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2017 06 current analysis - uk data wan

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Current Analysis BT IP Connect Ethernet Connect UK and Global Networks

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2017 06 current analysis - uk data wan

  1. 1. BT: IP Connect, Ethernet Connect Barton, Gary June 30, 2017 Product Assessment Report - Data WAN (UK) Summary What’s New • BT has agreed to legally separate itself from Openreach. Openreach will remain part of BT Group, but will have its own board of directors. • BT won a GBP 100 million network and IT upgrade deal with the Metropolitan Police Service. • BT won a five-year network deal from the Co-Operative Group’s UK food retail business. Product Overview Product Name BT IP Connect UK, BT Ethernet Connect UK Description BT IP Connect UK: MPLS IP VPN network service that supports corporate WAN, cloud connectivity and IP voce solutions. BT Ethernet Connect UK: Ethernet based VPN service available over multiple access types.
  2. 2. Essential Analysis Components • BT IP Connect UK • BT Ethernet Connect UK • BT Cloud Connect • BT Connect Intelligence • BT Internet Connect • BT SHDS Connect • BT Optical Connect • BT Private Line Connect • BT Enterprise Broadband • BT Public Wireless Access Service • PSN certified services Key Customers • BBC • Metropolitan Police Service • Surrey County Council/UNICORN PSN Key Rivals • Capita • Colt • Daisy • Exponential-e • Interoute • Kcom • O2 UK • TalkTalk Business • Virgin Media Business • Vodafone StrengthsStrengths • Network Footprint: BT owns and manages very strong national network coverage, comprised of MPLS infrastructure and Ethernet nodes, when compared with any other UK competitor. • Portfolio Depth: BT Connect networking solutions contain a number of value-adds and features, such as web site performance monitoring and applications performance management. • Cloud Access: BT’s Cloud of Clouds proposition gives it differentiation from LimitationsLimitations • Portfolio Balance: BT’s WAN portfolio is well configured to address the UK’s largest enterprises and MNCs, but the picture is less favourable for the mid-market and SMEs. • Openreach: BT’s investment in its FTTC/P access services is welcome; however, FTTC/P is available as an access service to all of BT’s UK rivals via Openreach.
  3. 3. Current Perspective Competitive its rivals, providing public and private connectivity with major cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure/Office 365, Oracle, Equinix and Interxion via BT’s Cloud Connect service, with more to come. • EFM and Fibre: BT has EFM available from 1,800 nodes and fibre available from 1,589 exchanges, with a total of 2,221 exchanges enabled with one or both of the technologies. BT’s data WAN proposition is market leading in the UK, because the carrier’s market share and operational presence is unmatched. The carrier also offers the UK’s most well- rounded telecoms portfolio allowing it to meet the needs of all customer types from small to large, as well as providing support for regional, national or international requirements. the service provider reports positive take-up for EFM and FTTC access, and BT is expanding the reach of both EFM and superfast broadband. The carrier can switch access from EFM to FTTC, or vice versa, with a simple implementation since both products are connected into the same core. BT can offer leased line coverage throughout nearly all of the UK. BT’s next-generation network, 21CN, has the mandate of providing two full national MPLS backbones for dual-resiliency, which is unmatched in the local market. In addition, the acquisition of EE means that BT can offer 3G and 4G access to networks over the UK’s largest mobile network. BT is considered a safe choice with a proven track record in managing large IP VPN deployments (e.g., DFTS for MOD, the BBC and Unilever). BT continues to invest in its geographic network reach and its ‘My Account’ customer portal, including improvements to SLAs. A centralised dashboard is available to customers; from a single log-in, they can view performance as well as monitor third-party appliances such as Ipanema and Riverbed. BT faces competition from more agile providers that are willing to negotiate and meet special terms with clients. Some UK customers may seek an alternative data WAN provider simply as a change from BT. BT also faces continued criticism from rivals concerning its customer service level, although the provider can point to improving customer satisfaction scores and investment in its backend systems. LEADERLEADER
  4. 4. Recommendations Product Features & Metrics Chart Rating Leader PoP Coverage 21CN - 106 MPLS core nodes in the UK. 1,735 21CN Ethernet PoPs with circa 150 more being upgraded Ethernet All cities with 21CN core nodes Provider • SD WAN:BT can highlight that it has already launched a Cisco IWAN solution and that it will launch a Nuage-based SD-WAN solution imminently, putting it ahead of its UK rivals in network service agility. • Trusted Provider:BT can point out that it is arguably the most trusted provider of network services in the UK with prestige contracts including NATO, and the Metropolitan Police Service. • Simplification:BT should consider developing more stripped-down networking propositions to appeal to the UK medium-sized enterprise market. Competitors • Price Wars: Providers such as TalkTalk Business, Daisy, and Exponential-e can highlight their respective aggressive price stances versus BT. • Mid-Market: TalkTalk Business, Daisy, and Exponential-e can also point out that they are more focused on mid-market customers than BT. • Agility: Providers competing against BT should seek to portray themselves as more agile and responsive than BT. Buyers • Portfolio Depth BT’s depth of portfolio means that buyers should strongly consider including BT in any RFP for network services in the UK. • Multi-site Estates BT’s UK-wide network infrastructure make it a strong candidate for contracts involving a large number of UK sites. • Smaller Customers Medium-sized enterprises should consider BT, but also challenge the provider to deliver a high level of customer care and service development. Network
