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Nine Tips to Take Your Facebook Ads to the Next Level

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At any given moment, thousands of advertising campaigns are running on Facebook, and while the platform boasts a potential audience of 1.28 billion users, the competition to rise above the clutter of the feed has never been more fierce.

Ask yourself, is my ad as engaging as a picture of your best friends puppy? Is it as relevant as a story from their local news station? Is it as enticing as a link to a cookie recipe their co-worker just posted?

If you answered no to any of the above, fear not. We’re here to help.

Creating the perfect ad campaign is an art and a science that hinges on both big-picture strategy, as well as small executional nuances. To help you take your campaigns to the next level, we’ve compiled 9 tips that we’ve seen make a huge impact on campaign performance.

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Nine Tips to Take Your Facebook Ads to the Next Level

  1. bn.1 Nine Tips to Take Your Facebook Ads to the Next Level presented by brandnetworks
  2. bn.2 1. 4 9 10 7 2153 3 33 3 Know the Numbers
  3. bn.3 Planning your media mix isn’t as straight forward as most people think. Start with your main objective, using that to inform your ad types. From there decide where your ads will be most effective and whether you want to bid for impressions or actions. BY THE NUMBERS: 8 campaign objectives 11 possible ad types 5 possible placements 39 possible ads units 3 bidding options 117 possible BY THE NUMBERS: 8 campaign objectives 11 possible ad types 5 possible placements 39 possible ads units 3 bidding options 117 possible combinations KNOW THE NUMBERS1
  4. bn.4 2.Have a Plan
  5. bn.5 There’s a lot to consider before you launch a media campaign. HAVE A PLAN2 Guide your efforts by creating a full fledged media plan Media Plan Audience Strategy KPIs Duration Tactics Budget
  6. bn.6 3.Avoid Fatigue
  7. bn.7 Ever see the same ad… again, and again, and again? Don’t be that brand! Browse Sale Shoes NowLove Shoes? Heels on Sale Avoid message fatigue by using at least 5 creative themes and 5 ad variations for each week campaigns are running. AVOID FATIGUE3
  8. bn.8 4.Dig Deeper With Targeting
  9. bn.9 There are 1.28 billion monthly active users on Facebook. That’s right. Billion. When it comes to honing in on your audience, age, gender, and location aren’t enough anymore. Consider Custom audiences – leveraging email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or mobile advertiser IDs – on top of your other targeting to really dig down. DIG DEEPER WITH TARGETING4
  10. bn.10 5.Consider Retargeting 5.
  11. bn.11 Get that 97% back by tracking actions on your website, then using those actions to target audiences on Facebook. The average U.S. conversion rate for Q4 2013 was only 3.06% CONSIDER RETARGETING5
  12. bn.12 6.Own Real-time Events
  13. bn.13 Facebook activity does not happen inside a vacuum. Own the moment by using signals from the world beyond Facebook to tap into real-time data and trigger hyper-relevant ads. Automate different ads to appear based on local weather conditions Promote sports teams based on real-time game scores Time ads to trigger while your commercials air OWN REAL-TIME EVENTS6
  14. bn.14 7.Know What to Monitor
  15. bn.15 Facebook provides a lot of data. No really... A lot. Pre-establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to reduce the amount of sifting through data you do. This will allow you to generate reports on the fly, so you can monitor and adjust regularly. KNOW WHAT TO MONITOR7 Objective CPI CPM CPC CTR Spend Media Mix Date Average Spend Per Day
  16. bn.16 8. Test at Scale
  17. bn.17 If at first you don’t succeed... maybe you didn’t try enough variations Find your most effective spend by promoting unpublished page post ads in bulk, tweaking the creative, copy, and targeting for each. From there, optimize toward your best performing ad units. TEST AT SCALE8
  18. bn.18 9.Report and Adjust
  19. bn.19 Look back at your KPIs and see where you performed best and where you fell short. Start with the big picture, then dig down into individual campaign components to fine tune. Odds are good this won’t be the last Facebook campaign you run, so keep in mind there’s always room for improvement. Overall CPC CPC by region CPC by unit within each region REPORT AND ADJUST9