segmentation security steganography feature extraction wavelet transform face recognition image processing classification artificial neural network authentication dwt encryption ofdm genetic algorithm cryptography svm mimo digital forensics machine learning edge detection pattern recognition performance denoising biometrics fuzzy logic dct image compression data mining clustering watermarking information security natural language processing vector quantization neural network fusion digital image processing psnr pattern matching cloud computing network security image registration object detection neural networks deep learning wimax routing robustness independent component analysis computer vision image fusion sift principal component analysis image segmentation fractional fourier transform fft lattice reduction gene expression covid-19 software engineering thresholding ber cognitive radio hidden markov model cbir multimodal prediction aodv compression semantic web lms contourlet transform image enhancement mse reversible data hiding adaptive filter mobile computing chattering phenomenon matlab speckle noise biometric surf wireless sensor networks ids image encryption histogram privacy behavior analysis sentiment analysis text mining hough transform discrete wavelet transform image processing. pca k-means digital image watermarking decryption remote sensing data hiding iot ediscovery firm performance corporate governance transfer learning intrusion detection systems systematic literature review user experience nlp qos throughput quality of service eeg speech gaussian mixture model speaker recognition papr spectrum sensing mobile security template matching wavelet packet transform image analysis entropy steganalysis numerical simulation simulink modeling fuzzy c-means ontology electroencephalogram (eeg) iris recognition feature selection attacks localization imperceptibility grid computing genetic algorithms artificial intelligence sensors som detection information hiding simulation color image segmentation discrete cosine transform gabor filter principal component analysis (pca) motion estimation magnetic resonance imaging object tracking ann support vector machines fuzzy inference system median filter haar wavelet principle component analysis point cloud energy fuzzy sliding mode controller sliding mode controller medical imaging texture analysis preprocessing algorithm molecular docking manet wlan data cleaning hierarchical clustering bioinformatics trust peak signal to noise ratio corpus linguistics vanet android adaptive threshold digital watermarking interpolation fingerprint bandwidth digital evidence knowledge creation information extraction complex k-best algorithm phishing image denoising filtering fuzzy gpu support vector machine smmes ai productivity autonomous driving evasion attacks adversarial attacks fuzzing software quality mobile forensics human computer interaction affective states smart home smart and assisted living affect aware systems applications mobile devices dynamic analysis static analysis malware detection social media corporate social responsibility (csr) msb participatory ergonomics kambaata language. stemming algorithm rule-based stemmer kambaata stemmer sequence video classification scoring survey data data editing classification models airplane crashes work organization survey embedded system quicksort corpus standard arabic phonetic transcription phonetization morphological analyzer and generator. setswana chirp anova reverse engineering usability human factors point cloud library point data pre-processing. clahe simulator performance evaluation multicast vehicular ad hoc networks it gps congestion control connectivity multi-hop ieee 802.11n ipt forwarding wireless backhaul networks mimo-ofdm count-to-infinity network convergence network reliability wireless mesh networks internet network qos internet of things access control list firewall spectrum sharing umts linear predictive coding product code vector quantizers consistency signal classification spectral analysis analysis voice activity detector field programmable gate array (fpga) digital phase locked loop (dpll) read only memory (rom) speech enhancement adaptive filtering fuzzy c-means clustering ce-ofdm cpm channel estimation synthesis snr statistical modeling thrsholding function teager energy operator lms algorithm scheduling performance analysis odmrp maodv black hole attack wireless network access points wireless luminance grid security reputation integrity functional magnetic resonance imaging data embedding offline signature verification optical character recognition (ocr) parallel processing wavelet analysis image clustering jpeg convolution code face detection radon transform accuracy assessment ocr computed tomography iterative gaussian noise walsh transform artifacts reversible watermarking image quality assessment canny edge detection monitoring and surveillance wavelets character recognition corner detection precision and recall monitoring gprs robot manipulator pitch optimization distributed algorithm control hybrid feedback mems infrastructure bayesian networks traveling salesman problem sequential constructive crossover breast cancer verification similarity signature verification wavelet transformation graphical user interface personality adaptive interpolation soft thresholding lifting wavelet transform unscented kalman filter electroencephalography (eeg) electrodes iris patterns & brain waves signal processing neuro image coding mobility management manets network scenarios mobility patterns agents short message service computer security kfcg speaker identification process migration voice watershed transform computer networks distributed systems drug discovery effectiveness car-following evacuation time diligent drivers agent drivers search engine wsn cloud security scada ecg spike sorting modulation classification noise cancellation dsp kit tms320c6713. nlms dsp instantaneous frequency estimation continuous wavelet transform key management confidentiality security issues hill cipher active shape model mutual information stereo matching cycle spinning comparison digitization super-resolution canny lossy compression image reconstruction lossless compression blind source separation change detection super resolution medical image compression feature space fast fourier transform (fft) particle swarm optimization (pso) recognition rate superpixels orientation fcm watermarking. stenography facial expressions lesion object recognition correlation coefficient image restoration optical flow video processing copyright protection fourier transform pre-processing nearest neighbour image quality image retrieval handwritten character recognition noise reduction graph theory threshold hvs simulink. image transform ssim mathematical morphology dft thin plate cbr adaptive method sliding mode control fir filter measurements scm registration singular value decomposition diffusion dicom confusion mri multimodal biometrics brain computer interface electroencephalogram retrieval metrics covariance matrix honeypot decision support congestion network performance taxonomy alert classification fuzzy logic control wavelet cluster wiki collaboration design information technology filter bank data security virtualization distortion huffman encoding mfcc wavelet packet bitcoin security protocol multi-agent system big data kinect human computer interaction. cloud gaussian distribution. correlation compressive sensing gabor wavelet svm. euclidian distance facial expression real time discrete cosine transform (dct) stego image dtcwt jpeg2000 image rgb speckle image contrast enhancement histogram equalization image watermarking image registration. histogram. supply chain molecular dynamics concrete rbc classification malaria detection hsv information quality metric peak signal-to-noise ratio (psnr) lbs m-commerce ipv4 ipv6 fast handover mobile ip handover latency link layer information embedded systems kernel real-time k-nearest neighbor spatial domain security. network south africa mobile learning knowledge loss knowledge sharing agile software development serial elastic actuator bond graph adc usability testing artificial neural networks smes iterative soft decoding se enumeration. evolutionary algorithm gis information retrieval identity linking email fraud ar model prediction. solar cell energy exascale computing cuda parallelism alert management reduction of false positive alerts empirical studies. object-oriented modelling conceptual design sdlc software design unified modelling language (uml) function modelling information presentation wearable augmented reality transfer of care latency. internet protocol television (iptv) multiple-access edge computing (mec) software-defined networking (sdn) voice over ip (voip). sip security session initiation protocol (sip) implicit least squares. direct computation method high precision carrier phase double differencing cerebral small vessel disease. vessel enhancement signal-to-noise ratio time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography cerebrovascular segmentation security testing. grammar analysis software testing testability. flexibility reusability extensibility modularity modifiability