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2022 CalAPA Spring Educational Workshop presentation on eTicketing

  1. e-Ticketing: The Digital Road Ahead Matthew Valle VP Industry Relations, HaulHub | Public Engagement Lead, National Construction Materials e-Ticketing Task Force CalAPA “Tech Tune Up” Educational Workshop Orange County 5 April 2022
  2. Once a Leader in Innovation, Construction Is Now a Distant Follower Source: Stanford University 1 Cumulative real growth in the United States, %, 1947–2010 Non-farm industries Construction US 0 100 200 300 1960 1980 2000 2010 Labor Productivity Index Agriculture Manufacturing Retail Construction Land assembly and automation for scale Advanced bioengineering to increase yields ~1940s ~2016 Key Advances Entirely new concepts of flow Modularized and standardized designs Aggressively automated to increase production Utilized scale advantages and cutting-edge logistics to provide affordable goods to the masses Limited improvements in technological capabilities, production methods, and scale Construction Has Some Catching Up to Do
  3. The Journey to Digitize Construction is Long and Hard
  4. Quickly Growing Ecosystem of Solutions
  5. Federal Support for Digital Delivery ● Bipartisan Infrastructure Law- H.R. 3684
  6. BIM for Infrastructure
  7. Current EDC Round 43+ State DOTs Moving ahead with e-Ticketing as an initiative in 2021 ● THE most adopted EDC Initiatives EVER ● Everybody agrees, paper is a real pain Immediate value in: ● Transparency Across Stakeholders ● Risk Reduction from Engineers Moving Around Construction Operations to Collect Paper Slips ● Data standardization to build future e-Construction efforts
  8. Industry Rally for Practical e-Ticketing ●Source NAPA Annual Business Meeting Presentation, Scottsdale, AZ 23 Jan 2022 Digital Construction is defined as commercially proven digital technologies and processes for management of construction and engineering activities, including systems for infrastructure project procurement, planning and coordination, construction, digital as-builts, e-Ticketing, operations and maintenance, modernization and management, asset management systems for machines, site equipment, and personnel.
  9. What Exactly is an e-Ticket? ● From FHWA’s website: Providing all stakeholders with an electronic means to produce, transmit, and share materials data and track and verify materials deliveries enhances safety, streamlines inspections, and improves contract administration processing. Using electronic ticket exchanges enables access via mobile devices and simplifies handling and integration of material data into construction management systems for acceptance, payment, and source documentation.
  10. What an e-Ticket Isn’t?
  11. As an Industry, We’ve Been Here Before… • Electronic Bidding Now the Norm • Needed to Change Mindset and Perceptions • It’ll be hard • We don’t have the software or hardware • Our competitors will see our bids • We can’t teach our estimators how to do this, they’ve done it the same way for too long • Most States now thriving with electronic bidding and the benefits it brings
