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Analyzing The Impact Of Social Media

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From the Vocus monthly webinar series: "Analyzing the Impact of Social Media:
From Twitter to Facebook".
Today, the barriers to communication are breaking down. Social media has removed the filters between your company and the public. As a public relations professional, you have to be prepared to control your message and your brand.

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Analyzing The Impact Of Social Media

  1. 1. Analyzing the Impact of Social Media: From Twitter to Facebook Kye Strance Director, Product Management Vocus, Inc.
  2. 2. Elizabeth Friedland- Account Executive at TrendyMinds • Won recognition for work at TrendyMinds in PR Week, PC Magazine, and The Indianapolis Star • Achieved top-tier publicity for clients with placement with The Today Show, O The Oprah Magazine, ABC World Tonight News, Elle, Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Saturday Morning and Entertainment Tonight • Previously worked in public relations for Planned Parenthood, Sease Gerig and Associates, three-sixty group, and Janine Gordon Associates
  3. 3. Sarah Evans- Director, Communications at Elgin Community College • Launching Sevans Strategy Corporation on August 17 (you’re the first to know!) – Director of Communications at Elgin Community College – Founder of #journchat – Founder of MediaOnTwitter – Partner on Namechk – PRsarahevans.com
  4. 4. You’re already here. • Removing barriers • Instantaneous • Viral • Less control • More interaction • Stories evolve
  5. 5. What does a “quick win” look like? • Twitter – Retweets – # of @ replies – DM’s • Facebook – # of fans – # of comments
  6. 6. What about a long term win (i.e. measurement)?
  7. 7. #journchat • I know there are 2,000+ tweets every Monday night between the hours of 8-10 p.m. EST • Approximately 4,700+ people who have participated
  8. 8. What the measurement doesn’t show? • The opportunities – Steve Brusk, CNN – Mashable – Peter Shankman • The publicity – Blog posts – Name recognition and branding – Presentations like this • The commitment – Repeat participants – Loyal following – Recommendations to others
  9. 9. The right analysis can result in a more successful PR strategy • What do people retweet the most? (For me, it’s usually breaking news, fun hashtags and random thoughts.) • Where is the majority of web traffic coming from? (Use a shortened URL service like bit.ly.) • Did something tick people off? (Controversy isn’t always a bad thing.)
  10. 10. If everyone tweeted, “Vocus webinars rock” what would happen? Seriously. The reach of your network and influence matters. Everyone has a different influence and reach. TRADITIONAL measurement doesn’t account for this.
  11. 11. Elizabeth Friedland Account Executive TrendyMinds
  12. 12. Welcome to my presentation! • Always used social media personally, but even three years ago the personal and professional were siloed. • Back in the day…(circa 2004) – Old advice: Keep your Facebook profile private! Don’t let potential or current employers and clients see it! – New advice: Get to know your potential and current employers and clients through social media…just censor those Cancun pictures.
  13. 13. Elizabeth is a lover, not a fighter. • A Battle Royal? – PR v. social media – a cage match? – Social media IS PR – it’s just an additional channel like print, broadcast or Web. • That being said…. – Traditional agencies have the edge – full integration is the key to social media success!
  14. 14. I *heart* social media. • Free, quick and easy • Filter free (good and bad) • High viral potential • Great ROI BUT….
  15. 15. I *heart* social media. • Perspective is everything – Fewer than 5% of Americans have Twitter* – Half don’t have Facebook* – Targeting the 55+ crowd? You’re getting less than 1% of them. • Social media isn’t high school – Offer real value, not just Internet stardom – RT’s, #followfridays, @ replies, fans and followers are great, but what’s your true result? This isn’t a social media popularity contest. – Remember that no one is an expert...yet. *According to 2009 Harris Poll
  16. 16. Leveraging social media to help out my clients! • What does TrendyMinds do? – Press “retweetses” – “Twitches” – Social media training – Extends internal and external communications plan to cover social media – Folds social media into a client’s overall marketing strategy
  17. 17. Time to share case studies with my friends at @Vocus • NASCAR’s Kevin Harvick, Inc. – Accelerated online to social without crashing and burning – Creation of Ning-based Fan Central – 4,000 members in 3 months – Exposure in PR Week, PC Magazine, Inside Indiana Business, Orlando Sentinel and more • Spirit & Place Festival – Growing an audience by opening up a totally new world – Creating a presence on Facebook – Utilizing Twitter to build buzz about events and promote the festival • Client X – Social media for a professional crowd – Creating customized social media sites for professional discussions
  18. 18. Time to wrap it up… • Here lies Public Relations (1906 - ?) – Don’t write traditional PR’s obit just yet – It isn’t dead. It’s evolving. • Just as PR practitioners adjusted to and learned to manipulate other new formats (cable, online news outlets, bloggers), we’ll adjust to this. • While social media needs to be explored at the very least, it isn’t the end all, be all.
  19. 19. Contact Information • Sarah Evans, prsarahevans@gmail.com Twitter: PRsarahevans • Elizabeth Friedland, efriedland@TrendyMinds.com Twitter: Efriedland & trendyminds • Moderator, Kye Strance, kstrance@vocus.com Twitter: vocuspr
  20. 20. About Vocus • A global software company specializing in on-demand software for public relations management • Successful, proven applications currently used by thousands of PR professionals • Recognized for excellence in products, growth, leadership “Innovation of the Year”