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Task 2 media studies

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Task 2 media studies

  1. 1. In the process of making our villain we decided that we wanted someone that was covered up and didn’t reveal their identity, we got inspiration from the film ‘Choose’ where the killer wears a hood and dark clothing, he also wears a mask so that his victims can’t see his face. In the film ‘Choose’ the killer had a past that created his hunger to kill people and make them choose their fates this is what we wanted to use in our film but alter it to fit into our storyline. The social group that we had in mind was teenagers because the public as people that are violent and have no respect for anyone other than themselves and their friends so this was the age group that we were aiming for normally represents them.Most teenagers these days tend to wear hoodies and especially people that don’twant to be caught by the police because it conceals that person’s identity well.The gender we chose was male because they are the more commonly known asvillains in thrillers rather than women because they tend to be the people thatare being held hostage or don’t have control over the situation. In the film‘Taken’ the daughter is the one that is being captured so we were driven awayfrom having women as the villain because they aren’t normally represented asthe dominant and evil person.There is a similarity between the two characters in their personality becausethey are both very intelligent people and know how to be avoided by the policeor anyone that is looking for them. For example in choose the character neverhas his face revealed throughout the film until right at the very end and this iswhat we were aiming for when we created our character, we had him wear abalaclava to conceal his face showing only his eyes. By not showing thecharacters face it doesn’t give the audience any hints of what his body languageis and how he reacts to killing people or seeing people in distress.The character links into the target audience because we aimed this film towardsteenagers between the age of 15-19 and they are used to seeing people dressedlike this and how they tend to act so therefore they feel sympathetic towards thecharacter rather than feeling hate towards him.