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Bawse legacy 2.1

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Bawse Legacy 2.1!

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Bawse legacy 2.1

  1. 1. Hello! And welcome to or back to the Bawse legacy: Accidents Yo!Last Time: Generation 1 went to college and the heir Hailey, (seen above)chose her spouse, Zack.She dumped the other guy… Forgot his name but him.Cow mascot caused a ruckus.Dennis and Amanda found love. Laura found WooHoo. That’s about it!On with the show! (I changed the counting scheme after I finished thecover hence the poorly done number change haha)
  2. 2. Here we see newly grown up and horribly Maxis-y Hailey moving backhome.“Oh hey mom! I’m so happy so to be home.”“Yes uh…. Sweety….”“What is it mom?”“Yes, what is it? What are you wearing?? And that hair! You can’t comein until you’re nice and custom! Like me and your father!”“But-” “See you in a bit honey!”
  3. 3. So some hours later, she moves in her intended, Zack… Something.“Hey babe.”“Hi… Why are you outside so late? When I walked past you were sittingout here telling bugs about the finer points of custom fashion!”“Well… My mom shunned me when I moved in because I’m not hip andcustom.”“Well, you aren’t! Now me however, when I grow up, I’m gonna becompletely custom! Watch.”
  4. 4. *poof* “What the….”“Har Har Har. Completely custom huh?”“Well you see..”“Oh no honey, I’m sure all the soccer dads are hip when they wear that!”“Let’s just go.”
  5. 5. “You know Chan, you haven’t shown my face since I moved in.”Yup, I know.“I’m the heir… People deserve to see my face!”Sure… After you’re hip and custom now get a move on.
  6. 6. I saw this lady standing outside of the changing room. I had just walkedback to my computer after getting some juice and I saw her…Standing… Thinking about herself.I feel like in her youth she made some changing rooms rustle and nowthat she’s old and senile she goes to clothing stores and reminiscesabout the golden days.CC: Ahhh… Those were the good ol days.
  7. 7. “And then we would go into the dressing rooms and play Risk!”“HARRR HARRR you’re crazy!!!”“Still not showing my face huh…”
  8. 8. So I think this guy is pretty hot. I wanted to see if I had any compatibilitywith someone cute and booyah! I did. He’s sexy. But apparently Chanthinks he’s not good enough to make “sexy babies” with so with Zack Istay!Chan still hasn’t gotten a picture of my face! Which is unacceptable! Ican’t be heir and have my first day back home of the back of my head!
  9. 9. I tried to talk to him and tell him about the injustice I’ve been facing buthe doesn’t agree! He says I should suck it up because there are moreimportant things than face time. Um hello… Not for an heir!I was so mad, I impaled myself through the counter. Anything to getaway from this guy. I can’t believe I would ever think he was attractive!I’m going home to a real hot guy!
  10. 10. Yeah… That’s more like it. This is a man who deserves some face time!Unlike that idiot guy who has no idea about anything in life. Ever.
  11. 11. Happy now?“YES! LOOK AT THAT FACE! I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS-”Mooooooving on! Go get your father, there’s someone outside I wanthim to meet…
  12. 12. “Do I really have to be here? I’ve heard about this guy… He’s nuts!”I knoooooow! Isn’t it lovely??“Look if you let me off the hook, I swear I won’t bother anyone else… Justdon’t make me meet him!”Hmm…. I’ll let him off… because Adam is asleep. BUT ONLY! BecauseAdam is asleep.
  13. 13. Oh come on Hailey. You don’t want face time anymore??“GO AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATEUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *blargh*”I hate ugh too!
  14. 14. “Daddy, I want you to meet my fiancé’, Zack.”“How’s it going, Mr. Devereaux.”“Hmph. Why do I have to meet him Hailey?”“Because he’s going to be living here dad. And you two are gonna befriends whether you want to or not.”“Haha yes sir. And I’d much rather prefer to be your friend if you don’tmind.”
