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Datapolis Guest Expert Presentation: Top 15 SharePoint Server Configuration Mistakes

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This is the presentation from guest expert webinar by Paolo Pialorsi, SharePoint MVP, who presents the most common issues in SharePoint configuration and explains how to avoid them.
Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/w28Xqa_P5IA

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Datapolis Guest Expert Presentation: Top 15 SharePoint Server Configuration Mistakes

  1. 1. 24 September 2015 Top 15 SharePoint Server 2013 configuration and off loaded service mistakes, which lead your company to move to the cloud. Gokan Ozcifci Managing Consultant Neoxy, MVP.
  2. 2. Hi. I’m Gokan. Brussels, BELGIUM neoxy.be SharePoint MVP Community Member @GokanOzcifci http://gokan.ms
  3. 3. Sorry for the French accent! My apologies for the strange accent, but English can be weird. /! It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though. /!
  4. 4. Agenda 1. Windows Server 2. SQL Server 3. SharePoint Server 4. Office 365 5. Monitoring 6. Patching 7. Clients
  5. 5. Azure & O365 Exchange & Lync + Voice Cloud Ready Windows Server Authentication and Authorization System Center 2012 ITSM / ITIL Migrations Integrations OTB Workflows Dashboards Home Made Applications Portals And Intranets ReportsOffice Pack Infrastructure Business Productivities The Microsoft Expertise. A real added value. The difference in Vision
  6. 6. Infrastructure Business Productivities The Microsoft Expertise. A real added value. The difference in Vision
  7. 7. SharePoint is down!
  8. 8. According to Gartner early last year (2013) and repeated by Microsoft at their Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC13) in Houston, in the next 6-8 years: 35% of existing SharePoint customers will never move to the cloud 15% will become “pure cloud” customers 50% will adopt a hybrid SharePoint platform Statistics
  9. 9. One year later, at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC (WPC14), a senior Microsoft leader admitted hybrid was bigger than earlier estimated: 15-20% of existing SharePoint customers will never move to the cloud 10% will become “pure cloud” customers 70-75% will adopt a hybrid SharePoint platform Statistics
  10. 10. Through at least 2025, at least 25% of enterprises will choose to keep their core communications and collaboration systems on-premises due to security and privacy concerns. Several new features from Microsoft such as Delve, Clutter and Office for iOS/Android are only available to cloud customers. Statistics
  11. 11. Statistics Microsoft is clearly shifting to a "cloud-first" and even a "cloud-only“ development process in some cases. On-premises users will generally pay more, get less and wait longer for enhancements and new functionality as a natural result of these cloud- friendly policies.
  12. 12. Microsoft has shared limited statistics on how Office 365 is being adopted, but did provide some detail into the reasons why customers purchased Office 365: 90% use the platform for 06% use the platform for 04% use the platform for Statistics
  13. 13. Windows Server Tips and Tricks
  14. 14. Fine-tuning Windows Server Windows Server performance options Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Performance > Settings > Visual Effects
  15. 15. Fine-tuning Windows Server Use the proper power plan | High Performance Start > Control Panel > Power Options
  16. 16. Fine-tuning Windows Server Reduce I/O System, Log and Index files: • C: System • G: Index • H: Logs
  17. 17. Fine-tuning Windows Server Stop / disable unused services • Spooler • AudioSrv • TabletInputService • WerSvc services
  18. 18. Fine-tuning Windows Server Determine page file size Factor 1,5 of the server RAM. Ex: 8192 MB RAM x 1,5 = 12288 MB page file Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Performance > Settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory > Settings
  19. 19. • Latency between SharePoint Server and SQL Server should be less than 1ms • Host all the servers in the same datacenter. • /! If the datacenter has a problem, your SharePoint farm can be down /! • Don’t use Network Load Balancing (NLB), but a real load balancer like • In case of problem: Requests to one server Remove the load (http requests) /! 3 is the new 2 /! • Fully Redundant SharePoint Farm /! 7 is the new 5 /! Importance of a Load Balancer
  20. 20. • Use a Swap Server d: is the production of your developers q: is the production of your content owners p: is the production of your Business • Script as much as possible Create your own PowerShell (PoSH) Framework • Use the object model Web.Config Regroup operational tasks
  21. 21. SQL Server Tips and Tricks
  22. 22. cliconfg.exe • Operational tasks • maintenance is easier. • Upgrades • Downgrades SQL Server Alias
  23. 23. SharePoint & Always On Availability Groups