  12. Construction Materials Undergoing a Similar Process… Look Familiar???
  13. 13 For Producers with IT Resources not Using HaulHub Asphalt Plant 1 Asphalt Plant 2 Asphalt Plant n Ready-mix Plant 1 Ready-mix Plant 2 Ready-mix Plant n Quarry 1 Quarry 2 Quarry n e-Ticket PORTAL Consolidated Asphalt Point of Sale Data Consolidated Ready-mix Point of Sale Data Consolidated Aggregate Point of Sale Data Contractor Aggregate e-Ticketing Vendor Contractor Ready-mix e-Ticketing Vendor Contractor Asphalt e- Ticketing Vendor Applying Ingenuity to “Solve” e-Ticketing • Silicon Valley Doesn’t Necessarily Understand Construction • The best ideas on how to do this come from innovative contractors, producers, and owners • Everyone in this room has a voice and can help shape the future of construction • The landscape a connected construction is rapidly changing
  14. States Are Moving Rapidly
  15. DelDOT Took the Bull by the Horns Industry Partnering • Keep it Simple • Weekly Tactical Discussions • Connection Options by Sophistication
  16. Happening in Indiana… Project Overview: • Project Owner: Indiana DOT • General Contractor: Phend & Brown • Completion Date: May 2023 • Amount: $21.2 M • Project Scope: 13.7 Mile asphalt resurfacing and bridge replacement on US 30 in Kosciusko County Indiana
  17. Collaboration between producers, contractors, public agencies and technology vendors is paramount for success INDOT’s e-Ticketing Portal Ready-Mix Producer for US 30 Project GC and Asphalt Producer GC’s e-Ticketing and TMS Provider Ready-mix producer’s telematics and e-Ticketing Provider A Collaborative Effort
  18. Happening in Vermont… Project Overview: • Project Owner: Vermont Agency of Transportation • General Contractor: Pike Industries • Completion Date: Fall 2022 • Amount: $19.1 M • Project Scope: Resurface VT 113 in Chelsea, Vershire, West Fairlee and Thetford, beginning at the VT 110/113 intersection and extending easterly 14.824 miles to the intersection of VT 113/244 The Challenges and Lessons Learned: Rural Vermont with Limited to No Cell Coverage Looked at various connectivity solutions • WiFi hotspots along corridor • Starlink Solution to provide hybrid solution to sync field info to cloud
  19. It Makes Business Sense in California • One of the last Part of Granite’s Process not Digital • Initial Pandemic Push • 700k Ton Sacramento Project • 8x8 room with 4’ high stack
  20. Keys to Success • Keep it Simple • Collaborate (Owners, Contractors, Suppliers, Technology Partners) • Iterate and Innovate • 2-Way Street
  21. Unlocking the Data There is a lot of Value to Private Sector: - Field crews can see live loads off the scale (Paving guys LOVE THIS) - Real Time Yield Check - Project Managers can track materials for estimates w/o tracking down paper slips The Value to you: -You’re are now easier to do business with -Streamline payments - Reduced Administrative burden - Keeping Folks out of Harms Way - Tap into insights never before available Photo's courtesy MassDOT and Alabama DOT
  22. The Coming Challenge • 41% of the Workforce set to retire in the next decade • New Graduates looking to tech companies • Fortunately, STEM in high school provides a great foundation for success in the era of high-tech construction
  23. Getting Going
  24. WHAT’S AHEAD IN 2022? Caltrans is moving towards an all-electronic ticketing program which will eliminate paper tickets associated with Hot Mix Asphalt to eventually include Aggregate and Ready-Mix tickets. As the construction industry seeks innovative ways to enhance productivity, reduce environmental impacts and become safer, we look forward to working with our trusted contractors and supplier/producers to facilitate the digital transformation of the industry. Caltrans e-Ticketing Factsheet WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR CALTRANS CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL SUPPLIERS? We are offering the following three options to help make this transition as seamless as possible*: For Producers with existing e-Ticketing Solutions (209) 607-8789 Producers will POST data to an API with an authorized user key. HaulHub will publish technical documentation for your use. For Producers with Internal IT Resources Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 For Producers with Limited to No IT Resources and no e-Ticketing Solution Your current e-ticketing vendor will POST data to an API similar to the one above Caltrans have secured basic IT services to get your operations up and running at no cost to you. One software license per Supplier/Producer will be provided. This assumes that your ticket data is centrally located in one database. If your plant systems are not consolidated into one central database, you might require additional IT services.* For More Information Contact: *Disclaimer: Producer/Supplier assumes all costs associated with modernizing their systems to meet this requirement beyond what is outlined in option 3.
  25. Currently Connected Producers • Teichert • Granite (All Regions) • Graniterock • George Reed • Matich Corporation • Griffith Company • Bowman Asphalt • Knife River
  26. How to Get Going ● Available on all Caltrans projects ● Draft Change Order to include e-ticketing on contract ● Notify Contractor of desire to use e–ticketing ● For more information visit: •
  27. Task Force Leadership
  28. Getting Involved & Learning More
  29. e-Ticketing Change Order Memo