  15. 15. “I don’t need you to sweet talk me boy. I never likedpoliticians.”“But sir… I’m not a politician. I’m a lawyer.”“Don’t correct me boy! I don’t need correctin’ from a sleazywannabe Phillip Banks! You probably worked the CaseyAnthony Case didn’t you?”“Daddy!”“What? I can see it in his eyes!”
  16. 16. “I’m gonna keep my eye on you boy. But that doesn’t mean I like you.”“Well sir. You will. I know it.”He’s a good kid. Doesn’t back down. I like it.
  17. 17. Mmm 4 neat points. A rarity in this house. You’re like a freak of nature!“Um.. Thank you?”No… Thank you.
  18. 18. It’s my wedding day! Which means I get to invite my whole family! Ooowhat’s that?? David thinks Laura is hot!Oh yeah right. I’ve seen the bolts he and Amanda have. They can’t goanywhere without making out!
  19. 19. The guest list.Right to left: David, Ivy Copur, Laura, and Amanda. I think Dennis is inthe back.
  20. 20. This is the same kid from the first chapter that went to a bar withAdam and Tara! Wow he has some awful luck at this house!Not only did he pass out… But he peed himself too!
  21. 21. “What if my kid is like that? I don’t want a mini alcoholic child! PleaseChan! SAVE THE BABY!!!!!”Don’t worry. This kid is a special breed. I have literally no idea what hisproblem is. I’ve never seen such a defective townie! Anyway, you don’tneed to fret on such things right now. Go get married!!!
  22. 22. “Can I kiss you yet?”“Not yet. Just wait.”“… …. …. Now?”
  23. 23. “No not now.”“Are you my wife yet?”*gives ring* “Yes yes!! Kiss me now!!”“Sheesh, you don’t have to be so pushy!”
  24. 24. “Is this what goes on to the children in this house?? The horror! I used towant to be in this family, but I’m not so sure now.”Well honey, you have no choice. I’ve played uber far ahead and you getmarried to one of the spare kids. So… Get used to the idea of havingsome mini alcoholic babies.
  25. 25. “You two are gross you know that?! There is a child passed out in yourkitchen and all you can think about is kissing??”“Mm… Yup pretty much. All this wedding stuff has me thinking about ourwedding. More importantly our honeymoon.”“Oooo Vaquero! Um maid, do you mind giving us some privacy?”“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do! From now on I’m on the BPS”“BPS?”“Baby Prevention Squad. YOU GUYS DON’T NEED ANY BABIES!”
  26. 26. No real reason for this picture… I just thought it was kinda funny…All in all it was a good party.Sports
  27. 27. Bonding
  28. 28. And the doohickey. I’m glad you got pregnant before you left becauseonce you get back it’s all meditation from here!“No WooHoo??”“There needs to be WooHoo.”Of course there does Laura. But Hailey you’re already pregnant andyour mother was an awful pregnant Family sim.. You’re a pleasuresim… It’s not worth the risk.
  29. 29. “What I miss?”Nothing kid… Just go home. Maybe it would be best if you didn’t comeback to this house… Things don’t go well when you do.“What do you mean?? I just took a nap on a water bed right??”If that’s what keeps Child Protective Services away. Then that’s thestory we’ll go with!
  30. 30. “…She’s all grown up now and I’m slowly coming to terms with it..”“Well good Adam. You both deserve that. And I met Zack. He’s a goodkid, you’d like him. I heard he told Dennis in college that he’d kill him if hehurt Hailey.” “Did he now? Hmm… Thanks Andrea. You’ve been areal pal through the years.”“Ah, don’t you go off getting sappy on me Sundown! Now let’s get out ofthis bathroom. We weren’t even in here originally. Chan just wanted totake some crafty pictures.”