maintainability mvc architecture supply chain. pharmaceutical industries network optimization models critical infrastructure business institutional communication. crisis management young adults topic fatigue vaccination hesitancy government information behavior small and medium sized dairy processing firms. strategic learning cash flow cash flow statement business decision making determinants firm autonomy mncs usage plastic bags cape metropole profitability sin tax digital technologies museums stress working hours delphi method qualitative prediction w&b dhc-6 seaplanes mobile java tfidf plagiarism approximate interferon sars gene set enrichment analysis meta-analysis pathway activity poisson distribution machine-learning sport football legal analytics digital forensic analytics electronic stored information technical english teaching multi-word lexical units (mwlus) lexical competencies risk assessment models risk assessment byod django framework lstm audit quality and governance risks social environment women on boards board dynamics environmental protection stock market index economy naive bayes classifier sentimental analysis network forensics network attack detection supervised learning accounts apology crisis communication trust repair microaneurysms diabetic retinopathy mathematical morphological operation retina optic disc retina image materials benchmarks technologies fet arrangement mjpeg obstacle avoidance security camera robotics live streaming video surveillance facial component detection hog features facial expression recognition support vector machine (svm) histogram of oriented gradients (hog) component complementary pair insertion substitution evidence management electronically stored information (esi) data predictive data mining hiv genetic evolutionary algorithms leaf parent aggregation gain aggregation time online transactions fraud detection spelling correction dutch inclusion covid19 digital transformation living and working environments thematic analysis publication research management open governance crowdsourcing public value new public governance public innovation informal sector economic factors residential mortgage italy fragile five countries financial crises topsis method soundness of financial institutions financial fragility software projects project success requirements engineering practices gulf cooperation council requirements engineering relational grammar link grammar syntactic analysis greek language cost-effective power equipment industrial voltage sag tracking. optical flow technique faster r-cnn. ssd cyclist detection pedestrian detection image degradation dynamic and hybrid detection. static secondary school. teacher principal capacity building economic modeling. aicc bic aic elastic net ridge lasso penalized regression stochastic approximation. hilbert space linear monotone operator decision tree. smart grid malware cyberattack kalman filter. gaussian mixture child monitoring gpgpu connected component labeling keyboard design. rsi trinity design msd ergonomic keyboard nitrile. latex glove fit donning medical examination gloves model transformation. multidimensional design pattern multidimensional canonical partitioning model driven engineering function point analysis. cyber physical systems secure tropos software reliability organizational practices. technical practices cybersecurity data breach crack detection. convolutional neural network modern greek. food and beverage sector aspect-level pronouns. linking verbs concordances computer linguistics organizational culture. emergency culture shock acculturation process model. society regulations decision makers hash function. authentication system laplace mask iris features fuzzy clustering neural networks. student performance speed tracking car plate recognition variational mode decomposition (vmd) non-stationary culling blind source separation (bss) global positioning system interferer rapid application model agile big bang v-model spiral waterfall fbprophet arima time series forecasting software defects shell scripting interactive shell command-line console bash adaptive learning real-time systems perclos healthcare workers musculoskeletal disorders architectural maturity model legacy code software erosion software maintenance architecture erosion software architecture technology and trust risk direct voice input smart contracts. blockchain smart car. misbehavior detection systems cooperative intelligent transportation systems dram. sram flash memory solid-state drives (ssd) maodv protocol. aodv protocol wireless network(vanets) association algorithms confusion matrices arabic corpus analysis tools arabic corpus resources mobile chatting. yoruba language english language rule-based machine translation corpus-based machine translation computational linguistics semantic similarity measures. concept context arabic semantic relation extraction arabic nlp relation extraction specific domain corpus. arabic term extraction concept extraction arabic language processing arabic ontology ontology construction hurricane. principle component regression (pcr) precipitable water vapor (pwv) gnss meteorology thresholding surface gradient minimization active surface line tracking roughness wrinkle combination icloud cloudiot taint analysis binary analysis concolic execution concrete execution symbolic execution association rules solar flares reasoning transportation proximity smart city bovw encoding methods deep learning models shallow models interdisciplinary leadership business communication business transformation complex theories management innovation robust optimal control robotic manipulator particle swarm optimization method super twisting control firefly algorithm electromyography (emg) muscle activity joint kinematics video gaming mathematics education rich tasks co-operative work education ergonomics decibels radiologist steganographic coop. co-op co-operatives agriculture cooperatives social engineering solutions social engineering tools security policies social engineering measures social engineering threats incident forensics electronic stored information (esi) electronic discovery reference model (edrm) weighted features tags low-level features image concept detection imbalanced dataset deep features multi-label classification cnn semantic concept detection varying psf richardson-lucy deconvolution user interest semantic gap multiple query content based image retrieval elderly people efficiency electronic round intermediary objects security guard private security thin films local pressure dissipative particle dynamics mdpd ieee 802.11ac traffic channel call drop rate call setup time call setup success rate key performance indicators statistical language model arabic part-of-speech tagger corpus-based approach the qur'an annotation euphemism lebanon obstacles women in business companies heat transfer enhancement circular tube al2o3 nanoparticles super vector machine random forest academic performance motivating environment personal goals focus positive-thinking individual-interest self-efficacy self-confidence poisoning attacks malware classification genetic transfer learning vertical accuracy height measurement alos srtm aster lidar dems total electron content elevation angle multi station ibs dcbs scale factor ldp control points distance rtk particle filter hog feature robust tracking video surveillance system communication hide binary imo viber wechat whatsapp android app file input quality techniques mutation generation grammar-based impulse noise 2d gaussian blur jaccard similarity coefficient trust-region algorithm emotion modeling emotional state incident response team cognitive security security operation center smartphone forensics nova-pca supervised classifiers easy maintenance coding xml framework extension xml programming developer productivity cloud service discover word sense disambiguation semantic search query composition cloud ontology topography apriori algorithm biometric fingerprint rsa public encryption algorithms information android forensics md5 cat map 2d-stcm user experience. motor imagery signal classification for bci eeg signal classification motor imagery bci cross validation robust classification linear discriminant classifiers classifier ensemble classifier space feature fusion hog descriptors hybrid water marking crossover adaptive mutation multi objective fitness function confidence support association rule mining existence-uniqueness conditions finite impulse-response filters image super-resolution reversible data embedding visual quality hvs characteristics reversible enhancement block matching 3d collaborative filter (bm3d) bayesian least squares gaussian scale mixtures (bl non-local means (nlm) approximate message passing (d-amp) compressive sampling matching pursuit (cosamp) basis pursuit (bp) data integrity operating systems vulnerabilities polymorphic malware optimization problem operators rule-based tweet twitter multi dialect phonological variations dialectal arabic workers safety and working conditions ohs csr stakeholders' roles rmg sector sales promotions technology adaptation e-coupon innovation behavior competitive advantage shared values corporate culture buyer performance complementary assets