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VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device

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Booz Allen’s VAMPIRE conducts real-time forensic analysis in the field, performing fast and accurate, on-site human identification and analysis of sensitive evidence in seconds. Handheld and ruggedized, this lightweight, portable tool integrates custom state-of-the-art fingerprint analysis into a commercial mobile-device, enabling operators with minimal specialized training to perform advanced forensic processing.
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VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device

  1. 1. ™ Tactical Forensic Device
  2. 2. VAMPIRETM DEVICE OFFERS ONSITE, REAL-TIME MOBILE FORENSIC COLLECTION, ANALYSIS, AND IDENTIFICATION Booz Allen’s VAMPIRE device conducts real-time forensic analysis in the field, performing fast and accurate, on-site human identification and analysis of sensitive evidence in seconds. A handheld forensics lab, this ruggedized unit integrates custom state-of-the-art fingerprint analysis into a commercial mobile-device-type platform, creating a lightweight, portable device that requires little forensic knowledge to perform advanced forensic processing. The VAMPIRE device captures latent fingerprint images directly from various surfaces using no lifting tape, minimizing potential damage to prints, and resulting in better quality forensic evidence. The VAMPIRE device is also versatile, conducting both live and latent identification to an onboard watch list, as well as a unique capability to perform latent-to-latent matching, resulting in quick and easy identification of critical leads. Provides latent-to- latent and latent-to-live matching to an onboard watch list in seconds. In sensitive site exploitation and other law enforcement agency operations, agents arriving at an incident scene need to quickly collect any forensic evidence that may prove critical to their investigation. Time is of the essence as samples are sent to a laboratory for identification. However, obtaining latent fingerprint analysis results often takes days, preventing a real-time response and robbing operators of timely and critical leads. Labs must sort through a multitude of high-volume/low-value trash grabbed while on target to find critical forensic evidence. This tedious process creates a large backlog of biometric samples, slows down processing times, and increases costs. Frontline agents need field-ready, handheld forensic solutions to allow them to process, pre-screen, triage, and analyze forensic evidence in the field with the subject still present. Rapid, mobile forensic collection and identification gives agents actionable, on-site answers to their most pressing identification intelligence challenges. // For more information, contact us at +1 508 389 5980 or VAMPIRE@bah.com. www.boozallen.com/vampire
  3. 3. MULTI-// FORENSIC CAPABILITIES ++ Captures latent fingerprints via integrated 8-megapixel camera and integrated forensic light sources (including ultraviolet) ++ Captures live fingerprints via integrated fingerprint scanner (compliant with FBI PIV, GSA FIPS 201, and FAP45 standards) ++ Exports/imports EBTS 1.2-compliant biometric data and watch list data ++ Features a simple, easy-to-use interface, and is portable (7 x 3.5 x 2.2 inches, weighing 1.4 lbs.) UNIQUE CAPABILITIES FOR BIOMETRIC AND FORENSIC IDENTIFICATION IN THE FIELD ++ Captures latent fingerprint images from various surfaces (lifting tape not required) ++ Conducts onboard latent fingerprint identification to on-board watch list ++ Performs unique, onboard latent-to-latent fingerprint identification ++ Conducts onboard live-to-latent fingerprint identification using integrated scanner to acquire fingerprints from live subject ++ Performs onboard face recognition and identification (including occluded/partial face images)— Optional software module ++ Contains field-replaceable modular hardware components TAILORED MOBILE BIOMETRIC AND FORENSIC COLLECTION SOLUTIONS The VAMPIRE tactical forensic device is adaptable to changing operator requirements by using a modular design that easily incorporates custom solutions and future upgrades. As a system integrator, Booz Allen can customize VAMPIRE units to meet specific mission tasks and can be integrated into your existing enterprise. Our custom, tailored solution reduces the cost of forensic analysis and identification. No other commercial device provides similar functionality and flexibility in such a portable, low-cost, and ruggedized package.
  4. 4. Main Processor Quadcore 1.9 GHz Krait 300 Operating System Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) Onboard Memory 16 GB (11.2 GB user available), expandable with SD card 2 GB RAM Cellular Data Connectivity 4G LTE, GSM (requires SIM card and data plan) Other Wireless Communications Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth Display TFT LCD touchscreen 5.0 in, 1080 x 1920 resolution Camera 8 MP autofocus Integrated Light Sources White, Night (Red/Green/Blue), Ultraviolet Lasers for image scaling TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Video/Audio HD video recording (1080p@30fps) Audio recording with active noise cancellation External Interface micro-USB (charging and communication) Ruggedization IP-65 and MIL-STD-810G-516.6 certified Water and dust resistant Dimensions 7.75 in x 3.5 in x 2.25 in Weight 2.5 lbs Battery 2 installed: Li-ion 3400 mAh (removable, rechargeable) Li-ion 2600 mAh (internal, rechargeable) BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION Fingerprint Matching Capabilities Match live or latent capture to watch list enrollees Match live capture to acquired live or latent captures Match latent capture to acquired live or latent captures Live Fingerprint Capture 500 ppi, Compliant with FBI PIV, GSA FIPS 201, & FAP45 Latent Fingerprint Capture 500 ppi image using integrated 8MP camera and light sources Compatible with standard, magnetic, and fluorescent fingerprinting powders Stand-off with no lifting tape required Onboard Biometric Watch List Store and match over 50,000 fingerprints Imports/Exports EBTS 1.2-compliant biometric data Onboard Matching Time (Capture-to-Identification) Matches against onboard watch list in seconds Fingerprint Recognition Technology Tolerant to fingerprint translation, rotation, and deformation NIST MINEX compliant About Booz Allen Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading provider of management consulting, technology, and engineering services to the US government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets, and to major corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Booz Allen is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, employs nearly 23,000 people, and had revenue of $5.48 billion for the 12 months ended March 31, 2014. In 2014, Booz Allen celebrates its 100th anniversary year. (NYSE: BAH) © 2014 Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. VAMPIRE™ is a trademark of Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. DSI-140713-001-2 / 10.044.14 * Specifications are subject to change