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  1. C Business Communication Presentation BY: CHIRAG JASWAL (20DM066)
  2. Founded: 6 May 1996 Headquarter: New Delhi, India CEO: Seon Seob Kim Type: Subsidiary Parent: Hyundai Motor Company
  3. Three modes of persuasion
  4. 1. Ethos Ethos is used to convince the audience by emphasizing speaker’s authority or credibility. 5
  5. 2. Pathos 6 Pathos is persuasive technique that try to convince an audience through emotions. Love and Happiness
  6. 3. Logos Logos is the persuasive technique that aims to convince an audience by using logic and reason. 7
  7. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion
  8. Liking People prefer to say yes to those that they like. 9
  9. Authority Tendency to obey authority figures 10
  10. Social Proof People tend to do something what they observe other people doing. 11
  11. Consistency People like to be consistent with the things they have previously said or done. 12
  12. IMPACT 2019 2020
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