter, we will have the pleasure to see M.Taurin creating a spectacular sculpture on live, a breathtaking show of ice and fire. Will also be offered to the participants, many DIY workshops to learn how to create your own sorbets, ice creams and smoothies. What better way to start the summer by learning everything there is to know on the ice. Its different origins, multiple meanings throughout civilization and of course the best ways to “do it yourself”! A summer must ! Find the Ice-cream history in detail in the folder "La Route de la Glace" For more information, do not hesitate to contact us Contact Coralie Flandre 155 0115 7544 1789631540@qq.com       "Culinary history, knowing it, it makes you want to respect it!"