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Ryan matruder

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Ryan matruder

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Ryan matruder

  1. 1. Meet Team DTV Video: Ryan Matruder See the video: https://youtu.be/ZoINV3FoHHo So who are you and what do you do here? I am Ryan I’m a sales associate and lab tech here at DTV. And how long did you smoke before you started vaping? I’d say about 8 and a half years. How long have you been vaping? I’ve been vaping about a year and a half, a year off of cigarettes. And how long have you lived in West Palm Beach? Lived here for a year now. What device are you currently using? I am using a Snow Wolf 200 [box mod] watt with a Mutation v4 [rebuldable dripping atomizer]. What’s your favorite part of vaping? My favorite part of vaping, I think it’s like the community. Everybody can get together and not everybody uses the same so you got like something to show off. What’s the first device you ever used? The first device was a Ego-T with a simple disposable tank. What’s your favorite flavor?
  2. 2. My favorite flavor is La Crème by us, DTV. And why did you wanna work at DTV? Because I noticed it became more of, more than just quitting cigarettes to me, it became more of a hobby to replace the, you know, the whole smoking scene, you know, the social part of it, and the actual nicotine craving. It became a hobby for me so I wanted to get into it and I love it Come see us! Get directions to our shop – Click here