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HACKED: A Cyber Security Board Game - Creative Project

  1. “HACKED” Antheia Konstantellou Theodora Plexida Danai Theofilopoulou
  2. You Have Been Hacked! ØNumber of Players: 3-8 ØObjective: The players must work together to find the notorious black hacker that lurks in the board before they strike with another cyber attack causing irreparable damage. Through challenges players obtain clues about the hacker’s plans. The player who identifies the black hacker first wins the game.
  3. “The atmosphere in the FBI conference room was tense as the director rapidly informed the team of expert secret agents on their next mission. A group of cybercriminals had unleashed a cryptic message, threatening to unleash chaos with a major hacking event. The team knew that the cybercriminals were black hat hackers, the kind that operated in the shadows, using their advanced technological skills to wreak havoc on the world and gain millions of dollars. The director’s words hung heavy in the air, as the team absorbed the gravity of the situation. They had only one month to discover the identity of the mastermind behind the attack, where they would strike, and what their deathly plans were!” The clock was ticking, and the agents knew that they had to act fast. Before they left the room, they were warned by the FBI director: “The fate of the world is in your hands, and failure is not an option. If you lose never come back, you will no longer have a place here!”
  4. Characters
  5. Places
  6. Events
  7. Questions
  8. Board
  9. To begin the game, all of the tokens must be placed on the starting point of the board. There are three sets of cards: 20 simple questions (pink), 10 bonus questions (purple), and 22 clues (blue). The pink and purple cards must be mixed together and then be set aside. The blue cards which are divided into three distinct categories: characters, places, and events are to be shuffled so the players can then randomly take 1 card from each category and place it into a folder. This folder will containt 3 different clues about the hacker’s plans: the character who did it, the event, and the location it occurred. After those 3 cards are placed in the folder the rest of the clue cards have to be mixed together in order to start the game. Game Setup
  10. 1. The first player rolls the dice and moves their token on the board. 2. Each time you stop, you will be asked a question card. Your left-hand player will give you the question and all multiple choices (if you want to harden the game you can choose not to reveal the choices). Answering correctly, gives you the choice of taking an evidence card from the blue deck or requesting one from another players cards. In the case of a bonus question you receive evidence from both the blue deck and another player’s cards. Answering incorrectly deprives you from getting clue cards. 3. As you progress through the game, you will gather evidence and formulate a hypothesis. Once you have a solid theory of who the hacker is, where they will strike, and how they will attack, you can only state your hypothesis when your token is on the corresponding country on the board. This is where things get exciting! If you state your hypothesis and it is correct, you win the game. If not, you lose and reveal all your evidence. “Example: I believe the hacker is Celine, she will attack in India and the hackers will infiltrate a major social media platform and steal millions of users’ personal information. They will blackmail them into committing major crimes in order to reclaim their personal information.” Tip! Make sure to keep track of all clues that are gathered in a piece of paper in order to not make a false hypothesis. Gameplay
  11. Are you ready to find the hacker? Gather your knowledge and let’s play!