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Look-alikes: Precision, Scale & Results Using Machine Learning

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Find qualified prospects who look and behave like your best customers. Utilize over 40k data categories to create your custom look-alike model that auto-learns to continually find your best prospects.

Take the guess work out of segmentation and discover the advantage of incorporating machine learning into your marketing toolkit. Imagine having the competitive edge with self learning audience models adapting to changing behavioral patterns of your best and most qualified customers!

No Guess Work, No Manual Tuning - Just Advanced, Intelligent Audience Targeting

Learn how clients in the telecom, technology, retail industries are leveraging auto-learning Look-alike model segments to continuously adapt to changing target audience behavior.
Discover how your organization can continually target audience segments that have the highest likelihood of conversion.

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Look-alikes: Precision, Scale & Results Using Machine Learning

  1. 1. 1 Look-­‐alikes:  Precision,  Scale  &  Results   Using  Machine  Learning  
  2. 2. Agenda 2 Lookalike   Modeling   Top  5  Things   to  Look  for   Ge6ng   Started  is   Easy   Demo   Real  World   Customer   Case  Studies   Live  Q&A   with  our   Thought   Leaders  
  3. 3. Your Thought Leaders Molly  Parr  Director,  Product  Management,  Oracle  (BlueKai)   James  Prudhomme  CEO,  DatacraFc   James  is  the  CEO  of  the   enterprise  soGware  company   DatacraIc  where  he  leads  a   global  team  delivering   technology  products  based   on  DatacraIc’s  real-­‐Ime   adapIve  machine  learning   plaMorm.     3 Molly  leads  all  Go  To  Market   acIviIes  around  for  the   industry-­‐leading  BlueKai  Data   Management  PlaMorm  -­‐   including  product  &  feature   releases  and  external   partnerships.      
  4. 4. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Custom Data: Look-alike Modeling •  Lookalikes are an audience modeled from your customers and converters to gain reach & efficiency. •  BlueKai has built a modeling system on Datacratic’s Machine Learning platform to provide your brand with custom look-alike models that are built and crafted solely for you. –  Creates reach off your 1st party data –  Qualifies prospects based on behavior –  Performance-driven Challenge: 1st party data is effective, but limited. How do you scale? Solution: Customized models using exclusive 3rd party data
  5. 5. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Datacratic Modeling System Overview •  Fully integrated within the BlueKai UI –  Already integrated within BlueKai. Easy to get started. •  Multi-variant –  Users’ probability score calculated based on all available attributes + recency & frequency •  Full BlueKai Dataset (+ your first party datasets) –  Leverage over 400MM available users across 40k attributes to identify users based on behaviors •  Daily Model Refreshes –  Keep your models current! •  Customizable Threshold - Reach vs Precision –  Model scores are stack-ranked. Customize threshold for performance (Top .01%) or scale (Top 20%)
  6. 6. Top 5 Things to Look for in a Modeling Solution 6 1.  Available  on  demand  within  your  BlueKai  UI   2.  Uses  same  trusted  1st  &  3rd  party  sources     3.  Leverages  Ime  series  and  behavior  sequencing   4.  Provides  visibility  in  to  the  “Black  Box”   5.  Applies  AdapIve  Machine  Learning  -­‐  More  than  simple  decision  tree   logic.     +1  BONUS  –  Domain  experIse  in  markeIng  technology  
  7. 7. How the Datacratic Audience Data Modeling System Works Continually Learning & Adapting Continually Learning & Adapting
  8. 8. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Getting Started with Lookalikes is Easy 1   Select Datacratic as your Lookalike Vendor Configure custom model settings 2   Request your custom Lookalike Model Specify details on your dataset & custom model format. The model is sent & you can monitor status in Manage Models!
  9. 9. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Case Study: Leading Software Retailer Increases ROI 118% With Look-alike Modeling •  Challenge –  A top software company was looking to efficiently increase sales and improve the ROI from their display advertising campaigns •  Solution –  To effectively segment audiences, they created look- alike models based on their top customers and targeted these consumers with their media buys •  Results –  Look-alike model targets had the best ROI; 118% –  Outperforming the campaign average by 64% & control group by 104%                Datacratic look-alike models result in a 118% increase in ROI 118%     Campaign ROI Look-alike Targets 118% Non Look-alike Targets 14% Total Campaign Average 54%
  10. 10. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Case Study: Telco Uses Look-alike Modeling To Efficiently Increase Traffic Yield •  Challenge –  Top U.S. Telco found that their typical customers converted in-store vs. online –  A major driver of in-store traffic is visitors to their store locator web page; and they wanted to efficiently drive increased traffic to that page •  Solution –  To effectively prospect and drive traffic to the store locator page, the Telco used look-alike modeling to generate audience segments based off of their store locator page visitors •  Results –  Telco saw a 0.78% & 0.84% increase in traffic yield, quarter over quarter *Traffic yield = Landing Page Visits / Impressions Served Datacratic look-alike models surpass yield rate goal by 40% 40% 0.00%   0.10%   0.20%   0.30%   0.40%   0.50%   0.60%   0.70%   0.80%   0.90%   Q4'13   Q1'14   Traffic Yield Benchmark: .60% 40% Above Goal 30% Above Goal
  11. 11. BlueKai & Datacratic – Fully Integrated Solution
  12. 12.     Software Purchase: Conversion Behavior Cycle Hardware Purchase (Tablet): Conversion Behavior Cycle Home Electronics: Conversion Behavior Cycle Customer Incentive – Data Scientist Toolkit Preview Exclusive insight from Datacratic into Customer Conversion Behavior. •  Analysis of consumer behavior leading up to a conversion •  Conversion Behavior Cycle Report •  1 Hour with Datacratic Data Scientist to provide deeper insight and customer intelligence on: •  customer behavior •  conversion triggers and timelines •  campaign and targeting recommendations. Available to new customers upon spending 7.5k*
  13. 13. Top 5+1 Things to Remember 13 1.  Available  on  demand  within  your  BlueKai  UI   2.  Uses  same  trusted  1st  &  3rd  party  sources     3.  Leverages  Ime  series  and  behavior  sequencing   4.  Provides  visibility  in  to  the  “Black  Box”   5.  Applies  AdapIve  Machine  Learning  -­‐  More  than  simple  decision  tree   logic.     +1  BONUS  –  Domain  experIse  in  markeIng  technology  
  14. 14. GeKng  Started  is  Easy   Contact  your  Oracle  BlueKai  Account  Manager  to  get  started  with  lookalike  audience   modeling  and  targeFng.     For  more  informaFon  visit  www.bluekai.com  and  www.datacraFc.com     14
  15. 15. QuesFons     For  more  informaFon  visit  www.bluekai.com  and  www.datacraFc.com     15