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Resume (August 2016)

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Resume (August 2016)

  1. 1. Charles Pinzone Email: CPinzone@UMich.edu E D U C A T I O N The University of Michigan September 2013 – Present Mechanical Engineering - Bachelor of Science Ann Arbor, Michigan GPA: 3.8 W O R K E X P E R I E N C E Engineering Intern – GEE Cooling May 9, 2016 – July 29, 2016 Ford Motor Company Dearborn, Michigan I worked on a total of 12 projects at Ford. The two main projects were turbocharger system benchmarking and a warranty investigation. Both projects required work with my fellow Ford team members as well as outside suppliers. The benchmarking project resulted in an all-inclusive feature list of competitor vehicles’ systems which will be used to advance Ford’s future products. The warranty investigation helped to narrow the root cause of the issue and provide a solution to prevent similar situations in the future. Engineering Intern – GM Applications May 4, 2015 – September 7, 2015 Bosch – Automotive Technology Plymouth, Michigan My main responsibility within Bosch’s GM Applications sector was to perform in-vehicle maneuvers in order to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This involved using Bosch’s instrumentation to monitor over 40,000 live signals and analyzing the results to decide if the vehicle has performed to General Motors’ standards while maintaining an enjoyable driving experience. I also helped the calibration engineers develop future technologies for their Anti-Lock Braking, Traction Control, and Vehicle Dynamic Control systems. V o l u n t e e r / L e a d e r s h i p E x p e r i e n c e Michigan’s American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Professional Events Chair May 4, 2014 - Present I am the Internal Vice President for the University of Michigan’s ASME. I organize events which allow students to gain exposure to their field of interest in the real world. This position also allows me to collaborate with the faculty of Michigan’s College of Engineering and gain leadership skills and experience. E X T R A C U R R I C U L A R A C T I V I T I E S Aftermarket Car Modification My experience in aftermarket car modification centers on my turbocharged Mazda Miata. I researched for two years, bought, and installed all the components necessary including a Garret turbo charger, custom intercooler and silicone piping, and a standalone engine controller. University of Michigan – Basketball Band The band has allowed me to improve my collaboration and time management skills because of its team driven environment that requires a large time commitment. S K I L L S A N D T R A I N I N G Hands on aftermarket automotive modification Microsoft Office Suite Machine shop skills/training C++ and MATLAB Proportional, Integral, Derivative (PID) Controller Calibration Data/Signal Analysis Advanced Driver’s Training (Bosch) Controller Simulation H O N O R S / A C H I E V E M E N T S / A W A R D S College Dean’s List: Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Fall 2014, Winter 2015, Fall 2015, Winter 2016 University Honors: Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Year Scholarships: Ford Blue Oval Scholarship Rouke & Ardisana Mechanical Engineering Scholarship David Bath Engineering Scholarship William J. Campbell Memorial Scholarship Cell: (440) 478-5977