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Aesp webinar pat_stanton_csg

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Slide deck used during the AESP (Association of Energy Services Professionals) webinar by presenter Pat Stanton, Senior VP of Policy & Advocacy at CSG.

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Aesp webinar pat_stanton_csg

  1. 1. AESP Webinar Screening Energy Efficiency: Best Practices CSG LIPA Program• Click to edit Master text styles Residential Retrofit Perspective – Second level • Third level Pat Stanton, SVP Policy & Advocacy – Fourth level Conservation Services Group » Fifth level November 8, 2012
  2. 2. Framework / EvolutionOriginal Task: CSG LIPA Program• Set priorities for allocation of very limited resources • Click to edit Master text styles committed to energy efficiency – Second levelCurrent• Tasks: Third level – Fourth level• Identify all cost effective efficiency measures » Fifth level• Promote energy efficiency as “first fuel”• Mitigate risk, hedge against price volatility
  3. 3. Cost of Getting to the Door• Current framework in CSG LIPA Program residential sector encourages • Click to edit fruit” programs “low hanging Master text styles• Creates lost opportunities – Second level• Inefficient use of program overhead: • Third level homeowners not “buying” maximum energy – Fourth level efficiency during their (likely) single event » Fifth level shopping experience
  4. 4. Discount Rate Projected Utility Generation Resources in 2015 Relative Cost and Relative Risk CSG LIPA Program • Click to edit Master text styles – Second level • Third level – Fourth level » Fifth levelSource: CERES
  5. 5. Measure/Program/Portfolio• Homes: many components – Lighting CSG LIPA Program – Electronics • Click to edit Master text styles – HVAC – Second level – Building shell • • Third level insulation – Fourth • air sealing level » Fifth level • windows• Measure level application of Cost Effectiveness creates extreme – lost opportunities
  6. 6. TRC: “Jack of all trades, master of none”• TRC performed without full consideration of CSG inconsistent, undervalues EE OPIs is internally LIPA Program• • Click to edit Master text to do TRC correctly Is it worth the extra costs styles in allSecond level – cases? • Third level• PAC test requires much less data – a lower – Fourth level cost alternativelevel » Fifth
  7. 7. Food for Thought• Should we use the lower cost PAC test as a CSG Any program that passes screening test? – LIPA Program • Clickgreen light gets a to edit Master text styles• Reserve fulllevel test, including valuation of – Second TRC OPIs, •only for programs with significant non- Third level – energy regulatedFourth level benefits (i.e., low income » Fifth level programs or programs that create significant non-regulated energy savings)
  8. 8. Thank you! CSG LIPA Program• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level Pat Stanton • Third level patricia.stanton@csgrp.com – Fourth level 508.365.3297 » Fifth level www.csgrp.com