  24. 24. SQL 1 SharePoint Farm 1 SQL 2 High Availability Synchronous Always On Availability& SharePoint
  25. 25. SQL 1 SharePoint Farm 1 SQL 2 Synchronous Always On Availability& SharePoint High Availability
  26. 26. Database Supported Admin Content Yes App Management Yes BDC Yes Config Yes Content Yes Managed Metadata Yes PerformancePoint Yes PowerPivot Not Tested Project Yes Search Analytic Reporting Yes Search Admin Yes Database Supported Search Crawl Yes Search Links Yes Secure Store Yes State Service Yes Subscription Settings Yes Translation Services Yes UPA Profile Yes UPA Social Yes UPA Sync Yes Usage(=loggingDB) Yes Word Automation Yes Database Support – Sync Commit
  27. 27. SQL 1 SQL 2 SQL 3 Asynchronous Disaster Recovery Synchronous DR with Always On Availability Groups & SharePoint SharePoint Farm 1 SharePoint Farm 2
  28. 28. Database Supported Admin Content No App Management Yes BDC Yes Config No Content Yes Managed Metadata Yes PerformancePoint Yes PowerPivot Not Tested* Project Yes Search Analytic Reporting No Search Admin No Database Supported Search Crawl Yes Search Links Yes Secure Store Yes State Service No Subscription Settings Yes Translation Services Yes UPA Profile Yes UPA Social Yes UPA Sync No Usage Yes Word Automation Yes Database Support – Async Commit
  29. 29. Small Farm Deployment (0-500GB of Data) Medium Farm Deployment (501-1TB of data) Large Farm Deployment (1-2TB of Data) Very Large Farm Deployment (2-5 TB of Data) Special Cases RAM 8 16 32 64 64+ CPU 4 4 8 8 8 SQL Server - RAM
  30. 30. Dedicated SQL Server For optimal performance when operating server farms, we recommend that you install SQL Server 2008 R2 with SP1 and SQL Server 2012 on a dedicated server that is not running other roles of farm and does not host databases for other Collation: Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS Cannot be changed afterwards Fine Tuning SQL Server
  31. 31. • NFTS Allocation Unit Size: 64K SQL reads and writes 64K at a time, but your disk allows only 4K by default. This change alone may show you up to 30% improvement in speed. “chkdsk c:” Cannot be changed afterwards. Format disk is necessary. Fine Tuning SQL Server
  32. 32. Fine-tuning SQL Server Set min. and max. Server /! Total amount memory x 0,80 /! The default value of SQL Server for Maximum Memory is : 2147483647 MB Maximum fill factor per index (80%) Activate backup compression It’s faster and needs less disk space Max Degree of Parallelism (MAXDOP) = 1 Prerequisite for SharePoint 2013
  33. 33. Fine-tuning SQL Server Use a dedicated search instance > 10’000’000 items Antivirus: Exclude data files, transaction logs and backup files from real-time scan Install only features and components you need. SharePoint only requires: Database Engine Services Do not enable Statistics
  34. 34. Create your Databases with PoSH Fine Tuning SQL Server
  35. 35. Fine-tuning SQL Server Data prioritization among faster disks (descending) • Temp DB data files • Temp DB logs • Content DB logs • Search DB data files • Content DB data files • Search DB logs • SharePoint data files • SharePoint logs
  36. 36. SharePoint Server Tips and Tricks
  37. 37. It covers a huge set of individual technologies under the Platform umbrella It’s continuously changing Know when to use OOTB vs CC Know your users (aka Yammer haters ) Understand SharePoint
  38. 38. • Distribute the load on multiple crawl servers • Throttle crawling, adjust crawling schedule • Incremental vs continuous crawl • Content sources • Group by SharePoint Fine Tuning
  39. 39. SharePoint Fine Tuning
  40. 40. Fine-tuning SharePoint Server (Resource-intensive Service Applications) • Excel Service Application • Search Service Application • Usage and Health Data collection • User Profile Service Application
  41. 41. • Application Pool Recycle && IISReset • Crawl Jobs (continuous crawl) • Backup Jobs • Large list operations SharePoint Fine Tuning
  42. 42. • Distributed Cache • 5% of RAM is used for Newsfeed, Microblogging etc.. • Object Cache ( SuperUser, SuperReader) • Client Cache (Websites with CSS, Javascript) • Output cache (caches SC, Publishing features) SharePoint Fine Tuning
  43. 43. • Content Databases shouldn’t be more than 200GB Backup / Restore Operational tasks • 5000 Site collections per Content Database • 10 Application Pools (can be extended depending on hardware) • 20 web Applications per SharePoint Farm • Don’t use Product Configuration Wizard SharePoint Fine Tuning
  44. 44. • Set Quotas on all Web Applications • Disable Certificate Revocation List • Authentication Anonymous, Claims, Kerberos, NTLM, Forms, ADFS • Wake-Up • Only extend if you have a different authentication protocol. SharePoint Fine Tuning
  45. 45. New Service Applications (Machine Translation) Offloaded Services: Yammer, OneDrive for Business, Office Web Apps, Workflow Manager… Improved Service Applications (Fast) Not UI Binded Services to be managed with PoSH (Subscription Management) Re-architected Service Applications (Search & OWA) Different release schedule OWA can be used for other platforms like Lync, Exchange, … Understand SharePoint