adaptation steel constructor h-beam bim energy-saving efficiency micro-vertical farm sheet mental housing green-roof adaptive constant false alarm rate (acfar) time-frequency domain multi-frame acoustic signal processing target spectrum signature detection k-best decoder generalized spatial modulation affective state context-awareness purchase-decision involvement re-imputation accuracy rate missing value imputation methods categorical variable edge preservation ultrasound images image frequency noise density image noise interactive image segmentation suitability level sets localized region based active contours sparse field matrix multi-kernel sift volume estimation magnetic resonance imaging (mri) brain tumor pixel value indicator. lsb segmentation. peripheral blood pixels leukocytes convolution neural network. musculoskeletal disorders. workshop work system design ergonomic analysis. solidarity economy cavitations erosion cobalt alloys gmaw cold wire client forensics. cloud storage services cloud forensics stresser dos exemplar dos similarity score denial of service flow comparison adaptive sorting. sorting and one-site coach. development cycle one-site customer extreme programming morphological analysis arabic verb forms finite-state computational morphology word correspondence alignment. afaan oromo language statistical machine translation morphological alignment. tokenisation pos-tagging arabic setswana noun morphology innovation strategy. idea management innovation capability collaboration. coordination digital supply chain sustainable business model. open business model business model innovation business model polygonal approximation canny edge computer vision.. open cv license plates lapi roc.. photogrammetry unmanned aerial vehicles drone aerial images.. borderless piece.. jigsaw puzzle square piece default mode network.. mild cognitive impairment alzheimer's disease digital data compression rate data security.. compression techniques operators.. classroom performance dynamic sitting desk university students standing desk internal component distributed cooperative system fault detection robot system awareness semantic technologies conceptual product design hidden markov models. speech segmentation probabilistic neural networks filter bank energy hand gesturing arabic sign language candescent data integrity.. rule-based. physical restraints production management.. theory of constraints labor productivity marketing theory transaction marketing relationship marketing emotional exhaustion emotional intelligence emotional labour organizational behavior service industry performance prove performance avoid job crafting public sector. learning goal generational diversity engagement baby boomers gen xers millennials business process bpmn knowledge base. meta-model patterns recovery design patterns gang of four architecture saas software customization multi-layred process algebra navigation mobile robot path planning computer supported collaborative work collaborative augmented reality sense augmentation distributed augmented reality shellsort circlesort heapsort introsort modified diminishing increment sorting swar hindi authorship transcription rules pronunciation dictionaries opinion mining fit of equation phonemes allophones statistical studies syllables allosyllables ranked frequency distribution setswana verb morphology multi-agent coverage. unmanned systems mobile sinks sound speed profile interleaving undersea links coding constraint length clutter radar.. dwt-huffman lpcdh technique.. lpc-huffman supraventricular tachycardia (svt).. mmse normal sinus rhythm (nsr) heterogeneous homogeneity.. patches fractional order wart atopic dermatitis.. skin disease sfinge synthetic fingerprint 3-d image features 3-d image segmentation lung nodule classifier.. volume growth hexagonal grid edge detection.. top-hat transform mr images automatic detection. femoral cartilage pathology type-iv crater lesions edge directed bicubic image zooming pde. totalvariation method. nesterov’s first order method low-dose cbct split bregman method fisher criterion dimensionality reduction. single image super resolution (sisr) single image semi coupled dictionary learning (si- normalized correlation. quantization sum of absolute differences approximation stereo corresponding disparity edges in color images statistical learning morphological gradient operators gaussian filter multi-scale transformation edge detection algorithms algorithm evaluation rbf-nn method active and reactive performance indices contingency analysis analytical method ranking . top de genes selection for patient clustering. inverse problem of covariance matrix patient clustering multi biometrics perceptron support vectors ensemble probability. plasmodium falciparum microscopic imagery sauvola thresholding malaria rsa encryption and decryption rsa-crt 1024 bit and 4096 bit. gaussian smoothing. image edge detection uncertain trajectory data trajectory querying applications of trajectory data mining trajectory data mining trajectory clustering implicit authentication behavioral modeling java reflection decompiler. byte code software obfuscation http protocol. wsdl soa stub skeleton cobra rmi soap protocol distributed system dynamic load balancing algorithms. data loss prevention networking virtual testbed distributed networks model checking sql. relational algebra atl web services think-aloud protocol personality dimensions. point-placement turnpike problem experimental algorithms. computational geometry second language acquisition introverts extroverts. image pyramids image blending. semantic concept based video retrieval glcm texture. key-frame extraction hsv histogram usability evaluation. machine intelligence software interface user interface user interface evaluation musculoskeletal symptoms psychosocial aspects. ergonomics interventions diversity diverse culture. recruitment policy bottle neck glass ceiling ethnic minorities testing dependency structures test case prioritization branch coverage. behavior-based intrusion detection. learning classifier. ucs. fibre channel over ethernet data centre fibre channel storage area network attack graphs network security. vulnerability analysis co-channel interference minimum mean-square error wigner distribution. multimodal. multiclass tumor multiple kernel learning cerebral mri fisher face dct coefficients selection cosine similarity. ar 2d dct occlusion. ransac normals graph-based segmentation surface detection rigid transformation image mosaicking harris corner detector correspondence point filter radial distortion ahe. he urban macro. urban micro mu-mimo otsu digital investigation formal model. onsite triage process model on-scene examination meanshift stereo vision. vlsi architecture. se enumeration satellite network vulnerabilities satellite communications satellite hacking. satellite security analysis satellite network security satellite network treats satellite network session queue multirate multicast network virtualization service-oriented architecture network service green computing server cluster energy proportional ieee 802.11 service time statistics dcf overlay networks ip multicast bandwidth analysis end-to-end delay end-system multicasting rstp opc da web maximum flow shortest path multi paths delay tolerant networks intermittent network connectivity dtn fuzzy logic system cross-layer design ad hoc dynamic network network clustering scaled coverage measure sdc emulator opportunistic networks bpsk msk queue size qam_64 bundle routing game nash equilibrium game theory probabilistic routing protocol using history of en kakutani’s theorem delay and disruption tolerant networking esprit music adaptive array active queue management wdm networks hybrid topology vlan metro ethernet spanning tree cache location management call delivery location registration fixed local anchor space-division switch reaching probabilities markov chain model cross-bar technology simulation study transition probability matrix queuing three two one greedy position based routing ebgr revival mobility model active network reconfiguration network processor dynamically adapting processor runtime adaptation scalability network protocols information efficiency time delay agent proactive mechanism routing instability failure recovery re-convergence node-to-node communication modulator networking techniques bottleneck load balancing cross layer interaction ad hoc networks sensor network ad-hoc network media traffic tfrc iptv network analytical model tcp congestion control algorithms loose coupling integration heterogeneous networks tight coupling integration umts-wlan integration vertical handoff network scalability rstp compatibility frame flooding ring flushing traffic modeling ieee 802.11a interference characterization. average packet delay stable route fuzzy controller route lifetime network planning mac address arp protocol ip protocol ethernet traffic identification internet traffic flow classification constraint based routing mpls-te multi-protocol label switching traffic engineering n jobs m machine job sequencing technique packet format qos architecture aggregation data dissemination rfid web applications tcp/ip scada (supervisory control and data