  31. 31. “Mom mom! Look at the truck.”“What, why Laura?”“Just look!”“*sigh* Fine but- … Oh my!”“Right??? There was WooHoo after all! SCORE!”“Hehehe, I remember when your father and I-”“OH GOD MOM!!!! *runs*”
  32. 32. “Finally!”If you look in the background, Tara and Laura are still outside talking. Ihave no idea how it becomes night in such a short period of time but itdoes!
  33. 33. “I can’t believe we’re going to be parents…”“Me neither, crazy isn’t it?”“Completely. There’s a little person in here! I can’t wait to meet them.”“Me either. I hope it’s a boy. I grew up with girls. I could really go for aboy.”“I think I’d like a baby girl. They’re easier to handle.”“Not when we’re hormonal!”“Pft.. Don’t I know it..” “What was that?” “Love you!”
  34. 34. “You have nice abs!”“Little old me??? Thank you! I work hard to get-”“Yeah yeah yeah. Just teach my husband how to work out, will ya? Theold man sweater I can cope with. But the flab, is where I draw the line!”
  35. 35. “Shoes. Nikes. Jordans. Reeboks.”“Hmm… I’m listening…”“Sports. Football. Baseball. Rugby.”“Ok… Ok….”“Money. Stock market. Cash. Dough.”“Alright, you have my attention. Go.”
  36. 36. “Listen sir. I fell in love with your daughter at college. Even when I knewshe was seeing other men, I still fell in love with her. Even though therewas a chance that she may not pick me, I still tried. I couldn’t help it. AndI’ve been the happiest man alive since she picked me to marry. Look, Iknow you feel like I’m taking your daughter, but I’m not. I think you’re agreat man for raising such a beautiful woman and it would make herextremely happy if we were friends. I’m really not a bad guy once you getto know me. So I’d like to put the past to rest and start over; clean slate.”
  37. 37. “Hmm….”“Uh huh.”“Mm hmmm…”“Right, right.”“Hm.”“Ok…”
  38. 38. “I like you kid. You have spunk and you clearly love my little girl. So I’mwillin’ to let bygones be bygones and attempt a friendship out of thiswhole thing.”“That’s great! Thank you sir!”“But remember this: I built the house I was born in. Killing you andmaking it look like an accident is child’s play…. Now let’s get some grub!”“…Yes sir……”
  39. 39. “I’m friends with your dad!”“Really?? That’s amazing, I’m so proud of you Zack.”“Haha thank you. It was no easy feat that’s for sure.”“Well it’s good you did it before the baby got here.”“True. No need to raise a baby in chaos!”“Exactly… Umm Zack…”
  40. 40. “Yes, sweet?”“I’ve been thinking… And I don’t feel very nice when I’m pregnant.”“Well I understand that. I mean yesterday you yelled at me because Ididn’t it would be cloudy outside. I mean… You don’t even go outside!”“Not what I meant honey.”“Oh… What did you mean then?”
  41. 41. “I mean… Do you still think I’m hot?”“What?”“On the outside. I mean, do you still find me attractive? I’m huge!”“Of course I do! I’m not shallow honey, and you’re not fat anyway. I thinkyou’re beautiful! Even when you burst into tears because you thinkpotato chips have such an unhappy life.”
  42. 42. “And if it makes you feel better, I’d make out with you even if youweren’t my wife.”“Aww really?”“Of course! Now let’s finish these burgers and I’ll prove it to you.”
  43. 43. I’m soooo pregnant. Ughhhhh. I’m going to love this baby, but I’ll lovethem even more when they don’t make me so freaking fat!
  44. 44. “Ooo just think Adam. We’re going to be grandparents soon!”“I know… I still remember when I held Hailey for the first time.”“You were so afraid you were going to drop her. *sighs*”“Those were the good days.”
  45. 45. “Well hey now, there are still good days to come! Just think, we get toraise more babies! Then we get to see our old babies be successful!”“When you say it like that, it makes me realize just how much we have tolook forward to. I actually can’t wait to play with a baby again. I missseeing their little feet when they learn to walk.”“That’s the spirit!
