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Developing and Optimising Your Professional Identity

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An overview of LinkedIn, how to build an effective Professional Identity, Networking, and leverage the insights and content on LinkedIn. Custom for Higher Education sector.
Presentation at the Social Media in Higher Education Conference (December 2015)

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Developing and Optimising Your Professional Identity

  1. 1. Developing and Optimising Your Professional Identity Charles Hardy Education Engagement Lead LinkedIn #SocMedHE15 December 2015
  2. 2. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Vision
  3. 3. https://press.linkedin.com/about-linkedin The World’s Largest Professional Network 400,000,000+ members
  4. 4. S C H O O L SC O M PA N I E S K N O W L E D G ES K I L L SM E M B E R S J O B S T H E E C O N O M I C G R A P H Members Companies Jobs Skills Schools KnowledgeS C H O O L SC O M PA N I E S K N O W L E D G ES K I L L SM E M B E R S J O B S T H E E C O N O M I C G R A P H S C H O O L SC O M PA N I E S K N O W L E D G ES K I L L SM E M B E R S J O B S T H E E C O N O M I C G R A P H S C H O O L SC O M PA N I E S K N O W L E D G ES K I L L SM E M B E R S J O B S T H E E C O N O M I C G R A P H S C H O O L SC O M PA N I E S K N O W L E D G ES K I L L SM E M B E R S J O B S T H E E C O N O M I C G R A P H S C H O O L SC O M PA N I E S K N O W L E D G ES K I L L SM E M B E R S J O B S T H E E C O N O M I C G R A P H
  5. 5. LinkedIn for Higher Education Data Insights Content People Marketing, Learning, Employability, Alumni Relations Career Paths Academics ProfilesHiring University Networking Developing a brand that attracts and retains the best
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. Your Professional Identity is more than just a CV or profile 9
  8. 8. Developing and Optimising your Professional Identity What you knowWho you knowWho you are
  9. 9. Being Found the importance of keywords
  10. 10. First impressions The importance of: • Your Photo • Your Headline • Your Summary
  11. 11. Being impressive Your Career Your Achievements Your Work Your Passion
  12. 12. Who you are 1. Have a good professional profile Photo 2. Use your Summary to explain who you are and your career aspirations (“Elevator Pitch”) 3. Complete your full Work Experience and Employment details 4. Include your Education and Qualifications history 5. List your Skills and include Keywords throughout to ensure you are found by the right people
  13. 13. The Power of Your Extended Network 15
  14. 14. Opportunities do not float around like balloons. Grow your connections – in-house, your wider peer group, employers, alumni They’re tied to people.
  15. 15. You don’t know the future Someone you connect to today could be the key to a future unknown opportunity Be Open
  16. 16. Your actions define how people perceive you
  17. 17. Your Professional Brand is defined by how you interact with people 19 Engage your network Like, Share, Comment Post your own Content Publish a Blog Post
  18. 18. Who you know 1. Invite people you know to connect to you on LinkedIn 2. Think Future – Do not just connect for today – people you know might become very useful contacts in the future (unknown opportunity) e.g. you discover someone from your class 3 year later is working at that company where you want to go 3. The more connections you have, the wider your Extended Network e.g. you have 50 connections, they all have 50, you have 2.500 in your network 4. Join relevant Groups on LinkedIn – Sector Groups, Company Groups, Alumni Groups 5. Share useful information, news and jobs out to your connections – your professional brand is determined by your actions and collaboration
  19. 19. Leveraging Knowledge 21
  20. 20. The most relevant professional insights, news, knowledge and people Groups Organisations People Channels
  21. 21. 23
  22. 22. What you know 1. Use LinkedIn to perform research on Companies, People, Jobs 2. Explore Career Paths and find Mentors using the Alumni Data for your university 3. Explore and Follow Companies you are interested in working at, or which share useful content 4. Use LinkedIn Pulse to follow Influencers and Channels so you are aware of the latest news in your specialist area 5. Access Lynda for online learning video courses to expand your skills
  23. 23. 3 things you should do now: 1. Complete and enhance your personal professional profile 2. Connect and grow your network… 3. Post / Publish / Share content on your specialist topic
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