acquisition) security attack/issues. prevention and detecteion system traffic characteristics. rule ordering packet filter wdm p-cycle integer linear programming (ilp) distributed cycle pre- configuration (dcpc) and sp firewall policy. firewall configuration mobile wireless sensor network time bounded essential localization markov decision process gps and gis. antenna radio interference tdma time slot assignment ieee 802.16j heuristic algorithm. secondary users. licensed users non-financial performance smes. accounting information system alignment ims sip handoff heterogeneous. eap-aka lte random numbers logic audio compression speech synthesis phones prosody standard malay personality knowledge five factor theory antenna array sidelobe cancellation ecg compression wavelet coding data glove euclidean distance. noise vibration harshness (in car) code book generation hybrid vector quantizers hidden markov models artifact hierarchical networks neural fuzzy petri net phoneme recognition brain-computer interface extracted parameter detection rate. neural classifier wavelet transforms voicing detection multi-scale automatic modulation recognition constellation diagram multifractal dimension hölder exponent wtmm earth radiation budget sattelite(erbs) singularity spectrum full text available (484.48kb) this is an open lmmse svd mutual coupling beam-forming extreme value theory bursts linear predictive coefficients voice banking line spectral frequencies eigenvalues spectral subtraction singular values decomposition noise power estimation adaptive modulation multicarrier modulation dt-cwt wpt fiber radio networks orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm). multimode optical fiber (mmof) quantum neural network ica probabilistic data association algorithm target tracking kalman filter data association digital phase-locked loop (dpll) numerically-controlled oscillator (nco) accent command f0 contour fujisaki parameters phrase command arabic tts least mean square (lms) motion artifact power line interference block lms (blms) normalized lms (nlms) cramer rao lower bound cepstrum unbiasedness convergence immune algorithm digital filters spectro-temporal domain gaussian modeling auditory model distributed sensors sensor fusion. fading distribution rayleigh fading trained symbol nakagami-m channel sample rate converter upsample-downsample filter wireless communication hrtf model hrir model principal components analysis modified haar modified daubechies dwdm system mimo-ofdm system space time coding least pth norm filter banks signalogic digital signal processor scrambler 56kbps modem cognitive radio (cr) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) ultra wideband (uwb) wavelet packet based mcm (wpmcm) hybrid algorithm maximum entropy principle (mep) newton's method maximum entropy density (maxent density) lagrangian multiplier zak transform amr fir coefficient segmentation power reduction steepest decent spt singular value periodogram a nonuniform sampled data iterative adaptive approach least-squares method volume zero cross rating end point detection voice activity detection robust speech recognition distributed speech recognition late integration reliability-ratio based weight optimization audio-visual speech recognition tonal components detection psychoacoustic modeling recurrent spiking som self-organizing spiking neurons kohonen map word recognition leaky integrators neurons fpga frequency estimator maneuvering tracking syllable classification dynamic time warping utterance syllabification automatic meter detection poetries catagorization cepstral coefficients h statistic linear prediction coefficients f statistic hard thresholding electrocardiogram r-wave detection spurious free dynamic range (sfdr) software defined radio (sfdr) cross correlation kalman gain mode-selection empirical mode decomposition fundamental frequency spectral noise belbic classification of ecg arrhythmias plc mel frequency cepstral coefficients (mfcc) wavelet filterbank. amplitude modulation (am) probability of detection qostbc m-psk social capital cameras electronic eye coding techniques rin optical fractional moments ambiguity function wireless communications dispersive channel babai's algorithm finite wordlength coefficients closest vector problem fir filter design lll algorithm hmm tts mel frequency cepstral coefficients cepstral mean subtraction gender classification partitioned convolution overlap save method crosstalk cancellation mixed filtering convolution teo energy separation algorithm fm signal mixer instantaneous frequency bwa nc-ofdm zero crossing speech recognition adaptive equalization evolutionary programming modified kaiser window bandpass filtering multirate processing spectral output net input samples decimation clusters real time system security services information privacy tlc-pp manual privacy management (mpm) community observed privacy (cop) evaluator module (pem) self-invertible matrix. time complexity umts (universal mobile telecommunication system) gsm (global system for mobile communication) encoding decoding communications and data security virtual organization policy mappings policy based authorization authorization dna profiles identification problems godfried williams adnan full text available (212.48kb) this is an open m. safa pages - 36 - 47 | revised - 05-08-2 a.w.m lung computer forensics disks fraud separation of duty constraints location hierarchy schemas. c-rbac manats multi-biometric vein parallel multipliers crypto hardware elliptic curve cryptography cryptography hardware jacobian projective coordinates modulo multipliers coefficient multicasting trust management system lsb method two dimensional discrete fourier transform modularization dominant spectral feature adoption smart card security enforcement of security people policy dimensions of security authentification cdma security practices non-operating system software users’ security management hispanic antivirus software software update identity theft medical security 3g mobile network security shuffling advanced encryption standard patent protection quadtree genetic algorithm (ga) facial feature extraction license plate recognition surface coils peak signal-to-noise ratio contrast-to-noise ratio single-scale retinex multiscale retinex object oriented urban morphology. spatial information touching characters upper zone middle zone character segmentation lower zone interface mahii stroke multi-domain heuristics. cerebrospinal fluid (csf) gray matter (gm) white matter (wm) unsupervised expectation maximization imaging surveillance consistency subset evaluator gradient vector flow field color saliency local descriptors echo state neural network intelligent segmentation back-propagation algorithm jnd histogram just noticeable difference water body multi-resolution satellite image coefficient-bias approach min-max algorithm iwt face hallucination eigen transformation frame rate video transcoding forward repeat video transcoding backward repeat global feature biometric technology local feature optical security double random phase cover-image data-hiding stego-image emd opening closing shape representation optimal thresholding complex discrete wavelet transform (cdwt) shift invariance dual-tree peak-signal-tonoise- ratio (psnr) image enhancement (ie) fuzzy logic (fl) digital image processing (dip) low resolution natural scene image texture features text region extraction medical image processing adaptive resonance theory mammography shared memory multi-core huffman coding source symbols reduction lossless image compression artificial neural networks (ann) license plate recognition (lpr) shoe mark look-up tables nearest neighbor search robust detectors pca-sift summary and highlight text detection finite state machine binarization lbg algorithm euclidean distance classifier laplacian of gaussian ( log principle component analysis (pca) independent component analysis (ica) mahalanobis distance classifier. derivative filter edge finding recognition system chain code creation training system morphology geomatrical constraints ladder domain description huma action detection audivisual screen pointing device virtual pointer detection modeling and simulation decomposition strategies empirical evaluation semantic audiovisual multidimensional rician fading channel image transmission multiple descriptions coding noise road signs lesh validity index clustering metric content description semantic clustering network comparison segmentation quality segmentation accuracy quantitative analysis vessel segmentation pca/lda/ica statistical models distance measure methods image matching trademarks skin segmentation face tracking text recognition text extraction e-comic manga edges gender recognition ramanujan ordered number high-speed evaluation cosine approximation rule discovery decision tree induction fuzzy c means uep eep jscc puncturing image processing and understanding omnidirectional system trespasser detection thermal imaging system faint detection monitoring system fall detection shape signature enhancement shape representation secret sharing qr code barcode hotelling transform gesture recognition image segmentation. hsv color model brightness calculation laplacian edge