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  1. “In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is the ability and willingness to deliver service excellence that lifts a business above its competitors and brings with it commercial success”
  2. Client retention is an important part of growing your business and creating affective and low cost ROI. The strategies utilised include:  Database o Analyse data – Strength and Weaknesses o Clean data, Ping data for accuracy o Geographical Analysis  Revisit existing data and contact them via o Email, SMS and Mail – Personalised messaging will provide the best outcome o Report email click through rates, landing page enquiries, sms open and analyse increase in calls  Setting up monthly newsletters o Focus on a special offers and communication incentives – Call to action o Encourage to subscribe to Social Media Facebook and Twitter pages o Setting up a landing page to measure traffic and detailing a customer’s flow and would be more receptive to receiving a follow-up telephone call.  Creating strategic marketing campaigns o Send festive and birthday greeting emails, sms, mail and offers Key Components  Data analysis  Setting up campaigns and reporting  Setting up monthly newsletters  Creating strategic marketing Key Benefits  Cut costs by cleaning data  Re-engage your customers  Low cost marketing  Insight into investing in future growth ROI  Quantified data  Loyal customers refer new customers  Data leaders consistently dominate their industry Case Study Statistics  Cost of attracting new customers is 6 times greater than keeping existing customer  ROI is up 10 times higher for customer retention compared to investing in new customers
  3. Increasing brand awareness can be achieved by increasing online exposure to the following online mediums:  Press Releases  Social Media  YouTube videos  Mobile Apps Press Releases Press Releases are a component of advertising used to drive a social media campaign. It is the most cost effect form of advertising to generate blogging, forum, texting and social media messaging when in conjunction with YouTube videos. 1. Landing Page 2. Article Writing 3. Pitch – Call to Action 4. Content 5. YouTube video 6. Social Media 7. Blogging 8. Forums Key Components  Increasing brand awareness  Online exposure and interactivity  Viral marketing  Customer Feedback Key Benefits  Increase customer base  Extensive customer data  Growth in online presence  Low cost broad reach ROI  Exposure to 100,000s of views per month  Measurable social activity via Analytics  Increase brand visibility of up to 40% Case Study Statistics  Facebook is the most valuable social media platform for online marketing  Communication incentives through social media can increase brand awareness by up to 40%
  4. The right type of Social Media can create a spiral effect by capturing the public’s interest and attention towards your product and channeling it to a landing page that will generate:  Traffic  Enquiries  Calls  Appointments All traffic can be calculated via Google Analytics to provide an up to date analysis regarding the direction, usage, Click Per Cost (CPC). Further information such as Demographic and Geographical information can be calculated and used to further target specific quantifiable and systematic data to improve the effectiveness of ongoing marketing campaigns and develop new target marketing. Key Components  Customer Engagement  Brand Building and customer feedback  Low cost, market research and reach  Complement marketing campaigns Key Benefits  Informs new and existing customers  Increases website traffic  Customer enquiries  Generates calls and appointmenst ROI  Increase site traffic by a minimum 25%  Increase brand visibility of up to 40%  Increase the customer client base and data collation Case Study Statistics  Social media followers and subscribers spend twice as much on the company they are following than customers not involved in social media.
  5. An integral part of the success of a mobile app’s success is providing a follow-up service that encourages customers to come back. All successful businesses make mobile apps a natural extension of their business offerings. The mobile app will enable your business to:  Advertise promotions in a cost effective way  Customer Engagement -notify customers and keep them informed on offers they can benefit from  Customer Service & Support- make it easier and efficient for customers to get in touch with you  Promotion -allows business to showcase products and services Mobile apps can be attributed to successfully ensuring business an increased level of customer satisfaction and a follow up service that encourages customer retention. Key Components  Advertise promotions  Customer Engagement  Customer Service  Extension of business Key Benefits  Cost effective  Allow up to date promotions  Customer satisfaction  Client retention ROI  Client retention - Mobile apps 10 times more cost effective than new clientele  6 times less in cost than attracting a new customer via direct marketing strategies Case Study Statistics  10 times more effective than email.  68% use apps for customer service  In app purchase up 26% since last year  More mobiles than toothbrushes The explosion of ‘Smartphone’ use provides businesses with unique sales, marketing and commu- nication opportunities. Mobile apps are now integral part of almost every business, irrespective of their size and industry.
  6. Client building relates to the marketing techniques that best suit your business model to increase your customer base. The following marketing techniques are provided as a guide to what are the best marketing solutions for the best ROI at the lowest cost, which include:  Online Advertising o Google Adwords is the direct marketing solution that generates clients seeking services in real-time. o SEO-SEM strategy effectively reducing the average CPC by up to 10% within 6 months and up to 30% per annum. o CPM (Cost per Mile or Cost per 1000 views) is a cost effective ad placement on the vast networks of related websites such as targeting ad placements on financial industry and other targeted industry related websites to generate potential customers.  Ad Networks o Optimise search delivery to reach an effective cost per conversion. o Search traffic will drive new unique users to a landing page o Search’s efforts will cookie the user and segment them into audience pools based on their downstream/upstream user journey o The digital display team will then target these uses and funnel (drive) them back to the conversion path.  Database Marketing via Programming o Identifying the right audience tailored to each superfund. Gather detailed information about industry specific customers to better strategic market to them rather than broad based marketing or blanket marketing which costs less per viewing for a smaller conversion percentage. o Mailing - after database creation mailing is the most direct marketing strategy to utilise to get the best ROI.
  7. Database creation is the use of research and development, targeting and identifying the right customers both B2B and B2C that will get the best ROI. Database collation is the retrieval of data information and segregating that data into groups for potential marketing strategies. Consumer Data  Coding spider programs to gather information  Collating and cross referencing data  Targeting key demographic and geographic areas Business Data  CBF have over 1.5 million businesses in its database  Target key industries relating to each superfund  Target businesses with employee sizes and turnover Marketing to these databases revolves around mail, sms and telemarketing solutions. The targeted databases are best utilised in a cycle of 3 exposures with depending on the interest follow-ups are made via telecommunications. Key Components  Consumer Data  Business Data  Mail, SMS and Call Centre marketing  Best ROI on 3 exposures Key Benefits  Targeted database creation  Limits marketing costs  Generate customer enquiries  Create more leads ROI  More exposures lower marketing costs  Loyal customers and better client retention  20-30% more leads generated Case Study Statistics  With creating a target database a business can achieve a minimum of 5% growth for relatively low cost. Database Creation Create a detailed database to attract new clientele and real growth.
  8. Every task and strategy will be displayed in our real-time project management system where they will be assessed on:  Time  Cost  Resource  Progress  Efficiency 2 logins will be provided for each client project for quality control and communications. Timelines will be assessed and determined prior to project commencement and then setup in project management system. With establishing any new client project, there will need to be a setup time for each strategy before launching that strategy and therefore the procedures will be:  Research and development  Design and implementation  Setup and testing  Launching  Reporting and evaluating All project tasks will need to be signed off prior to commencement.