  46. 46. “But what I really loved about the babies… Was making them with such abeautiful woman.”“Aw Adam..”“I swear, as long as I live, there will never be another woman I love morethan you. From the moment you called me and invited me on a randomdowntown trip, I loved you. Always have, always will.”
  47. 47. If I don’t love them… I’m not capable of love! They’re so. Darn. CUTE!!!
  48. 48. “You know… Even though we can’t have kids anymore… We can still gothrough the motions…”“SAY NO MORE!”
  49. 49. “They don’t call me “The Law” for nothing!” or“I made the rules last night huh?” or“I banged that gavel!”This has been Which Line is it Anyway?: Dirty Edition
  50. 50. I had Tara retire. They had plenty of money coming in and thegrandparents need to stay home with the babies anyway.
  51. 51. This is one of the first times I’ve ever been able to catch a slow dancetwirl!!! Even though her phone kind of ruins the shot, I’m glad I caughtit!Their hands kind of make a heart!
  52. 52. “When you grow up, the WooHoo is amazing!”
  53. 53. “ZACK!!! ZACK!!!! WAKE UP!!!!”“Dad, you know it’s my job to yell at him right.”“Huh? Oh that wasn’t you yelling?”“No dad, that was you.”“I’m coming Adam!!! I’m up!!! We’re gonna have this baby!!”
  54. 54. Yes Zack… This was the WooHoo.
  55. 55. “Umm…. What kind of skin tone is this?”…I really have no idea where it came from… No one has that skin… Butshe has Adam’s eyes and Zack’s hair sooo… she’s definitely yours.“Well I love her anyway. Shiny skin and all.”Thus Kristen Devereaux came into the world… a new, shiny baby.
  56. 56. “NO NO ZACK!”“Sorry Pop, I was here first.”‘I pick dad anyway. He’s faster grandpa.’“NO! I WANT TO FEED HER!!”“Tough stuff. I beat you to her. You can have the next one.”“Don’t you touch that baby Zachary. There will be hell to… Ok, you canlower the crib but don’t… Alright you have her in your hands but handher to… don’t you walk out of here…”
  58. 58. “My dad said you stole our baby from him.”“Darn right I did! He moved too slow!”‘Dad’s a hero!’
  59. 59. “We may seem a little mad at times little one, but it’s just because welove you. Sure there was a little surprise when you were born, as to whyyou were so shiny, but now we just love that about you. There will neverbe a shortage of love for you here, I promise. Unless of course you wokeup one day, unshiny… Then we may have a problem. But for now!”
  60. 60. I will be first this time.She’s not even awake anymore Adam.That’s just how first I am.
  61. 61. “Don’t worry little one. There will be plenty of time to spend with yourgrandpa. See, your daddy still has to go to work! That means I just haveto fight off your grandmother for you and she should be better easy totear away. Just give her some shoes and she’s lost for hours!”
  62. 62. “I got a promotion so I’m home early! That means I get to spend moretime with you!”*aside from Adam* “NO ZACK!!! IT’S MY TIME!!! GO DO SOMETHINGPRODUCTIVE!”“Grandpa is so silly when he yells nonsense, isn’t he darling?”
  63. 63. You look possessed when you turn pregnant.“Gee, thanks. That just makes me feel loads better about gaining 30pounds out of nowhere.”I don’t know why you’re upset. You clearly still have abs. Which defiesall laws of fatness.
  64. 64. “Honey, why are you just standing in front of Kristen’s crib?”“I’m waiting.”“For?”“For her to wake up. Zack’s beaten me too many times. I’m taking thingsup a notch.”“You know, other people want to spend time-”“NO! I will feed her bottles! My shiny grandbaby!”
