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Convergence Jukebox Overview Python Toronto Meetup May 2016

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Convergence Jukebox Overview Python Toronto Meetup May 2016

  1. 1. www.convergencejukebox.com
  2. 2. www.convergencejukebox.com wallbox jukebox arcade 8 jukebox - (macromedia movie!!!) http://www.arcadejukebox.net
  3. 3. www.convergencejukebox.com written in python 2.7 (cross platform) and licensed with a GNU V3 General Public License
  4. 4. www.convergencejukebox.com original usb keypads used in windows version (with auto hotkey) X-keys® XK-24 programmable keypad http://xkeys.com
  5. 5. www.convergencejukebox.com original installation 2013 weavefuture coin acceptor ak5 with usb jukebox interface board http://www.weavefuture.com christmas 2015
  6. 6. www.convergencejukebox.com python code runs on windows and raspian wheezy
  7. 7. www.convergencejukebox.com “just works” raspian image available for download
  8. 8. www.convergencejukebox.com ● three python programs. ○ convergencejukebox.py ■ ensures hardware is compatible. ■ initializes resolution, required folders, music and datafiles. ○ convergenceplayer.py ■ creates database of mp3 music. ■ plays music in endless loop. ○ convergencegui.py ■ graphical interface (TkInter). ■ user interface. ○ gui and player communicate by generating and reading data files. how convergence jukebox works
  9. 9. www.convergencejukebox.com ● creates python list (array) of mp3’s. ○ each mp3 is assigned a number ○ most software manipulation involves mp3 number only. how convergence jukebox works
  10. 10. www.convergencejukebox.com ● multiple display resolutions and skins. ● jukebox name or service at top of arch can be customized. features
  11. 11. www.convergencejukebox.com ● unlimited mp3 library size. ● field version running over 10,000 mp3 files. ○ HP MINI 210 PC that contains an atom N450 processor, 1024 MB of memory and a 160.0 GB hard drive. ● raspberry pi versions running 9400 mp3 files ○ tested on raspberry pi 1 model B revision 2 with 512 MB ram, a raspberry pi 2 and raspberry pi zero. ○ 64.0 GB SD card to hold music. features
  12. 12. www.convergencejukebox.com ● automatic song detection. ○ MP3 library database is built automatically when additional properly formed ID3 tagged files are added to the music folder and the program is restarted. ○ see “building an mp3 library” on website ■ rejects mp3 if unicode in ID3 tag ■ eg. Motley Crue vs Mötley Crüe ■ ö - 19th letter of the Turkish alphabet ■ not ascii features
  13. 13. www.convergencejukebox.com features - ID3 tags (metadata engine)
  14. 14. www.convergencejukebox.com features - ID3 tags (metadata engine) ● does not make use of genre tag to identify genre o could not find standard to genre naming o genre tag only allows for one genre ● Convergence Jukebox makes use of the Comments tag for Genre.
  15. 15. www.convergencejukebox.com ● background music system. ○ plays library loaded in jukebox in a continuous manner randomly. ● different styles of music. ○ mp3’s can be tagged with genres. ○ random play can be set to play specific genres by altering a simple text file. (genre_flags.txt) features
  16. 16. www.convergencejukebox.com features plays mp3’s tagged with classicrock, newwave, newcountry, modernrock and modernpop randomly first. plays mp3’s by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Paul Anka, Nancy Sinatra between the years of 1960 to 1969 randomly first.
  17. 17. www.convergencejukebox.com ● songs can be skipped. ○ "norandom" tags mean mp3 will never play randomly. ● avoids repeating the same songs continuously. ○ mp3’s on the random list are only played once during a random play cycle. ● automatic resetting of random list. ○ random list is reset when the software is rebooted or all songs have been played once randomly. features
  18. 18. www.convergencejukebox.com ● clearly identified songs. ○ while song is playing, song title and artist are displayed prominently under the jukebox arch. ○ detailed song information is shown in the green display ○ includes ■ year released ■ song length ■ album name ○ pulled from the ID3 tags. features
  19. 19. www.convergencejukebox.com ● convergence jukebox plays paid songs as a priority. ○ paid songs are listed as upcoming selections. ● users cannot select song if it’s on the upcoming selections list. ● songs played via selection are removed from the random playlist ● random play resumes once user selected songs have completed playing. ● number of credits, cost per credit and the number of songs available in the library are displayed. features
  20. 20. www.convergencejukebox.com ● users navigate through music using up/down/left/right keys. ● users can select navigation by either title or artist. ● users can navigate to the alphabetical start of either artist or title using letter keys that employ multiple keypresses. features
  21. 21. www.convergencejukebox.com ● log generation. ○ songs played randomly. ○ paid songs. ○ time jukebox is rebooted ○ when songs are added ○ when a new random list is generated. ● undocumented code ○ using dropbox folder to providing rss feeds for digital signage systems. ○ to tweet to twitter accounts making the jukebox useful as a global barker system. features
  22. 22. www.convergencejukebox.com ● Hsaudiotag – reads mp3 ID3 tags. ● ctypes – used in Windows version to play mp3 files through Windows Media Control Interface. (Thanks Jim Lawless) ● mpg321 – used to play mp3 in Raspberry Pi (Wheezy) version. ● PyRSS2Gen – used to generate RSS feeds. beyond the python standard library
  23. 23. github.com/bradfortner/convergence_jukebox www.convergencejukebox.com https://ca.linkedin.com/in/bfortner www.bradfortner.com