detection super resolution reconstruction object based image classification radial basis functions neural network. vq feed-through show-through background removing scanned documents processing geometric distortion image archives camera based ocr dominant and additional features selection. one frequency face sketch new dimension natural grouping. region growing bamboo boundary symmetry-curvature duality merging point protrusion walshlet dct wavelet phase unwrapping gaussian scale mixtures interferogram quantitative sbp analytical fbp art hide data bmp image local features anisotropic diffusion directional diffusion occlusion depth perception parallax method disparity map 3d model stereo pair flawed biscuits detection euclidean distance fuzzy moment descriptors eucledian distance kekre's algorithm the human visual system insertion force processing elements reconfigurable hardware virtual reconfigurable circuit wave atom shrinkage rician noise magnetic resonance images de-noising script separation horizontal profiles indian script bilingual (english-oriya) ocr nsct zernike moment digital elevation map(dem) topographic map moore neighborhood tracing contour line haar transform kekre’s transform fractional coefficients rms ultrasound ionizing radiations daubechies wavelet transform multi-layer perceptron and face recognition thermal image haar wavelet transform local histogram earth mover’s distance. bilateral filtering binary tree classifier script identification multi-lingual document processing bss dewatermarking bfgs mixing matrix script identification. document processing visual surveillance object classification smart network geometric feature transform domain regression multispectral vegetation analyses atmospheric correction genetic algorithm(ga) probabilistic neural network(pnn). spatial gray level dependence method (sgldm) discrete wavelet transform(dwt) receiver operating characteristic (roc) analysis biomedical image processing image processing application in agriculture scienc coading analysis and recognition chain code recognition line drawing intersections recognition path information table (pit) topology preservation local condition minimum spanning forest flooding path-cost minimization morphological operator spot segmentation fuzzy k-means genes microarray image enhanced fuzzy c-means clustering (efcm). hand written farsi characters decision tree optical character recognition fuzzy hidden markov markov chains bayesian image classification cranial malformations crest lines elliptical fourier descriptors sign language curvelets transform gaussian filtering lung nodule computer assisted diagnostic chest radiography indexing video clip key frames extraction video coding ramanujan ordered number dct multiplierless dct wavelet shrinkage high noise environments thresholding neural networks context modeling zero shifting resolution scalability 2d spiht difference expansion ssim index adaptive quantization region of interest coding image representation image capturing snow cover estimation resourcesat -1 awifs development of automated algorithm wireless video image enhancement adaptive noise filter image enhencement blockiness and blurriness measurement full reference nano-particles characterization tem image scaning particle swarm optimization palmprint authentication similarity measurement sliding window method complex gabor wavelet image alignment image transformation objective metrics color perception haar walsh kekre intensity inhomogeneity correction brain extraction mri segmentation image quality score m-svd spectral feature extraction two-dimensional fourier transform palm-print recognition gait signature machine condition monitoring system quaternion neuro fuzzy system image processing applications thresholding. sar images image coding side match spatial histograms local gabor phase pattern gabor wavelets adaptive binning global gabor phase pattern hosvd multilinear discriminant analysis subspace learning multilinear principal component analysis dimensionality reduction point of interest wavelet coefficients fabric textile defect detection lirs and lsrr sum of absolute difference statistical measures mobile network even-odd method distance measures lsb embedding glcm perfect reconstruction quadrature mirror filter sub-band coding psnr(peak signal to noise ratio) mse(mean square error) recognition rate (rr) false acceptance rate (far) hidden markov model (hmm) face recognition (fr) augmented reality least squares method chessboard corners detection pinhole model ternary fly ash strength curing silica fume wire mesh jacket ferrocement beams retrofitting accident atmospheric plasma non-thermal dielectric barrier discharge coding scheme tcp link adaptation electrostatic electromagnetic dac aerothermochemistry thermal protection system aeroheating atmospheric reentry nonequilibirum hypersonic flow thermal/vortex blobs buoyant plume/body interaction brinkman domain embedding selection rating simulation software input current waveshaping harmonics ac-dc converter water heater laboratory apparatus heat pump pdc continuous t-s systems observer based controller power planning forecasting power load demand micro-fluidics laminar flow high zeta-potentials fully developed analytical solutions parallel-plate micro-channels sahl-hasheesh economical study hvac sea water stress shielding finite element analysis hybrid composite material bone resorption 316l grade stainless steel implant total knee arthroplasty iso 9001 quality management small and medium sized enterprises cooling enhancement electrical synchronous engine convective heat transfer abrasive wear wear resistance carburized digger tooth steel model analytic seated human body model biodynamic response regeneration gas turbine sailing speed thermal efficiency fuel consumption fuzzification heterogeneous wireless network z-n cstr anfis imperialist competitive algorithm torispherical buckling pressure internal pressure four-centered ellipse method fgm plates variable thickness plate higher order plate theories thermal buckling concrete mix proportions concrete behavior cement type voltage stability limit power system synchronism power (angle) stability limit supply chain management operations management production scheduling circulation control lift augmentation drag reduction ultrasonic pulse velocity fibers zero current switching dc dc boost converter zero voltage switching fluid mechanics cfd sudden expansion mean square error. back-propagation backstepping controller backstepping on-line tune fuzzy sliding mode cont optical burst sitching network contention resolution blocking probability computer aided design couplings equations couplingcad inverse dynamic control adaptive fuzzy sliding mode inverse dynamic like fuzzy estimator sliding mode control sliding mode algorithm grating length number of grids bragg wavelength reflection fiber bragg grating database engineering real time systems expert systems computer systems information management nonliner controller part chattering free adaptive sliding mode fuzzy cont adaptive fuzzy sliding mode algorithm adaptive mimo fuzzy compensate fuzzy sliding mode fuzzy logic controller lyapunov based adaptive law internal combustion engine chattering control base station broadband connection operating system microkernel monolithic-kernel discrete-time modeling switched systems one cycle-averaging sampled data model pulse-width modulation (pwm) prediction equation hand tools industrial worker hand anthropometric measurements web mining unstructured data network’s decomposition real time carpooling distributed dynamic graph modeling bridges corrosion fem analysis remaining strength multiple sub filters aec finite element modeling bolted momentconnections beam column column bases wear particles dry sliding wear oil type friction coefficient surface film partitioning design trotter profiling heat sink spice model peltier effect heat pump asynchronous adder vhdl simulation carry save adder synchronous adder unsteady and steady jet pulse jet flow separation vortex formation mass flow rate mixing enhancement er nonlinear permanent progressive wave steep water gravity waves adaptive observer nonlinear systems margin parameter variation ground effect cylindrical jet jet separation renewable energy virtual instrument. labview field winding housing complexes pv-utility solar system oil price investment pricing policy user equilibrium managed lanes low-snr. spike classification principal-component analysis linear discriminant analysis drug discovery. inference network chemical databases molecular similarity searching np-complete spoofing telecommunication dynamic training electrical impedance tomography alopex algorithm divided electrode method equivalent circuit model query rewriting minimal transversals xml proteomics protein annotation database jevbase functional database svmprot japanese encephalitis prognosis heavy metals bioremediation biometrics identification minutiae points singular points face alignment query gene gene ontology top-down approach biclustering gene expression data clinical trial basic research data manipulation health management data monitorinh compression gain biological sequences chromosome cross chromosomal similarity