  65. 65. “Grandpa is crazy isn’t he?? Don’t worry. He just really loves you.Nothing crazy about that. If he seems a little weird sometimes, don’tmind it. That’s just grandpa showing affection!”
  66. 66. Dennis always lets himself in and as you can see, I really didn’t changehis clothes.I love when passerby just let themselves in and go play this game.It makes us like 5 bucks a second! So Dennis is good at being somethingother than an eye sore!
  67. 67. Oh no Dennis… You better hope your father isn’t home..“Why?”He’ll have a fit if he sees you feeding Kristen.“Oh, he’ll get over it. She’s so shiny! Who could resist??”
  68. 68. “So Lucy. I guess the BPS didn’t really work huh?”“We’re in the planning stage right now actually. We’re more abouttalking about doing things than actually doing them.”“You know, we’re not actually bad parents… That Orlando kid just hasawful luck.”
  69. 69. “But had you guys built more bathrooms, he at least wouldn’t have peedhimself! And who invites a child to a bar?? No, the BPS is strongly neededand we’re going to make sure we rid the world of bad parents.”“Well… who’s actually in the BPS right now?”“Including me?”“Sure.”“Me.”
  70. 70. “How do you expect to accomplish anything worth while with just oneperson in a group?”“Don’t you worry about that Mr. Dennis. That’s in my plans!”“Well… At least you have aspirations, Lucy.”“Thank you!”
  71. 71. “…You do steal babies.”“She’s mine!”“For now young one… For now…”
  72. 72. Birthday time. There is no party, as she’s just a baby and parties takeeffort.So just Adam, Hailey, and Dennis in attendance.
  73. 73. She grows up and once again has no nose! Man Tara’s mini schnoze haslasted for 3 generations!!!“Well I think she’s beautiful!”She’s a cute kid, I just don’t know how she breathes.Stats: 4/9/4/4/6Yay! Neat points!! And more outgoing sims. I don’t think I’ve had oneshy sim yet in this family!
  74. 74. The Dora the Explorer haircut just does nothing for me. Give her to hermother.“But I’m teaching her to walk!! She’s two types of shiny!!!!!”You can have her back Adam. I chose you to teach her to walk anyway.I just don’t want to keep looking at that hair.“Well… It isn’t custom and hip…. Ok! But I want her right back!”
  75. 75. Post makeover. Much better.“Yeah, I am pretty great at doing hair aren’t I?”Err…. Well…“Thank you!”“Then I kicked the ball right in his face!”“OHMIGAWD THAT’S AWFUL!!!”
  76. 76. “I know it seems like I haven’t been around you often but don’t worrylittle one.. I still love you. Just as much as your obsessive grandfather.”“Mmm!”“Aww thank you sweetheart!”
  77. 77. Hailey teaches Kris to poop.
  78. 78. Zack teaches her the ins and outs of a high chair.
  79. 79. Then he steals a few tickles before he puts her down for the night.There’s something about Kristen’s face… It looks youthful but old atthe same time. I don’t think I’ve ever used that skin tone before!
  80. 80. I know my time is coming up now that generation two is here… It’s anodd thought. I still remember getting into this legacy.Making fun of Adam’s bed…Running the house while Adam was at work…I can’t wait to teach this new generation all I know.It’s nice to see this legacy get going when I first believed it was a crackpot dream of a crazy cowboy…
  81. 81. Hm… I have a grandchild. With another on the way. That’s… That’s all Icould hope for in life.That’s all I wanted when I decided to start this family. A successful houseand a successful job so I could raise a family. Now look at me. I have fourbeautiful kids and 1 and a half grandkids.It’s nice to just take a moment like this though. Have a bit of peace, quiet,and solitude…I’ve made a pretty good life for myself and my loves.
  82. 82. They did this autonomously. I thought it was pretty adorable so Ithought I’d make it important.It’s true, though. These two hardly ever separate from each other.When they do it’s because I tell them to do something besides displaytheir 4 bolts.