  46. 46. Not supported: Dynamic Memory Discontinued : Web Analytics Prerequisites: Hardware and software requirements for a single server with a built-in database: 24 GB, 64-bit, 4 cores, 80 GB for system drive SQL Server 2014 requires the May 2014 CU to be installed Windows Server 2012 R2 is only supported on a SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1 environment Understand SharePoint
  47. 47. Share services across farms Business Connectivity Services, Managed Metadata Service, Search Service (Crawl, Index, Query), Secure Store Service, User Profile Service… App Management Service = NOT! New way of works: HNSC Claims: expect a grat deal of work if you have custom code which is dealing with Classic code and upgrades. It’s recommended to set your authentication model in 2010 as Claims, then to migrate. Understand SharePoint
  48. 48. Office 365 Tips and Tricks
  49. 49. No Maintenance. No Updates. No Upgrades. No Scripting. No Hardware costs. No Backup. No (Reduce) Costs. Office 365 Advantages Storage (OneDrive and SharePoint). Delve. iOS Apps. Remote working. External Sharing. Clutter / Groups. …
  50. 50. SharePoint Drawbacks Performance: Working on it. Licenses: Windows, SQL, SharePoint, Office 2013, Office Web Apps Licenses and CAL’s Maintenance: Consultant costs ( he costs a lot ) Upgrades/Downgrades: What does each hour of downtime cost your business? SQL Server: Keeping Default SharePoint Database Settings IT Infrastructure related errors: DNS, WAF, F5, Hyper-V … Scrimping on RAM The magic Farm Configuration Wizard
  51. 51. According to Microsoft: there is a few methods available to minimize the amount of downtime; however it’s just not possible to achieve a zero downtime solution for your upgrade. A common way to minimize downtime is via implementation of a parallel upgrade farm. Zero Downtime « should be possible with #SP2016 »
  52. 52. SharePoint is a PLATFORM ListLibrary DNS Error Server Correlation ID Site Application Domain Slow
  53. 53. For the business, if…
  54. 54. N-Tier, N-Layer
  55. 55. Monitoring Tips and Tricks
  56. 56. • Monitor the complete SharePoint Server environment • Monitor database space usage • Monitor the status and health of SharePoint services and Web applications, as well as the uptime of the SharePoint server • Monitor the default Search service and crawl status • Monitor Recycle Bin usage and ensure the Recycle Bin does not exceed the site quota. • Monitor and report on how long the SharePoint server has been running since the last reboot You should know it before business
  57. 57. Patching Tips and Tricks
  58. 58. Patching Your simple SharePoint Farm Patching on server 1 Backward capability mode. Needs Config Needed. Patching on server 2 Server 1; PS Config Server 2; PS Config Farm is up again
  59. 59. • Don't Install CUs Automatically • The CUs will now show up in Windows Update as Important updates, meaning that they get installed automatically, without notice. • 'Download only' or • WSUS [Windows Server Update Services] • If custom components are used, they can break some functionalities. • Testers are needed. • No real governance for Dev – Non-Prod and Prod environments. Patching
  60. 60. Clients Tips and Tricks
  61. 61. Fine-tuning Client Side Operating System. Install Latest updates. [/WSUS] Antivirus. Exclude files from real-time scan for Enterprise computers: Turn off scanning: Windows Update or Automatic Update Windows Security files Group Policy related files SYSVOL files DFS and DHCP files
  62. 62. Fine-tuning Client Side Microsoft Office. Use the latest Office Version for best compatibility Internet Explorer. Supported: Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer 10, Internet, Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8
  63. 63. Summary
  64. 64. If budget is no problem If you can’t promise 99,99% uptime If you don’t have the knowledge If you have an existing SharePoint that fits the business requirements If the cloud is “nogo” for you. Custom Codes, layouts, settings, … Use SharePoint Server, if…
  65. 65. If the cloud is not a problem for your organisation If you can’t handle SharePoint and its friends If you don’t have the budget for a Fully Redundant Farm or consultants If you have to begin from scratch If you want to have all new features/solutions and pay less. Can’t promise 99,9% of SLA Use SharePoint Online, if…
  66. 66. Summary Performance - it depends Other platforms also matter SharePoint is fast, but depends much on others You can improve, improve and improve
  67. 67. • https://technet.microsoft.com/en- us/library/cc748824.aspx • https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj715263.aspx • http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sambetts/archive/2013/08/22/sh arepoint-farm-patching-explained.aspx References
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