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Audience insight

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Sarah Fitzgerald, director, Self Communications

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Audience insight

  1. 1. Audience insight Sarah Fitzgerald, Self Communications 10 July 2019
  2. 2. “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” - Meredith Hill
  3. 3. You know your audiences
  4. 4. You know your audiences • The roles they play in relation to you and your mission • The factors that influence whether they are likely to engage with you, or your cause • Who is already engaging, and what they’re interested in
  5. 5. What connects people to you? Attitudes and beliefs Behaviours Relevance Influence Values Demographics Adapted from The right wavelength (Eden Stanley / CharityComms 2018) Media / channel use
  6. 6. You don’t know your audiences
  7. 7. You don’t know your audiences • They are people before they are anything else. What else is going on for them? • Who’s already engaging, and how, is only one part of the story • Audiences change
  8. 8. Keep it simple 1. You don’t have to aim for complex audience segmentations – one or two key groupings will give you a start. 2. Look for common ground within and between audiences. 3. Don’t be scared to prioritise – you will still reach others.
  9. 9. Target audiences Target audience Similar audience Fairly similar audience
  10. 10. Sourcing insights on a budget
  11. 11. No budget options • Use your own data to generate hypotheses • Draw on existing research • Accept the limitations – it’s only a starting point
  12. 12. Get to know your community • Survey your existing audiences to know them better, find out what they think of you, and spot gaps • DIY or commission • Make sure you’re compliant 6% 69% 25% 64% 64% 51% 45% 33% 30% 29% 20% 19% 17% 10% 10% 5%
  13. 13. Go where people already are • Where do members of your potential audience already gather? • Make sure you’re welcome • Beware of social desirability bias
  14. 14. Draw on your networks • Ask corporate supporters to help you • Draw up a profile of who to involve • Make it worth their while
  15. 15. Share your insights • Package them up into insight reports or audience profiles • Share them internally • Keep adding to your knowledge, and plan how to bridge gaps
  16. 16. Get started List the roles your audiences play: for you and within your cause area List the factors most likely to be shared among those taking on that role Look at who is already engaging, and how Plan how you will gather insights on your most important audiences Do your research, and use the insights to help you plan your engagement activities
  17. 17. Further reading
  18. 18. selfcomms.co.uk Photo credits: Chuttersnap, You X Adventures and Plush Design Studio, for Unsplash. Monks Walk, Beverley.