  83. 83. “GRANDPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”“Yes Sparky?”“LEMME OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUTTTT!!!”“It was a lot cuter when you didn’t cause such a ruckus, little one.”“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!”“And that means nothing to you. Alright! Let’s go.”
  84. 84. Sparky’s favorite activity. Learning? Never. I’d rather eat the blocks!
  85. 85. Just to show that Zack is moving up steadily through the Law career!He should be permaplat pretty soon now.
  86. 86. “My whole family loves Sims City. It’s so much better than Sims 3.”“What? That’s insane, Hailey. Sims 3 kicks Sims City’s ass.”“OH YEAH THREE POINTS!”“How can you lie so freely??”
  87. 87. “Lie? It’s in the facts! Sims 3 got a much better rating and Sim Informercalled it “Best thing since sliced bread” while Humans said it was “Soreal, I talk to them!”“WHAT?? I’ve never heard such baloney. Sims City got great remarks.Why, Chicago said: “It’s not so cold here” and New York said: “It makesyou forget the stink.”“Oh come on ref… bad call…”
  88. 88. “Sims 3 is better on all fronts.”“NO WAY Sims City is SOOOO MUCH BETTER!”“THAT RETCH OF A GAME? BLECH I’VE SEEN BABY FOOD WITH A BETTERCOMPOSITION.”“NONSENSE! Mom what do you think?”
  89. 89. “BOOOOOO WADE!!”“MOM!”“Good shot Durant!!”“MOOOOM!!!”
  90. 90. “MOTHER! Tell Zack that Sims City beats Sims 3 any day!!!”“ UGH! I’M GOING TO WATCH THE GAME IN MY ROOM!”“…”“…”“Sims City craps on sims 3!”“Sims 3 is ahead of Sims City by every city ever built in theWORLD.”
  91. 91. “Don’t worry little one… When you come out, we’re going to play loadsof Sims 3.”“So that you can see how crappy it is. Then we’re going to play Sims Cityso that you know what a real game looks like.”
  92. 92. Thank the gods this baby is coming now! When I say Hailey was aboutto die… I mean, I’ve never seen such a florescent red Plumbbob! Likeever!!! That shade of red is gorgeous, just not when it’s floating abovemy pregnant sims!
  93. 93. “Stay there, baby. Mommy needs to eat…. Or sleep.. The sparkies look socozy… Maybe just a tiny nap… Hey Mr. Sparkies.. Mommy is just going totake a little snooze on you… Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you…”
  94. 94. “This one isn’t as shiny. But I still call feeding dibs.”“You can’t call dibs. I called anti dibs, so it’s all up for grabs!”“*SNORE*”“But Taraaaaa.”“No buts! You hogged Kristen, you’re not going to hog Gabby.”“*siiiigh* Fiiiine.”“*SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEE*”
  95. 95. Elsewhere: Spare babies grow up. No glitchy picture this chapter, Iknow I know.The theme of the spares: Natural Twins.That’s Ivy and Dennis’ kid… Mona or Lisa. See what I did there?Either way, this is the one who looks exactly like Ivy.
  96. 96. I think that’s Danner.He’s one of Amanda and David’s boys.I wanted them to have two boys so I had to exit without saving at least5 times, no joke. Either it was two girls or 1 girl and a boy or I justdidn’t like the skin tone. In the end I just decided to SimPE it. He looks exactly like David it’s ridiculous.
  97. 97. The girl in the back is either Mona or Lisa. We’ll call her Lisa. She tookmore so after Dennis and Adam.The boy in the front is Danner’s brother, Davin. (I think)But Next Time: Do we ever find out where Kristen’s skin tone comesfrom?? Do Zack and Adam come to some kind of agreement over whofeeds Gabby?? And which of the spare babies do I fall absolutely in lovewith because he’s so hot??? Find out all this and less, next time!Thanks for reading!