lesson to be learn ship channel ism code clean ship fire fighting appliances life saving appliances ffa lsa marpol 73/78 safety management system isps code garbage management plan clean seas required continuous improvement marine inspector port state control psc latihan sekoci man over board rill boat drill life boat drill drill on board communication on board ship in distress abandonship drill cadets swot analysis safety of life at sea code of safe working practice for the seafarers international convention solas risk assessment safety healthy and environment execute the task safely control the risk assess the risk look for hazaards pause marine environment protection garbage record book plastic at sea garbage disposal fire drill onboard oil pollution prevention fire fihting appliances ballast water management convention safety security threat training on board ctp fortune take 5 palce international ships & port facilities security co solas ch. v container solas and ism code internal verification manuevering casp 6.1 be a profesional seafarer i wanna break through this is how i train the joining crew on board my s
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