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Business Analytics & Big Data Trends and Predictions 2014 - 2015

  1. Brad Culbert Executive Director - Strategy & Solutions Bistech – The Business Analytics Experts Business Analytics Trends and Predictions 2014 - 2015
  2. General Industry Trends Consumerisation of Business IT Disruptive Force of Cloud Tangible Big Data, Limited Adoption Big Data Hype to Internet of Things Agile Lines of Business Shortage of Analytic Skills
  3. Business Analytics Capability Trends Visual Data Discovery •will remain the "killer app", with predictive elements added as a logical extension. Story Boarding •will gain popularity as a method of presenting analysis findings back to colleagues Location Intelligence •will see a spike in interest thanks to Gartner Magic Quadrant requirement Decision Management •will emerge as a key capability in the medium term as a logical next step from predictive analytics Cognitive Computing •initially in the form of natural language query, will begin emerging Self-Service Data Preparation •to support business user data discovery
  4. Next Generation Information Management Evolution of the traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW): • Technologies to improve performance, efficiency and reduce cost are maturing and becoming more commoditised (eg. in-memory, columnar indexes, cloud & massively parallel processing) • Exploding data & new capabilities changing the face of information management (eg. unstructured, real-time data streaming) New approaches needed to support self-service data discovery, data mining, predictive modelling and big data initiatives • Flexible governance policies needed to support agile, self-service data preparation • A new breed of simpler, approachable governance tools needed to prevent chaos! Credit: Claudia Imhoff An example extended EDW architecture • Key Term: Data Warehouse Modernisation • Key Issue: Much Big Data focus has been on technology and not business value • Key Focus: Focus on tangible use cases that drive improved business outcomes
  5. Business Analytics on the Cloud Cloud • The business problems remain the same, cloud is just another delivery mechanism • Focus on cloud benefits for Business Analytics, not just infrastructure management benefits when researching • BUT, don't under-estimate cloud as a disruptive, enabling force. It is driving: • A new breed of business analytic / performance management capabilities • A significant shift in the way customers look to purchase and consume technology, shifting to a pay-as-you-go model Key Value Proposition: Got data, want insights… … but don’t want to deal with installation, configuration, integration, tuning, optimization, maintenance, and support of a BA platform • Consider Public & Private Cloud
  6. My Business Analytics Predictions Everyone's doing BI, but who’s doing it well? • LOB Self Service BI will continue to be the driving force behind new BI initiatives • New multi-layered BI/data environments are needed to support this in a managed way • Agile BI reigns supreme! The era of cloud analytics is upon us • significant movement in this space over next 12 months • Integration of hybrid cloud/on-premise applications will be a key consideration • Almost all new vendor innovation currently focused on cloud-deployed platforms Mobile Analytics will gain further mainstream adoption • Supported by a new generation of BA toolsets, becoming a primary delivery mechanism • Further driven by increased use of cloud-based platforms • Increased use of mobile contribution and review/workflow Predictive Analytics will gain further mainstream adoption • BUT, due to lack of "data science" skills, approaches that guide business users through the process will be most broadly deployed • Forward looking BI will be a key agenda • Will be increasingly used to validate & improve accuracy of forecasts
  7. My Business Analytics Predictions cont. Limited adoption of Social Media Analytics •Perceived challenges around data collection and processing barriers to entry •Adoption limited to industries whose customer base are active on social media •As much value to be had in analysing metadata of posts as from analysing the content Further vendor consolidation will take place •BA/Big Data market has become crowded and fragmented with pure-play vendors in the visualisation, big data and cloud space Data Warehouse modernisation will become a key agenda •In-memory processing, columnar storage, improved compression, parallel processing, Hadoop, streaming data, data refinement, … Customers increasingly looking for value-added IP •Comparable product functionality will cause customers to differentiate service providers on industry-specific expertise and unique IP more and more.
  8. Reflecting on Implementation Approaches
  9. A new approach to business analytics?
  10. Traditional Waterfall Implementation Approach Deploy Operate Build Analyse Design Bistech Implementation Methodology (BIM) Waterfall
  11. Agile Implementation Approach Build Initiate & Governance Deploy Operate Bistech Implementation Methodology (BIM) Agile
  12. Approach Comparison Features Cost TimeframeRequirements Cost Timeframe Waterfall Methodology Agile Methodology
  13. Shaping your Business Analytics Strategy Key Questions to Ask •Is your implementation approach agile? •Is your analytics predictive? •What is your organisation’s cloud strategy? •Does your analytics environment support self service, sharing AND production reporting •What data sources aren’t being leveraged for analytics? •How could analytics revolutionise your organisation’s core business? Keys Actions to Take •Engage with your business community about value-adding use cases •What’s possible today is very different to what was possible even 2 years ago! •Demonstrate the “art of the possible” to business users •They don’t know what to ask for until you show them what’s possible! •Create an Implementation Roadmap to guide delivery •We’d love to help!
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