image feature extraction hybrid classifier subcellular phenotype images classification geraniol cymbopogon citratus aldose reductase myrcene citral multi-resolution analysis signature identification dna microarray soft computing pathologist case-based reasoning clinical support system dna sequence index structure large database rdms indexing sequence transformation complex object uml-bd fingercode fingerprint recognition hyperline segment fuzzy neural network gaussian mixture model (gmm) electromyogram identification biometric levels physiognomy psychometrics ophthalmogeometry gunas value at risk archimedean copula dependence weibull distribution wavelets transforms cosine transforms security system fingerprint matching image manipulation biometric watermarking edge block analysis template quality analysis biometric template security template invariability vancomycin resistant genes plasmodium sp. enterococci sp. sequence analysis giemsa falciparum vivax malariae mammograms microarray human recognition key-points musculoskeletal injuries physiological risk 3-d radon transform linear discriminate analysis (lda) advanced encryption standard(aes) s-box dynamic s-box generation roaming handover component steganalysis distortion metric audio quality measures master node updated database secure architecture design semantic message addressing zrp dsr dymo fair share fair share scheduling resource allocation anti-phishing mechanism cch image clustering and retrieval speech compression discreet wavelet transform (dwt) operating condition line support forces signature real time ids intruders network discovery underwater acoustic network protocol permutation entropy stuttering time series correlation dimension server node (sn) cluster head (ch) network lifetime wireless sensor network (wsn) embedding strength parameters wavelet fusion drive test mobile phones hand-offs lexisearch bound bottleneck traveling salesman alphabet table. multilayer perceptron and face recognition network architecture one-class-in-one-network (ocon) all-class-in-one-network (acon) quality model quality metrics stakeholders quality assurance non-blocking approach fault tolerant co-ordinated checkpointing mobile computing system attack chained codes complexity audio watermarking multiple scrambling mobile communication devices watermark shape adaptive-discrete wavelet transform. visual model end user license agreements distributed software and license key management user datagram protocol packets packet loss mobile ip handover distributed denial of service email survey paper simple mail transfer protocol visualization knowledge discovery security framework security analysis computer attacks expert system anomaly detection distributed data mining wireless sensor network system reliability stochastic-flow network alert clustering false positive alert reduction tcp syn flood tcp header ip header three-way handshake rate-based detection lbg kmcg code vectors optimized multiple huffman tables omht performance analysis image encryption and compression concept mapping digital investigations case domain modeling role based access control rbac caching technique business process management system bpms convergance diifferent variants adaptive step size dm5. multi agent system lunix read hat platform distributed secure system access write net non-ocr captcha2 ocr (optical character recognition) hijacking botnet peer-to-peer network embedded zerotree wavelet set partitioning in hierarchical trees cr cad metadata logistic regression medical dataset sensitivity analysis classification accuracy aco fake website association and classification technique payload facial recognition training image discriminate lda. audio- visual client recognition multi-model biometric system one time pad arithmetic coding hexadecimal network connectivity twin typographic multilingualism computing diacritical marks sparse random projection centralized defense source address entropy deployment traffic cluster entropy distributed defense ddos handicapped internet brwosing security maturity model security self study maturity model security measure black box mirroring network backup system raid backup nir node our-nir svm classifier otsu thresholding symmetric encryption hash algorithm a symmetric encryption concurrent programming parallel programming matrix multiplication multi-core processors communication protocol parallel genetic algorithms job shop scheduling problem asymmetric key nonlinear system cryptographic algorithm data compression j48 weka jrip three dimensional database ecommerce dynamic web mutual exclusion token critical section computer crime internet security resource efficient fault tolerance byzantine faults pretty good privacy (pgp) secure socket layer (ssl) trusted third party (ttp) associative rule mining sequence derived features amino acid forensic investigation digital crime search & seizure image recognition weight matrix associative memory ant colony algorithms multimedia communication multicast tree multicast routing delay and cost. stream processing environment metrological data pki pmi kerberos an improved trust model x.509 standard framework kenya 3d face model nearest neighbor virtual images 3d shape bilinear pairing cdh problem multisignature scheme public key cryptography proxy signature scheme investor agent mfc super market user agent 1 user mobile agent 1 secure electronic transaction banker agent effectivenes arabic language information retrieval performance analysis information retrieval systems diacritics cluster heads cloud architecture crossing number post-processing algorithm afis multi-bands wavelet semi blind watermark detection auto-flushing low operational power rfid module line follower robotic arm. mathematical model ebola virus disease. epidemiology infected epidemic sir recovered susceptible parametric stereo. mdct parametric audio coding sign language recognition height to width ratio ycrcb color space. hu-moments classifiers cross-validation. haralick knn rbf dermofit. oil pipeline leak detection pump failure. mass balance arrhythmia detection. aliasing heterodynes. reconstruction sampling extracellular recording. matlab® toolbox network analysis bio signal processing modulation recognition non-parametric. vertical box control chart rls benes network all-optical network (aon). optical network management optical cross connect (oxc) path tracing scheme music information retrieval histogram comparison traditional turkish art music. similarity measure earth mover’s distance carotid pulse non-invasive iir filter adaptive beamformer phased array radar digital beamforming phase-shift hrv re-sampling implementation radar cfar multi-phase power-clocked adiabatic circuits. cepal (complementary energy path adiabatic logic) compressor static adiabatic logic image resolution undecimated double density wavelet transform resolution enhancement. stationary wavelet target classification. bicoherence hos bispectrum maximum likelihood estimation wax-kailath algorithm. basis functions time-varying autoregressive model digital filters. b-spline low-pass differentiator finite-impulse response (fir) image denosing dictionary learning. sparse representation automatic segmentation. maus htk phonetic database electrocardiogram signal. anti-forensics mobile platforms jacobi symbol fault attacks modular exponentiation montgomery ladder cryptography algorithms elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ecdsa) globally asynchronous locally synchronous (gals) locally synchronous (ls) sinkhole attacks ad hoc network sybil attacks malicious node dynamic key generation crud. data at rest security counterfeiting multicast. ecdlp dynamic byte substitution sub key groups. pseudo-random numbers least significant bit. embedding data sbr algo password security password utilization password management. spatio-temporal shape variation a priori knowledge scintigraphic sequences boosting survey. remote sensing images gray- scale morphological analysis structuring element fuzzy set ground truth bsd (berkeley segmentation database) multiscale transformation seamless cloning poisson editing image inpainting spectral correlation matrix hyperspectral compression band regrouping multi-gene genetic algorithm teleradiology dual watermarking adaptive compression multiobjective fitness function froth flotation mean sum of absolute difference :maxima modulus maxima modulus chains. principal component analysis(pca) contourlet transform(ct) frequency localization color image watermarking flame photometer wiener filter medical equipment color embedding and retrival color to gray and back colorization color space spatial domain embedding stegnography dominant point detection nonparametric non-heuristic error bound ellipse detection fluorescence microscopy bio-cell organelles edge sharpener color models evaluation metrics learning method fast discrete curvelet transform motion detection sobel image subtraction compressing image interpolation method svd method pan sharpened multispectral image area analysis rooftop detection otsu’s thresholding sparseness hessian evaluation ggvf anisotropic flow edge extraction active contours spatial convolution wavelet lifting scheme longest string correlation distance