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Yoga Business workshop BY DR SHIVAM MISHRA YOGA.pptx

  1. YogaBusiness Way to Earn More with Fitness DRShivamMishra
  2. TREY research Yoga & Yoga Business AboutYogaBusiness Yoga Business is a multi-billion Industry nowadays. At present, it will cross more than 50 billion USD all across the globe. 2 What is Business Why Yoga is Business too What kind of yoga business How to make yoga business Is Yoga Business profitable Why Yoga is a big business How to stable business Lets understand
  3. TREY research Yogic CostManagement Yoga Business also need a proper cost management system. Before you start the yoga business, let's discuss the cost management system of the yoga business. 3
  4. TREY research Theories Yoga Business Management 4
  5. TREY research Marketing Yoga Business Marketing Theories 5
  6. TREY research YogaclassesSales If you want to increase class sales then you need to understand the subsequent knowledge of yoga business. 6
  7. TREY research HumanApproach Its all about Yoga trainers and their understanding of Yoga workplace 7
  8. TREY research Trainer’sTraining Each and every yoga teacher is not perfect, they need special training for becoming the most favourable yoga master. 8
  9. TREY research Strategies Marketing Growth Strategies 9
  10. TREY research YogaSales You need to understand the theory behind sales for better sales of yoga modules. 10
  11. TREY research YogaSales Lets find out some theories behind yoga sales. 11
  12. TREY research YogaQuality A yoga quality management system is one of the most important parts of the yoga business. Lets understand 12
  13. TREY research SkillsYouneed For doing any business you need to understand some skills. 13
  14. TREY research AntecedentYoga Lets Calculate the historical approach of Yoga business Before 2014 Yoga Business was approx. 10 Billion USD Market after 2014, became a 50 billion USD market. 14
  15. TREY research BusinessApproch If you want to make your business a Yoga business then you need to understand the concept of Business and the approach of doing business. 15
  16. TREY research Comparison Yoga is a good business or good trade 16
  17. TREY research SectionsofYoga Business Lets discuss about various parts of yoga business. 17
  18. TREY research Yoga Business management How to create monopoly in Yoga business. 18
  19. TREY research Now it's Your Call that yoga is an office- based business or Studio based. 19
  20. TREY research ThankYou Dr Shivam Mishra +918826476724 SKM YOGA 20