  5. 5. MANs National Reach Over 99% UK business coverage via leased line. More than 90% of UK businesses are located within 15 km of a BT exchange. Over 99% of UK businesses are supported by ADSL access including standard ADSL via 5,579 exchanges, and ADSL2+ at over 3,237 exchanges. Ethernet-over-fibre access is available to more than 90% of UK business locations via 1,589 exchanges. Up to 76 Mbps FTTC (VDSL2) access now available to 23 million homes via 4,181 exchanges. FTTP (GPON) supporting up to 330 Mbps is available on-demand to the majority of FTTC-enabled properties. Ethernet-over-Copper (EoCu) is available to more than 82% UK business locations via 1,800 access nodes. Infrastructure WDM: Ciena and Huawei; MPLS: Cisco and Juniper; Access: Alcatel-Lucent and Hatteras (EoCu) Backbone Capacity Multi-Terabit. The 21CN core is based on multiple 10-Gbps links, to which the carrier is constantly adding. Architecture Dual-vendor Cisco/Juniper fully meshed optical and MPLS core Access Options ADSL, Ethernet-over-Copper, Ethernet- over-Fibre, Leased Line Port Speeds MPLS IP VPN – ADSL: 256 kbps up to 24 Mbps; Leased line: 128 kbps to 155 Mbps. Ethernet – EFM: from 2 Mbps; Ethernet-over-Fibre: 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps. FTTC (VDSL2) access up to 76 Mbps and FTTP GPON up to 330 Mbps (BT Wholesale VDSL2 and GPON offering where available – dependent on Openreach rollout).
  6. 6. Rating Leader Range Dedicated end-to-end services: Optical Connect, a DWDM optical service; SHDS, which is a dedicated optical service up to 25/35 km offering SAN and Ethernet services; and analogue and digital private circuits. VPN services: Ethernet Connect EPL, EVPL and E-LAN, and IP Connect. Internet services: Internet Connect for large UK organisations for key sites and transactional web sites. Enterprise Broadband for small sites and home workers. Fully managed or Unmanaged Options Services are available as wires-only unmanaged services and as managed services. Applications National VPNs. Ethernet Connect can be customised to certain data centre applications, legacy non-IP applications, or for a data WAN not within the framework of a standard IP MPLS VPN. IP Clear can be configured to support a range of unified communications applications, virtual data centre and applications performance management services. Resilience Standard, Secure and Secure Plus resilience options, with dual-vendor Juniper/Cisco MPLS core for added resilience. Applications Performance Management & WAN Optimization BT ‘Connect Intelligence’ includes three components: application performance monitoring, network performance monitoring & diagnostics and network & application performance optimisation. Partners include Dynatrace (Cloudsleuth, DCRUM), Riverbed (Steelhead, SteelFusion, SteelCentral), Cisco (IWAN) and Portfolio
  7. 7. Ipanema (for smart path and prioritization), as well as others. A new Unified Dashboard brings together performance metrics into a dashboard and can integrate with third-party data. The Unified Dashboard provides visibility into performance of the entire application delivery chain including cloud and enterprise applications and web pages. BT states that its Cloud Acceleration service has delivered up to 52x faster throughput performance for deployments of Microsoft Office 365 Cloud. Dynamic Bandwidth IP VPN: MPLS IP VPN offers inter-class bursting between DE and AF traffic classes. EF traffic is reserved for EF traffic. Ethernet: Ethernet Connect EVCs can be changed in near real-time through an online portal. Security Both IP and Ethernet VPN services benefit from the inherent security of MPLS and the security of BT’s operations. In addition, other security options are available including IPsec. CoS IP VPN: 6; Ethernet: 5 CoS with EPL, EVPL and E-LAN Pricing Pricing is based on access, port speed, bandwidth and class of service. Generally, there is a one-off access connection charge and recurring rental on the access and service. Online Monitoring IP VPN: Not real-time for IP VPN; a monthly report is given. Ethernet: Currently, there is no client-side online monitoring for Ethernet Connect in the UK for the wires-only service; the managed services options variant offers a wide range of monitoring options. Monthly Yes Virtual Network Functions
  8. 8. Reporting Rating Very Strong Proactive or Reactive Options Yes, both. Some UK MPLS services offer proactive monitoring in tariff. UK MPLS services offer proactive problem/incident management (in line with ITIL best practise) as a chargeable extra. SLG is reactive; customer has to make a claim. Metro and National Availabilities IP Connect: Standard access >99.9%, Secure access 99.99%, Secure Plus access 99.999%Ethernet Connect: Standard access 99.93%; Protected access 99.97%, Diverse Plus 99.99%. Service availability will depend on the how the traffic is configured. Guarantee PoP-to- PoP/CPE-to- CPE MPLS IP VPN: Managed service includes CPE-to-CPE guarantee Ethernet: Ethernet Connect managed services SLA covers CPE-to-CPE Latency Latency MPLS IP VPN: Roundtrip delay - UK EF<= 20 ms, UK AF <= 23 ms, UK DE <= 30 ms; Ethernet Connect: roundtrip delay Packet Delivery IP VPN: EF >99.9%, AF 99.95%, DE 99.8% Mean-Time- To-Repair IP VPN & Ethernet: target five hours Provisioning Lead Times xDSL 10 days; EFM (Copper) 25 days; Ethernet over fibre 38 days SLA This report is tagged to the following vendor(s): BT This report is tagged to the following content areas: Service: Business Network and IT Services Market: Business Network and IT Services - Europe Region
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