prcp moments lsrr minkowski distance indoor-outdoor image classification color correlated temperature color segmentation image-based fusion data fusion via non-linear convolution multi-senor data fusion situation assessment median with weight correlation distortion metrics additive noise nonlinear image restoration monochrome image denoising sfcm volumetric image compression cumulants indian scripts nonlinear mapping electronic nose radial basis functions multilayer perception regularization model validation inverse problems in image processing cross-validation protection neural network. noise removal dialation morphology morphology operation object holes 2d object filling object filling non subsampled conoturlet transform : face recognition (fr) radon transform (rt) ertu leaf area. leaf morphology perimeter yellow rust spiral band. dvorak technique elliptic fourier descriptors cyclone cloud intensity svm classifier. handwritten hindi text shape based features bayes classifier mrf. skin color detection neural networks. dpcm backpropagation daubechies wavelet scaled conjugate gradient. sliding window amplitude feature contour feature transition feature low level visual features color categorization of objects to artificial and natura objects' super-class categorization local and global features frequency. cut-out style animation background replacement magnets. video compression. quad-tree normalized cross correlation flexible cystoscopy zero-mean normalized cross- correlation handling pattern. position tracking skin color model. skin tone skin color enhancement preferred color memory color multiple-kernal. gaussian kernal spectral reflectance reconstruction adaptive pseudo-inverse colorimetry. quadrature filter active contour linear structure tensor space technology satellite images electro-optical sensors. orthogonal transforms. key frame similarity measures color matching. bcc melanoma skin cancer scc tumor extraction level set method. co-clustering method block matching feature vector target detection clutter rejection fuzzy clustering fuzzy gustafson-kessel (fgk). data normalization knn. tm wavelet decomposition chaos game representation hci. facs correspondence. stereo vision image matching algorithms mser local binary pattern (lbp) enamel dental radiograph dentine caries isef pulp rct dentistry. patterns. handwriting analysis spatially confined nmf. non-negative matrix factorization (nmf) partial face occlusion local nmf quality assessment pixel level high resolution satellite imagery. object level codebook rac fast-rnn microstructure. smsf gamma human vision hsb hsi light. standard deviation factor. pixel to noise ratio mean square error laplacian of gaussian half width factor least significant bit (lsb). receiver operating characteristics curve. fisher faces local binary pattern clustering. pedestrian counting invisible watermarking imperceptibility in watermarking intermediate significant bits (isb) alzheimer neuroinformatics. bilinear interpolation cerebral cortex brain imaging hyper chaotic system peak signal to noise ratio. digital watermarks self-reversible embedding encrypted image complexity. levenberg-marquardt training multilayer perceptron scaled conjugate gradient local keypoint descriptor sift descriptor. keypoint orientation keypoint matching artificial neural network (ann). thinned binary image (tbi) offline signature verification system (svs) freeman chain code (fcc) homomorphic filtering ct image centre-pixel-weighed. exponential filter centre-pixel autonomous cars. traffic signs recognition m-pcnn. polsar nsst multi-spectral data fusion grey world assumption. skin detection white patch retinex color constancy gaussian distribution full-reference quality assessment perceptual weights. extreme learning machine. document segmentation discriminative classifier automatic image annotation bayesian networks. generative classifier one to one. conjugate symmetry mirror lip reading. 3-d dwt 2-d dwt dmey wavelet bpnn video features. audio features movie recommendation emotion recognition connotative features unsupervised learning image categorisation dimension reduction. fixed-language pre-processing techniques in character recognition training neural networks gabor filter. strokes obr recto braille eight-connectivity connected component labelling verso. object classification. steiner tree wavelet transform. image gradients eyes-free computing skewed barcode localization & scanning cloud computing. realtime multiresolution discrete sine transform sub bands. image compression. mae hybrid transform zone blob boundary dilation centroid bounding box. script ultrasound imaging. despeckling image classification. xinjiang high morbidity of kazak esophageal cancer comprehensive feature shape from focus 3d shape recovery. multi-scale morphological sequence high spatial solution spectral - space characteristics tumor. cerebral mri images scene image. bayesian logistic regression bayesian network pose correction texture map and principal component analysis. spectral transformations depth map rotation invariance cuda. key based scrambling scrambling discrete hartley. dst real fourier sinusoidal transforms quantitative segmentation evaluation automatic segmentation imagej. binarization quality assessment intensity thresholds lcp. cephalometry landmarks reeb graph maximum range block size (r max ) canonical classification minimum range block size (r min ) psnr (peak signal to noise ratio) affine transformation cr (compression ratio). histogram based thresholding object detection. blank background images background detection visual basic 6 assembly simulation modular fixtures solidworks api nuclear power iran load frequency control. interconnected powersystem modelling river sediment pbt ucs subgrade dcp shear wave velocity (vs) south of tehran liquefaction potential index (pl) standard penetration test (spt) liquefaction epon (onu hybrid fiber-wireless (fiwi) access networks onu-bs automated social engineering (ase) social networking sites (sns) wimax bs olt) direct torque control indirect matrix converter. active learning method reactive distillation ethyl acetate dynamic models percentage residual computed torque controller unstructured model uncertainties baseline tuning computed torque controller chattering free matlab/simulink puma 560 robot manipulator method nonlinear position control computed torque control cmos pdp csd multiplier stscl white-noise stochastic linearization hysteretic damper connected structures uncertainties robot arm nonlinear controller chattering free mathematical error-based tuning sl thermal buoyancy effects turbine ventilator turbine-column combined device wind effects vent column natural ventilation surface inspection of ceramic tiles avis classification of tiles porous media forced convection heat transfer phase change material adaptive methodology fuzzy lookup table changed sliding mode controll fuzzy logic methodology poundo yam process plant manufacturing secured data text stream vehicle acoustical comfort index vibration sound quality vbration dos value naca 0012 airfoil flow control blowing amplitude and coefficient lift and drag coefficients. blowing ode45 disadvantages engineering de reduced pin count area-time2 serial multiplication risk prioritization risk priority number failure modes risk factors statistical analysis pakistan. energy policy barriers industrial energy efficiency drivers wind energy self excitation frequency regulation. induction generators voltage regulation okumura-hata. path loss friis radio wave models data acquisition and logging pic microcontroller data transmission network. analog multiplexer automotive industry. ocb hr variables performance measurement power electronics converter control dynamic behavior. gene finding motif finding normalization quantile transformation frost filter fuzzy level set method cage 5'end mrna gene expression profiling transcription start sites gene regulation next generation sequencing reference assembly colour space code smith-waterman parrots fingerprinting filing ridges conservation age estimation message digest healthcare medical images isoflavone ochna squarrosa estrogen receptor biometric-data indexing index key generation. face identification mit/bih database. electrocardiogram classification individual patient recognition cartilage knee joint osteoarthritis constrained optimization. evolutionary algorithms genetic restoration arabidopsis thaliana heating into the fresh air. fire resistance antivenom drugs molecular docking. combinatorial screening sequence alignment superimposition studies phospholipase a2 curvelet transform feature level template averaging pca features and svm classifier. cognitive biometrics power spectral density. dna sequencing de novo assembly olc assemblers overlap-layout-consensus overlap detection whole genome shotgun assembly. capture hypertext and hyperlinks document management storage vpki tpd crl iriscode cancelable biometrics bioencoding scheme data visualization applications of data mining business intelligence database systems estimation and planning agile methodology agile model confidentiality model privacy model information security model flooding based denial-of-service (ddos) attack data