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Introduction to Amazon Echo Skills

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Slides from my Amazon Echo skill lightening talk (10 minutes)

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Introduction to Amazon Echo Skills

  1. 1. David Wengier Introduction to Amazon Echo Skills
  2. 2. Recording Utterances, Intents & Slots Output Speech, Card & End Session Flag Recording
  3. 3. Alexa, ask Max what he thinks of DDDWake word Launch Skill name UtteranceIntent Slot Max.WhatHeThinks(“DDD”) Alexa, ask Max if he likes DDD Alexa, ask Max whether DDD is good Intent Slot Intent Slot Intent
  4. 4. "request": { "type": "IntentRequest", "requestId": “…guids are cool…", "intent": { "name": “WhatHeThinks", "slots": { "message": { "name": “topic", "value": “DDD" } } }, "locale": "en-US", "timestamp": "2017-10-14T23:43:55Z" }
  5. 5. "speechletResponse": { "outputSpeech": { "text": "Max thinks DDD is silly pants" }, "card": { "content": "Max thinks DDD is silly pants", "title": "Yuk" }, "shouldEndSession": true }
  6. 6. NOW WHAT? • If you have an Echo, start building • If you don’t have an Echo, start building anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (hint: use https://echosim.io/) • Develop a chat bot, integrate with cognitive services like LUIS • Research and practice creating voice UIs
  7. 7. Thank You!! Go build something! (after the other presenters have finished) David Wengier @davidwengier