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Teaching presentation y7 info evening 2015

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Presentation on growth mindset, teaching, learning and homework for parents of Year 7 students by Mr Loynton for Information Evening at Chew Valley School on 4th November 2015

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Teaching presentation y7 info evening 2015

  1. 1. Mindset, Teaching, Learning and Homework Year 7 Information Evening 2015
  2. 2. Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit
  3. 3. A Growth Mindset at Chew Valley School
  4. 4. Homework • An average of 45 minutes per night • Homework timetable • Insight • Independent Study: • SAM Learning • Wider Reading The most reliable predictor of achievement is "a hungry mind"- Dr Sophie von Stumm. It is not just about what you know anymore, but how much you want to know
  5. 5. 3900 minutes in a school year 975 minutes in a school year 195 minutes in a school year
  6. 6. The Website
  7. 7. End of Year Exams
  8. 8. Learning and Memory Evidence informed tips on how to learn well: 1. Space your practice 2. Experience failing occasionally 3. Practise what you will be tested on 4. Structure information – don’t try to remember it 5. Rest and sleep http://www.screenr.com/C6l8
  9. 9. Feedback Consistency Quality Impact Literacy