analysis data integration zero copy security/perofrmance tradeoff thorup adjacent node algorithm heuristic genetic algorithm single source shortest path problem dijkstra mcommerce applications smartphone location embedding algorithm threshold value expanding the near wall zone pressure flow combination of pressure and couette flow design phase machine leaning security vulnerabilities multiple paths mini-sink mobility overview image files current techniques adaptive steganography key share clustering technique threshold cryptography misbehaving nodes trust count learning vector quantization true positive and false positive classification codons evolutionary tree mtdna short path routing network routing link cost encrypted vertical database regular patterns data streams resource monitoring scalability. l*a*b* colour model. malaria parasites knowledge building tools pedagogy constructivism. online learning environment blog vulnerability measurement and penetration test. security threats information system information-security measurement time complexity. grouping comparison sort merge sort sort quick sort task management browser web. guidelines revisit lookup table (lut) color management system (cms) paper check print. colorimetric reproduction inkjet color printer customer knowledge technology acceptance model. e-banking xor key sensitivity. digital signature. icn denial of service erasure coding forward error correction. data reliability joint encryption and error correction cost benefits higher education cost estimate surveillance anomalous events detection foreground detection frame extraction background subtraction erp success factors erp enterprise resource planning saudi arabia residual coding redundancy. low rate wireless personal area network ieee 802.15.4 key management system. lr-wpan social networks. covert channels keylogger os (operating system) high performance computing [ chip multi-core software challenges microprocessor benchmark ping-pong effect cpu affinity tfc social media security cyber threats. xkeyscore heartbleed detection ssl beast attack crime attack tls rc4. mobile-learning model. adaptive of mobile learning cache poisoning dns dnssec dos dns hijacking. banking security chip and pin atm. gammachirp filter impulsive noise. nfc. e-payment electronic voting. hybrid encryption incoercible encryption receipt-freeness deniable encryption coercion-resistance intra-operator agreement measurement error body dimensions inter-operator. job performance workforce requirements. future skills organizational skills intention organic food consumer behaviour. fault detection and isolation zero gravity control. eigenvector trajectory planning. free-configuration space motion planning formation. vtol flocking under-actuated customer mobile usability mobile transaction it innovation acceptance reference chain. node path graph network friendship link online social network multifaceted text categorization arabic natural language processing hierarchical text categorization oromo language computational methods. lexical distance levenshtein algorithm oromo dialect ontology learning systems ontology engineering ontology learning ontology evaluation. weak signals similarity function. decision making process anticipative information bi-directional gpsr omnet++. sumo tiered storage. storage virtualization array signal processing calibration sampled data circuits phased arrays. time dissemination bhattacharyya distance p-wave picking seismic data. seisming signal processing chaotic communication error probability sequences iterative soft decoding. k-best algorithm sparse recovery relaxation methods greedy algorithms lms approximation sub-nyquist rate. digital forensic investigations. data carving cloud storage forensics data remnants cloud application artifacts indian sign language category-level map-level image classification comparison. accuracy measures medical image contourlet transform. multivariate regression. eigenfeatures three-dimensional face shape shape from shading sine transform. fresnel transform cosine transform diffraction blood cell analysis. extreme learning machine (elm) smart phone discrete wavelet transform (dwt). cover image adaptive scaling lwt entropy. contour detection illegal sand mining color based segmentation. ebcot. spread spectrum (ss) watermarking technique quantization index modulation (qim) anaglyphic 3d images robust watermarking. feature extraction. content-based image retrieval semantics spatial filter wavelet. sad. stereo vision robotic correspondence algorithm l0 sparsity blind deconvolution image restoration. directional filtering deblurring motion blur high dynamic range imaging ghosting artefacts single shot imaging. multiple exposure fusion face turn detection. eye blink alcoholic detection heartbeat passive detection. resampling image forgery golden section search. brightness preservation human visual system back propagation neural networks robust. imperceptible zernike moments contactless biometry clbp forecast silica sand demand. algorithms mahalanobis technique. contact angle development length recycled steel reinforcement bars yield stree. load disturbance. pid control dc motor model closed loop speed control malaria classification. binary classification misclassification error rate (mer). gaussian bayes classifier outlier modification top de genes selection netflow bot botnet threat behavior analysis. nfsen nfdump worm trojan network monitoring morphological operation diseased fish images performance. measurement image steganography mean square error (mse). pixel value difference (pvd) privilege personal computer web links smart phones user interface. semi-restricted authentication. customer trust wap security dos attack ntp penetration testing icmp honey pot systems. packet loss. global position systems threshold value. data envelopment analysis constant return to scale super efficiency computer crime. computer forensic digital forensic time stamp reversible. frequency domain watermark detection watermark embedding robust simulation. business continuity rpo disaster recovery rto deadline scheduler hyper threading. security alert management real-time security alert classification precise classifying true positive alerts. intrusion detection msldip (modified substitute last digit in pixel) enterprise. forensic namoelectronics nanotubes nanotechnology skewed economic growth rural employment social intent voluntarism technology implementation diffusion of innovation change management culture mathematics tangible manipulative membership function fuzzy number ? -cut and ? - level fuzzy midrange. fuzzy control charts statistical process control knowledge hoarding. model matching control. modulo adder residue number system multiplexer binary to residue conversion moore sequential s logic circuit connective semint specific parser propositional logic propositional variables compound proposition truth table type inference algorithm principal type scheme types verbal protocols. think-aloud studies human computer interaction (hci) contextual design mobile apps. context aware user interface design mobile user interface guidelines context of use electrodermal and cardiac activities safety driving simulator cerebral time constraint mental strain traffic behavior. seat comfort index seat comfort modeling. efficient algorithms skip list web search. friendship graphs. wheels edge antimagic vertex labelling graph labeling super edge antimagic labelling edge antimagic total labelling cycles fan graphs paths conversion relational schema into xml schema xsd schema transformation schema xml schema. multinomial specificity misclassifications. group re-test sensitivity educational assessment e-learning multiple choice questions generation unsupervised relation extraction biomedical domain. automatic assessment dynamic capabilities external competencies external environment. relationship capability optimism and overconfidence regulatory focus theory strategic key performance indicators. benchmarking procedure escalation and deescalation of commitment service quality employee job satisfaction private hospital. commercial analysis. website technique heat affected zone (haz) brinell hardness number (bhn) metallography ultimate tensile strength (uts) weld factor. social engineering. radio frequency identification (rfid) electronic product code (epc). internet of things (iot) waste collection travelling salesman problem simulation-based optimization real-world case study. multi-scale urban analysis. urban growth land use change 2d variance. shot detection motion vector video segmentation social engineering wavelet shrinkage process. noise estimation region merging wire crossover majority gate. quantum dot cellular automata ode converter clock zones extraction and classification. qrs detection ecg biometric parallel computing toolbox matlabmpi. biclustering analysis high performance computing (hpc). openmp exaflops. opengl shading language opengl software product line feature model extraction method review classifying true positive alert based on their att security alert classification intrusion detection system zeus cryptosytem toolkits mitigation botnets botmaster
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