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7 Harsh Truth about Your Employment

  1. 7 Harsh Truth about Your Employment
  2. 7 Harsh Truth about Your Employment Chandana Perera(Kevin King)
  3. 1.Embrace Changers
  4. Change is the only Constant Factor In the Universe. Look at your own Body right now. How Many Changers !!!. Can You Stop those!!!
  5. Embrace any Changes in the company, may it be Positive or Negative. At the initial stages, you might NOT see the Vision of the company in your own Prejudiced Mind.
  6. If You learn to embrace changes, you foster good attitude towards your life as most of time, we do NOT have much control over may things. Look at the world around us. It is gone through changes every second. Learn and Accept the Change.
  7. You will survive only If your company survives. The company has to undergo constant changes in order to Survive in the turbulent Market. You might NOT grasp or understand those changes at once. But embrace those changes as they come even though you do not understand the reasons behind them.
  8. 2.Know Your Entitlements
  9. If you understand this you will Win in life. Pardon me if I go beyond the Boundaries. Business has nothing to do with Entitlements. It is all about achievements. If You are consistently delivering and achieving as expected, then the rewards will follow you like your shadow. There is NO question about that.
  10. If you think You are entitled to keep your Job, You are NOT If you think You are entitled to bonus raise, You are NOT If you think You are entitled to a promotion, You are NOT Business has nothing do with Entitlements. Understand this actuality. It is all about Achievement. Be result oriented and all accolades will follow.
  11. 3.Know Why You Were Hired
  12. You should be aware of why you were selected for your job. Some of us are not aware of this facts. You are hired to Solve Problems & Bring better Solutions to the company. Let me repeat this, your purpose at office is to Solve Problems & Build lasting Solutions. You should not get frustrated when you encounter obstacles or hindrances.
  13. Some People think that office life is a bed of roses or that you have very easy tasks to perform, which is NOT the truth. Organizations hire qualified ,experienced and mature staff to solve the problems in the office increasing the efficiency. So do not worry and grumble when you face a problem. Solve the problem, that is your job.You are paid for that.
  14. 4.Beat Stress
  15. When you hold a higher position with good remuneration, then be aware that you are given additional benefits to manage the stress properly. Today’s corporates pay you well for your ability to handle stress. As you climb up the ladder, you need to learn to deal with a lot of stress.
  16. So Do not complain about stress. Higher the Promotion higher the Stress level. Higher the salary, higher the pressure. You need to learn the art of handling the Tension at office as Stress is the part the life of corporates.
  17. You need to be honest to yourself. If you are stressed out continuously, you need to ask yourself whether you are in the right place. Money, Position & Fame should always come second to your health and Family.
  18. 5.Keep Your Emotions at Home
  19. Today, corporate heads are expected to treat, manage, lead or associate with employees in different attitudes. You can NOT burst out your emotions at office or with your colleagues and peers. “If somebody laughs, then everybody laughs as it is infectious”. In the same way, if somebody is moody, then the whole team gets into the same mood.
  20. We carry a lot of personal problems in our mind. This could make us become very emotional at office. Our colleagues and peers will have a very uncomfortable time when we are emotionally upset. This specially become a very big problem when you hold a higher position as people would be reluctant to approach you when your body language is negative.
  21. Keep you emotions at home when you leave home. Easier said than done. :-) Emotional Intelligence is a key to success in an Organization. Since we are all human, we get upset for every negative things around, but we must have the ability to control our senses quickly so that we can maintain a pleasing personality which everybody likes.
  22. 6.Accept Politics
  23. Office Politics are a given in corporate life. The bigger the company you work for, the more complex and more ferocious the politics will be. This is the reality. Politics is part of the game wherever human interactions occur. You have to watch out for some people at your own level or may be who are below you.
  24. Senior management listens to all those people and their opinion really does count. Best thing to do is to be aware that there is politics inside the office as we are all human, and be diplomatic. Find strategies to handle & manage these politics intelligently and carefully as sometimes it tends to get dirty.
  25. 7.Find a Strategy to Market Your Self.
  26. Unfortunately, most of your good work and talent goes under the radar of Senior Management. Some Bosses, take the credit for themselves for the work that you do. Some times, due to many reasons, your good work does not get communicated to the upper levels.
  27. Build a good social network within the company and find strategies to communicate your work. If you have a good network or good rapport with influential personnel, automatically your work gets escalated to the required levels. This is not to boast of every little bit of work you do, but to communicate major achievements that you obtained.
  28. Certain principals govern the Universe and Life. The same way there are several principals that you need to stick to in an Organization if you want be successful.
  29. If you Understand and Adhere to these 7 Basic Principals, No one in the Organization can stop your Progress. Not even Your Boss.
  30. Many employees are unable to achieve their Dreams even though they posses every possible skill required since they do NOT understand how the corporate world works. They try hard without knowing the basic Principals. Brilliant Movie.Watch if Possible
  31. So Enlighten your Common Senses and go ahead and achieve your Dreams in your career as You are Born to be a Winner.
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  33. All The Best. Thank You For Your Time.